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  1. voyageur9

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    ... and HAL confirming to USA Today what is widely known, that an elderly female passenger died after falling into the sea from the ship-side platform being used for tendering. Actual cause of death and what precipitated the fall remain undetermined.
  2. Agreed that it's quite doable if the ship docks on time. Disembark as soon as possible and take a taxi. Chances are good you'll make it. Worst case scenario, you miss it and then have to sort out a later flight or an overnight. But don't opt for the fallback to begin with. Good luck.
  3. And disposing of Prinsendam will -- finally -- put to rest the quaint notion that HAL is anything but a mass market line pitched as an older-than-average demographic. That's not bad. It just is. And Prinsendam and her loyalists tended to skew the image. Anyone looking for the experience of a smaller ship that can reach smaller ports needs to go elsewhere. The Maasdam experiment is, I think, quite different.
  4. voyageur9

    Post dry dock sailings

    Absolutely right. But as long as the cheerleaders keep defending HAL and the punters keep paying to vacation in a work zone, the company will keep getting away with it.
  5. voyageur9

    Oosterdam or Eurodam for HAL Newbie ?

    Eurodam is one of the two-ship Signature class a derivative using the same basic hull of the slightly older, four-ship Vista class, which includes Osterdam. As an earlier poster mentioned, Eurodam has one additional deck, capacity of 2,100 passengers (200 more than the Vistas) and was built in 2008, five years after Osterdam.
  6. voyageur9

    Zaandam-who to write to?

    .... and your son might be interested in marinetraffic.com or one of the various similar ship location sites which use GPS and maritime reporting. He could follow the voyages of the Zaandam (and up to four other ships) in his self-selected "fleet" which shows current location as well as previous track and projected route.
  7. voyageur9

    Pacific North west around Victoria Island

    My understanding is that the Casino will be closed while the ship is in Canadian territorial waters (same rule in the U.S) which, if the route is north up the east side of Vancouver (not Victoria) Island and then returning south also on the same east side of Vancouver Island then the casino may be closed throughout. Chances of rough seas are far less than on the west side of the island which is exposed to the Pacific.
  8. voyageur9

    Difference Between Tenders & Life Boats

    Here's a video of 150 people (all young and fit, likely crew) being loaded into a lifeboat on Volendam in calm weather, daylight and with no one injured, disabled or panicked and the ship moored.
  9. voyageur9

    Westerdam NCL Spirit Near Collision??

    Absolutely right; mea culpa. I was (foolishly) thinking about Costa Concordia where the territorial jurisdiction and the country of registry (Italy) were the same. If (and I don't know) this was even a reportable 'lack of separation' incident, as it would be in aviation, then it would be the sovereign jurisdiction (here Greece, not Italy as a wrongly typed) which would have the lead investigatory responsibility within territorial waters and the 'flag' state or states if the accident/incident occurred on the high seas.
  10. voyageur9

    Westerdam NCL Spirit Near Collision??

    With plenty of caveats and exceptions -- including whether the vessels in this instance were in communication or had pilots or whether there were local rules that superseded -- the over-arching 'right of way,' a concept long followed by mariners and enshrined in the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, (COLREGs) is the that vessel on the right is the 'stand on' vessel (here Spirit) and should maintain its speed and course while the other vessel (here Westerdam) should alter speed and/or course to avoid. See Rule 17. It may not apply in the Spirit-Westerdam encounter but, in general and when both vessels are under way, the vessel on the right is the 'stand on' vessel. Stay tuned because the close call may result in an investigation by Italian maritime authorities.
  11. voyageur9

    Cabin assignments

    hope it's a good omen. Our latest assignment was our best upgrade ... from an interior to a verandah.
  12. voyageur9

    Westerdam NCL Spirit Near Collision??

    Appreciate your firsthand recollection and so would also be interested in your view after taking a look at video shot from Spirit at seconds 24 onwards. It evidently shows sudden and powerful wake from Westerdam's forward port thruster in what seems to be an effort to avoid (or minimize risk of) collision.
  13. voyageur9

    Westerdam NCL Spirit Near Collision??

    and a wide-angle view from the Spirit which makes the gap look bigger than it actually is clearly shows Westerdam's bow thruster at full blast (about 25 sec mark) to avoid the collision
  14. Royal Caribbean is using one of its ships to evacuate its own employees http://www.nbc-2.com/story/36311384/royal-caribbean-using-its-own-cruise-ship-to-evacuate-employees.
  15. Certainly beats hours in crawling traffic http://www.nbc-2.com/story/36311384/royal-caribbean-using-its-own-cruise-ship-to-evacuate-employees