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  1. Everyone who arrives at the pier will be considered unvaccinated. Offer proof of vaccination and you will be given a bracelet. If you don't, you will receive a hole punched S&S card. This will not be difficult to administer.
  2. I am definitely discouraged. I haven't even been on here in forever. Our last cruise was on the Anthem in 2018. We did a short land trip in 2019 because of medical issues and our CCL Panorama cruise was cancelled for July, 2020. We are booked on Indy for an 8 day cruise in July 2021. Until we know how the eight day cruises will change, there isn't much to do- we don't even know where we will be or on what days or what excursions/freedoms will be allowed I love planning our trips - we travel mostly with the family. But right now there is too much uncertainty to make any plans.
  3. If to/from US cruises will be capped at 7 days, what do you think will happen to the already scheduled 8, 9 & 10+ itineraries? We are booked for an 8 day cruise July 3, 2021. Can't wait to see how they change it. RCL has already changed the ship and the itinerary on us. New Ship is good- the itinerary not so much. Now the vacation length shrunk. I appreciate all the information being discussed here. I admit, I have used this forum as my cliff notes - 40 pages of CDC report is a bit much for me. I am also concerned as to whether we will be allowed off the ship once we are in po
  4. Three out of seven of our cabins still show Brilliance, but out of Tampa. I hope they finish this process soon. Of those already moved, no one is very near each other- even on different decks. Everybody wants to know where they are going to wind up! Lyn
  5. Well I would be up for that! We had booked a cruise on the Jewel out of Rome last year but had to cancel for health reasons. I still have not been to Greece and I have tried twice. Maybe the third time's the charm! Thank for the info. Lyn
  6. We were booked on the Brilliance for July 3, 2021. Since were have 7 cabins booked, we called right away. We were told the changes will automatically be done and completed by Tuesday, September 29. We also saw ( don't remember where because it was removed) that our itinerary was changing completely. If that is true, we are really ok with it, but lots of changes on the horizon. More of a concern to us is that we will continue to be near each other and on the same deck. Lyn
  7. Yes - We all received an email. There was also a posting earlier that indicated the different ports that would replace what we had, but it has been taken down. My theory is if you take the Brilliance max capacity of 2400 and put them on the Independence you have a 50% capacity - problem solved - but what do I know - just an (un) educated guess. New cabin assignments will be done and communicated to us by Tuesday, September 29. Can't wait to see where they put all 7 cabins that we have booked. I already know we will lose our huge balconies, but we also had connecting cabins and were
  8. My husband and I have been cruising for over 20 years. We took a few years off to discover Europe. Of late, our family has grown and we number 16 including the kids and the grandkids and every year we do a 'family' cruise. This year didn't happen of course so now we are all booked for next July on the Brilliance. I just want to go on a vacation!! Cruising is my preference, but right now a week on an Island sounds very nice; a week in Paris even better! I just want to pack my bags and go somewhere! Lyn
  9. I know! I should have written the prices down. Your prices are pretty good. We are 8 people including kids 10 - 18. My 18 year old granddaughter has her heart set on the floating cabana because of the hammock. I am just happy we did not wait. $1700 was more than enough.
  10. On our July 3, 2021 Brilliance of the Seas cruise, the price for Thrill Park tickets at Perfect Day Coco Cay are listed as 40% off= $88.99. I could swear it was only $79 when we booked the cruise in May. Does anyone know the typical price? The cabanas have gone through the roof- we paid $1700 for the floating cabana - now it is $2000. Oasis cabanas were $800, now they are $1400!! At least we were able to get the drink package and zipline at good prices. Lyn
  11. I have been on many cruises over the past 27 years. I am not the one playing trivia; I am not on Lido dancing the night away. I don't do karaoke and I for sure don't play the Newlywed Game ( I would like to STAY married-lol). I would say I am very low key on my cruises. But there was just something about Matt Mitcham - On out Vista cruise in 2017, He was everywhere - He had a smile - and always looked sincerely happy to see passengers- young and old, guys and gals etc. He would stop and take a selfie - always! I have no idea who the cruise directors were one any o
  12. When our Panorama Cruise was cancelled, our email offer on May 3, 2020 stated that we must book by 12/31/2020 and sail by 12/31/2022. We are already booked for 2021 and would like to plan for 2022, but there are almost no sailings posted. What are your educated guesses as to when we will see 2022 itineraries. Has there been later offers that would allow booking after 12/2020? Before I call Carnival, I thought I would ask here. Thanks for any information. Lyn
  13. We love listening to music all over the ship - The Atrium, the Piano Bar, Schooners. My first cruise was in 1994 on the Big Red Boat (the old Oceanic)- I don't remember much about it but the cabin was huge! Many cruises later on multiple lines and we have enjoyed all of them - just some a bit more. Back in the Day when it was just my husband and me, we favored Princess and Celebrity. Once the Grandchildren arrived and we started whole family cruise vacations, we chose Carnival. We still do Carnival, but in the last few years, we have moved onto RCCL and the larger ships because they had m
  14. Oh , please say it isn't so!! We just booked The Brilliance for next Summer - our first cruise since the Anthem in 2018! Last year was a bust - health issues - Carnival Panorama canceled this year, of course and I was too afraid to book anything sooner than next summer! I'm really looking forward to a small ship experience on RCCL. So, for me, I really hope Radiance Ships hang around for awhile! Lyn
  15. Ok. Again only my perspective - maybe I am a majority of one. For starters, at home I do not have a balcony that leads to an ocean. Next, I assume there is a way to keep the connecting door open, but a child could close it and lock it. Next, they could unlock the door of the cabin they are in and decide to take a walk while everyone else is sleeping. Further, they are in an unfamiliar place and could get disoriented if they wake up in a strange room and not see us. I believe I would hear movement within my cabin that I might not in a connecting cabin. And, all of this assumes the cabin i
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