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  1. Thank you! I sent sherwood a message early last week, asking for an alternative similar mattress and they never replied so I gave up on this option altogether. If they can't be bothered to reply, I can't be bothered to purchase their products.
  2. Thank you, but I called on Monday to find out my options and she told me that the mattress was definitely lost and they could ship me another one, bumping someone else's order down the list and it would take another 3 weeks or I could get a refund. I requested a refund.
  3. And yes, it is a breach of contract because the local shipping company has 48 hours to arrange delivery once they get it and no one ever contacted me. I had to initiate all correspondence.
  4. No I am going to amicably request a refund first. Then I'll pursue it through my credit card company.
  5. Absolutely nothing. I'll be calling tomorrow to request a refund. Tuesday marks the end of 10 weeks. The local shipping company has had it for 2 weeks. They claim they can't find it on their dock. I'm sick of waiting. We checked out other mattresses today and found one that's very similar in comfort and layers (not the purple mattress. I was only kidding) I am extremely disappointed in this whole process. Without my persistent phone calls, I would have never been contacted. I'll never make a large purchase in this way again.
  6. Well, bad news. The local shipping company lost my mattress. I do not have a resolution at this time and am waiting to see if the find it. It arrived at their facility almost 2 weeks ago so I believe they will not find it. Anyone have feedback on the Purple Mattress? 😂
  7. I really did expect a bit better communication regarding this. I'm trying to be patient but I can't seem to get any information about how much longer it will be. It's just frustrating considering the cost of the mattress and the fact that my current mattress really stinks and I can't get any sleep on it.
  8. At this point I wouldn't trust that I would ever be successful with a warranty claim anyway.
  9. Well it's been just over 9 weeks and I still have no news on the status of my mattress. I've called several times and they have reached out to the freight company with no response. They believe a local shipping company has had it for almost 2 weeks. I'm getting frustrated to say the least. I won't be purchasing a mattress in this manner again.
  10. Nope not yet. This is week 7. It will be 2 months on the 18th. No word on delivery yet.
  11. I didn't order the box spring. I already have a platform. 😊
  12. Thank you all SO MUCH! I just ordered the mattress!
  13. We left our coupon book on the Royal Princess ship accidentally this past weekend and there was a coupon in it for the luxury bed. We are intending on buying it and would really love the savings. Is anyone on board or have the coupon book with the current code for the mattress/bed? I believe it was for 15% off. It would be most appreciated!
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