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  1. agreed. I just don't know how long I can go without cruising. It really is the best, most relaxing vacation I have found.
  2. well I hope you realize they are going to become part of our outerwear for the foreseeable future. In fact, I am going to hazard a guess that they will be seen very often every flu season once this is over.
  3. thanks for sharing this. Sadly everyone is so divided on the mask issue and it is such a minor issue, I really don't get it. It is divided down political sides and that is the worst part. I don't want to wear pants or a bra but I do and don't feel my freedom is taken away from it. Those who don't want to cruise because of masks, fine, more room for us who don't care.
  4. try posting this on the disabled thread. You will get the best answers there. You may get it on the tender but probably not on the motorcoach. Check the excursion list and see if they have a handicapped tour.
  5. it might work but i wouldn't know the cost until it was canceled. It could possibly be more. I will see if there are any other cancelations, that might be a good option.
  6. My mom and i always book a HC oceanview room on RCCI because she uses a scooter. At the time of purchase aren't they the same price as regular oceanview rooms? My issue is when there is a price drop. We can never get it because the other handicapped rooms are booked so technically that category is sold out. Any insight would be helpful.
  7. Onion Tart Coconut Ranger cookies WJ French toast French Onion Soup
  8. i go on cruises to get away from life and that includes holidays. However, I wasn't impressed with Indy last month either. Sorry you didn't get turkey though.
  9. they are going to miss out on so much! That really sucks. I would try changing it when you get on board, asking on email 30 days before, and if all else fails take the other commenters advice and take them to the windjammer, drop them off at kids club, and enjoy dinner as adults.
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