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  1. We've been on several Carnival cruises and 2 NCL (on bigger ships Epic and Escape). Haven't been on Pearl but it probably compares to a Carnival medium sized ship. With teenagers, you're probably going to like some of the bigger ships on NCL. We like the perks on NCL better. But we did miss some of the lunch offerings that we liked on Carnival (Guys burger, cantina, etc). Good luck!
  2. This is how our rebooking worked as well. Bonus fcc applied to base cabin fare and the 100 fcc applied to the remaining balance like a payment.
  3. He alluded to the fact that Mardi Gras will come later than planned due to Covid-19 which means it will probably not begin sailing in November. Again, no official word from Carnival yet, but I imagine we will learn something in the coming months. We are booked on the Mardi Gras in January and we have already made back up plans in case the ship is delayed.
  4. Thank you! I am going to wait and book my flights then since it looks like SW will be releasing soon and I'd like to compare airline prices.
  5. Ok. 🙄 I was just seeing if someone knew on this forum. Thanks.
  6. I think the extra 20% only applies to past guests who were impacted by cancellations. When I do a mock booking logged into my account, the rate does not decrease for my 2nd passenger right away. When I get to the screen to add passenger names, I added my husband's information and then it automatically applied the 20% discounted price. Both of our FCC also showed up to use on the mock booking.
  7. I agree, it is confusing! My new booking happened like this: 20% discount on base cabin fare then they applied my 50% bonus fcc to the base cabin fare (we were cancelled day before cruise so we received higher bonus). Then after taxes, fees, and drink/dining pkg, and service gratuities were added, they applied my 100% FCC. Yes, the base cabin fare appears low, but theoretically, can't we make changes up until final payment is due. I.e. if you see the cruise at a lower price, ask your pcc to lower it for you then reeaply your bonus credit and so on.
  8. I'm surprised they haven't been assigned a latitudes number if they have sailed before. My teenagers have latitudes numbers and received their own fcc. Can you try looking up their latitude number on the ncl website?
  9. Finally received our 2 Cheers and 2 soda packages refund today for our March 15th cruise we cancelled on March 8!! We initially received the tax and port fees, and shore excursion refunds right away after we cancelled. Don't know why this one took so long. We did not request a refund yet on the cabin fare.
  10. We rebooked for our family of 4 (2 cabins) with our FCC and used it to cover our entire cruise fare, taxes, drink pkg gratuities, dining package gratuities, and regular gratuities. If you want to use your FCC for shore excursions you have to call to book them so they can apply the fcc to it.
  11. I completely agree. There is no way all these sailings sold out in a day or so. We are booked for January 2021 but have doubts. We are looking at another cruise as a back up.
  12. Did anyone get payment to go thru for Cheers? Thinking of purchasing since it's an extra 20% off the already 10% pre-purchase discount so in reality its about 27% off the on board purchase price. Good deal IMO.
  13. I did not get an email for the Mardi Gras cruise. I checked my sailing after I saw this post and it does apply to my sailing when I add it to my cart, however it's not advertised anywhere when I log in. I am convinced that it's probably not going to sail on time and that's why I didn't get an email promoting it either.
  14. No code. Just added it to my cart and it auto applies.
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