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  1. One of the best reasons to cruise on Carnival. Walk in the first night - introduce yourself and tell the bartender to make something up. For the rest of the cruise, the bartender will remember your name, keep making you different drinks or the same one if you loved it. Hands down our favorite! We go before dinner, after dinner, after a show and before the piano bar - also a favorite of ours. go - you won't be sorry!!
  2. Be very careful when entering your shipping address and payment information. I had to do mine three times before it would accept my information. They have to be exact. I had a period after my middle initial in one place and not the other. Crazy. I hope you get it resolved. Good Luck!
  3. I tried to do a search to see if this has already been covered and I did not see anything. AARP Rewards for Good program that offers discounted Gift Cards is ending on September 23, 2019. On September 24, 2019 the program will be AARP Rewards. Your existing points will not be transferable. You can use your points for two more days. I was shocked yesterday when I went online to check on how many points I had. Today, I used my 6000 points to purchase two cards even though my cruise is not until next summer. The AARP website does not state what exactly the new program will be. If everyone already knew this, I'm sorry for the duplication. Lyn
  4. Our cruise is not until August, 2020. We have not even looked at excursions yet. I am not sure what the best date/time is yet. If my daughter and I book massages now to use the discount, can we cancel or change the appointments later if we have a conflict?
  5. Wow - You think? I may rethink doing the Chef Table. Thanks. Lyn
  6. Dining reservations have opened for the Panorama August 1, 2020. There is no option of day for the Chef Table. Is it only offered one day on the 7 day cruise? If so, do they usually get back to you quickly? I won't be able to make any other reservations until I know the Chef Table date. We have so much time - a whole year! But, I'm a planner and if the reservations are available, why not get them set up. Thanks for any info ( I would just call Carnival- but this trip we booked through a travel agent- not my choice - and now I can't just call CCL) Lyn
  7. Thank you! Then I guess we will speed up our planning and get our dinners booked!
  8. My last Carnival Cruise was two years ago on the Vista. I don't remember paying in advance. But I do know we could not make the reservations more than 3 months out. We are booked on the Panorama for August 1, 2020. I see that I can make specialty restaurant reservations including Chefs Table now a year out. Are we paying for the dinners at the time of reservation? If so, what happens if we had to cancel? Do we lose our money? Perhaps anyone who has already made reservations could comment. Thanks!! Lyn
  9. Hth - thanks for the response. Because of health issues we had to cancel this cruise. Before that happened I contacted Scootaround and the price was considerably less. I only use a scooter on cruises because of the length of the new ships. Purchasing one would be unnecessary and I would not want to travel with it. I appreciate the feedback though. Lyn
  10. Once the show has started, I don't think the crew lets anyone in - reserved seats or not. That may have been the issue. He was late and they would not let him in. It didn't matter if he had a "reservation". At least that's what I always thought - you had to be on time for the shows.
  11. Most enjoyable topic I've seen in a long time..... Totally a hoot!
  12. Thank you! I'm not sure where I read "90", but I will put an alert on my calendar four months out.
  13. Excellen. Thanks. Hopefully by the time we get to 90 days out I will know what night it is and we will plan on eating in Le Bistro. Thanks again! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Thanks! So we will see folks "dressed up" someplace on board on a designated formal night? While I am not a fan of ripped jeans or cut-offs and tee shirts for dinner attire, I also don't relish being dressed up like a peacock in a sea of jeans, shorts and flip flops in the dining room. Also, for all of you have cruised NCL, what areas are the NCL freestyle statement referring to?
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