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  1. Many thanks for all your feedback. $1000 for the tour seems very reasonable, pretty much the same as I could arrange on my own.
  2. Hi, If anybody is booked on a cruise that calls at Yangon (Myanmar) this Fall or Spring next year, please could you advise the cost of the Silversea Land Excursion to see the temples at Bagan. We have booked a similar trip in 2019 that has 4 days in Yangon but are trying to decide whether it is worth arranging our own tour, or going with he ship's excursion. Unfortunately we are unable to see the cost online for the 2018 voyages without having a booking number. I really hate booking land excursions because you are already paying $800+ per night per person on the ship on the cruise and then pay another $$?? per night to travel ashore. But in Myanmar that side trip is an essential component and may be worth it. Thanks for any info.
  3. Agreed, we had an excellent tour around the entire island in one of the taxi's that was waiting outside the port gates. It included a stop for lunch at a small informal restaurant where we had dolphin (mahi) and breadfruit. Really good.
  4. Yes, we have heard that. Apparently the original plan was that the UK be towed to Canada which would have been great because we could have purchased real pasties in Halifax, NS. Unfortunately one of the conditions for the UK moving to Canada was daily episodes of Coronation Street and that killed the plan dead. :')
  5. Champagne is quite limited in the suites, even premium suites but is served at bars by the glass. Other than champagne, if you want a bottle of wine or sparkling wine in your suite, just ask and it will be delivered promptly.
  6. Sure hope you are wrong .. if there was a serious threat of war I figured the Owners Suite charged on my credit card for as long as possible would be a good option for my last couple of weeks on earth :D
  7. It's not a very long journey, just 20 minutes straight down Granville Street. There are always a good selection of regular taxi's and limo's waiting outside the arrivals area, certainly no need to book in advance. I don't think the extra $20 or so for a limo is worth it for such a short journey. Vancouver taxis are all metered and pretty straight forward. Hope this helps. Lived in Vancouver for 20 years.
  8. The weather statistics for the Caribbean can be somewhat deceptive, especially as you get closer to the equator. Yes, it will probably rain in November but any rain will come in a huge torrential downpour in the mid/late afternoon and probably be over in less than an hour but dropping a huge amount of water. It will be hot and very humid which can make things unpleasant but you really don't have to worry too much about the type of rain you have in Europe or North America. It won't last long but the heat and humidity will !!! No need to go to the sauna, just sit around the pool. I would go for the Panama Canal trip, it's one of those things you just have to to do.
  9. There is a saying in Greece ..... Greeks eat as if they will die tomorrow ... and build as if they will live forever !
  10. Let's face it ... Seabourn, Silversea and Regent are all very close in terms of quality but each has it's own unique twists on the product offering and ALL have their faults ... you just have to make a personal decision on which aspects you value the most and unfortunately that is not a decision that is as easy as it appears .. so much depends on the crew and management which unfortunately is almost impossible to predict on any cruise, luxury or otherwise. JMHO
  11. Not convinced that this is actually very good news unless Silversea and all the other luxury lines have significantly upgraded their data transmission rates. Yes, it will be cheaper for some people but the end result is that for those who previously chose to pay for internet service or received it because they had paid for a premium suite will no doubt be adversely affected since you can only squeeze so much traffic down the connection.
  12. No vaccinations by law are required for the Caribbean. As a frequent traveler around the world I have got the Hep A+C vaccination which takes three months to complete (a series of three injections if I remember correctly). Also a polio booster and a Yellow Fever injection for travel to South America and Asia. The Yellow Fever vaccination used to be only valid for 10 years but has now been revised to a lifetime vaccination. Cholera & Typhoid is now done by pill rather than a injection. There are a few specialists around North America who deal with travel medicine which you can no doubt Google. They will also normally prescribe you some essential medications to carry with you for remote trips. Not cheap, but I think worth the peace-of-mind.
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