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  1. I provided the answer which was in the title. Is that a problem for you?
  2. @wallyj IF you get the chance, could you please get me contact information for Guest Services Manager Kimberley Shannon? We had issues with my Medallion and she promised compensation attached to my loyalty number but Princess has no record of it. Thanks in advance!
  3. I’ll have to remember that. Was never given the option of “fresh” o.j. in the dining room and didn’t know to ask.
  4. We were on Grand Princess and requested a table for 2. They TRIED to seat us at a setup that had 3 tables for 2 so close together you’d think it was a table for 6; MAYBE a 2 inch separation. We refused and they found us a table that was socially distanced. Just politely decline anything you’re not comfortable with.
  5. With COVID still an issue, definitely a balcony cabin. Glacier Bay a must. https://link.shutterfly.com/xAzG0mTbsrb
  6. On our Grand Princess Alaska cruise we wore masks at all times, including on shore, only went to two lectures and sat in the very back row with no one near us, had a table for 2 for meals and spent most of our time relaxing on our balcony. A very relaxing trip.
  7. I know on Grand Princess they were selling books/maps in the gift shop with that type of information. The captain’s daily report referenced this frequently.
  8. Senga

    Will we fit in?

    Thanks for your comments Terry. We actually just did Grand Princess May 25-June 8 and had the most incredible weather. 13 in Ketchikan but 21-28 in all other ports. Unfortunately we didn’t pack with those temperatures in mind but certainly won’t make the mistake of thinking that’s “normal”. https://link.shutterfly.com/xAzG0mTbsrb We have never done the Rocky Mountaineer but have done Vancouver, Banff, Jasper and Calgary. Especially with COVID have no desire to be stuck in buses or trains with people not wearing masks or self distancing.
  9. Senga

    Will we fit in?

    Thanks for the positive encouragement. Going through what we did with Jennifer totally changed our priorities but we still want to enjoy the “finer” things in life without being detrimental to others.
  10. We’ve booked Silver Whisper for Alaska, 14 days, May 25, 2023. We were looking for a small ship experience, all inclusive with excellent food and service. We have cruised 25 times with Celebrity, 3 Royal Caribbean, 3 Princess and 1 Scenic river cruise. We used to love dressing up for formal nights. In 2018 our single adult daughter was hospitalized for 3 months with a month on full life support and we were so worn out after the experience we booked our first Princess cruise and travelled without all the formal attire. It was our most relaxing trip ever. We WON’T take formal clothes, just a sports coat/tie for my husband and nice pants suits for me. We don’t drink alcohol so won’t be hanging around the bars and have no interest in the entertainment so our attire shouldn’t have a negative impact on fellow guests. The SS travel consultant assured us this wouldn’t be an issue; places always available where we could dine casual. Looking at the pictures, SS emails and reading CC, we’re wondering now if we’ve made the wrong choice. Any comments/recommendations?
  11. Our Grand Princess Alaska cruise, capacity 2600, had 1107 the first week and just under 1500 the second week. Spoke to a lady on Oceana and she said they were under 50%.
  12. We weren’t terribly impressed with the Inside Passage scenery but did appreciate the calm waters it provided. In our opinion the real show stopper is Glacier National Park and it would be a deal breaker if it wasn’t on the itinerary.
  13. Not employing “real people” has NOTHING to do with the ArriveCAN app. We’re just trying to protect ourselves. Also, take note of quack2’s “near constant” mask wearing comment. Do not let your guard down. We were with the approximately 5% of guests wearing masks which we were very vigilant about and we were fine.
  14. Depending on when you are traveling, the seafood might not be in season so, therefore, not fresh. A Google search will help.
  15. We had a fabulous 14 day cruise May 25-June 8 on Grand Princess with incredible weather, amazing scenery and fantastic food. That being said, we didn’t do any excursions so had no stress there and we were fortunate that the current airline/baggage issues hadn’t hit yet. ArriveCAN is simple to use, no stress there. A thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing vacation.
  16. We loved Horizon Court so much on Regal we didn’t eat in the dining room at all.
  17. We always travel with a plug in night light.
  18. We had no issues with children on the Grand Princess but the “adults” in the Crown Grill were another story. Family of 6; parents, adult brothers with their wives. All “looked” normal. One brother LICKS his wife’s arms/shoulder throughout dinner. 😱Didn’t want to look but you couldn’t help yourself. Truly creepy!
  19. We had issues with my Medallion on our recent Grand Princess cruise. Kimberley Shannon, Guest Services Manager, offered us a complimentary upgrade from our balcony to a mini suite. We declined since there is no coverage in that deck. We also turned down complimentary spa treatments; not our thing. She said she would give us a 20% discount on our next cruise which we accepted. She said it would be automatically attached to our loyalty number. Today, when I booked a cruise they have no record of this discount. 😢
  20. Same menu. I don’t eat fish, veal, Parmesan cheese, lamb etc. You get the idea…..I’m major fussy! 😂
  21. As stated, my husband, who loves seafood enjoyed his meal. I don’t eat any fish (or veal) so my options were limited.
  22. On the Grand you could have shot a cannon through Sabatini’s and not hit anyone whereas CG was very busy. If you love seafood Sabatini’s may fit the bill but it was a total waste for me. Discovered I don’t like scamorza or baratta cheese, the chicken was tough and tasteless and the panna cotta rubbery. The service was excellent though.
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