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  1. Cheers package cost. What is the current Cheers Package cost? Do they ever go on sale? Is it cheaper to buy before the cruise? Thanks.
  2. Let's get back to the topic please (we all know summer begins the last day of school for those folks with children - those without children it can be summer year round). IMO the CDC will begin to feel the pressure of the the major Cruise Companies moving away from US ports. This appears to be the motivation for a little movement on the CDC front. Sure, when things quiet down and sailing can resume the cruises will come back but I don't think they will ever forget the treatment of their industry by the CDC. The Cruise Lines have learned a very valuable lesson - the CDC is not their
  3. Does anyone have any experience (or opinions) on NCLs latest Free Air for 2nd guest promotion. I assume you book the first air through NCL but can you search for the best airfare (price and non-stop instead of connections etc) or will NCL choose the airfare price and the air itinerary and then the 2nd is free but maybe not necessarily better than you can do on your own. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. e
  4. I think we better be careful about expressing eliminating the D, D+ lounge. Many cruisers enjoy the lounge, not only for a few before or after dinner drinks but the breakfast and happy hours snacks are a big plus. Also, the coffee machine available 24 hours must not be eliminated. Now, those people that don't drink saying we should get rid of the lounges are being short-sighted ... well, I sail in OV cabins mostly so I never use the $100 D, D+ balcony discount on 7 night cruises ..... maybe we should get rid of that perk ( I don't think we should but I think everyone gets my point)
  5. OK .... If what you say is true ..... then what is the CDC's plan to begin cruising. Perhaps they are deferring to see what happens in Europe as cruising begins this June and July. They apparently have not even given the cruise companies a schedule of procedures that must be implemented to begin.
  6. IMHO the CDC's main objective at this point is to bring the cruise lines to their knees to get them to flag their ships in the US. It galls the Federal Government that the three largest cruise companies have their headquarters in the US but are able to avoid many US rules, regulations and taxes. With the vaccines rollout, it is pretty obvious that the vaccines along with the protocols that have been working in Singapore and Europe should be sufficient to begin sailing. Instead nothing from the CDC. So therefore, we have to look for, another motive from the CDC, other than t
  7. Is everyone sure the 5 drinks are anytime? At dinner? Or will it be during the normal DL hours and at specific bars?
  8. A few clarifications please: 1. Do fully vaccinated people need a COVID upon entering the Bahamas and will they also need one to board the ship. 2. Will fully vaccinated people need a test to re-enter the United States. 3. Will fully vacintaed people need a test to enter Mexico and also a test to re-board the ship?
  9. Been on both .... Vision is an older ship with pretty evenly distributed cabins between balcony, ocean view and inside. I feel this is sort of an odd choice to begin sailing, especially if only balcony cabins will be available for these cruises. Bermuda is very nice and safe (the complete opposite of Nassau) but make sure you can wander on your own otherwise I would go with the Adventure of the Seas for a more robust on board experience. Vision is normally used for itineraries where the cruise is very port intensive thus the ship itself is not the destination (as may be the case with Adventure
  10. I have a cruise in Dec of 2021. It has a non-refundable deposit plus I have applied FCC twice so that at this point the cruise is fully paid for. Can I, 48 hours before this cruise, cancel and get FCC for the entire funds and then apply to a future new or already booked cruise within the stated guidelines of booking a new cruise by April, 2022 and sailing before September 2022? Thanks for any input. e
  11. We will never get to a point where the CDC thinks it is safe to cruise until the airlines stop bringing in all the different viruses into country. So I say .... the CDC will not regulate airline transmission thus the COVID rate will not be acceptable for cruising for for a year or two ..... maybe longer so I say go ahead cruise companies start sailing away from the US ... you need cash flow now .... there are a group of us cruisers that will gladly fly into the Caribbean or Mexico to cruise.
  12. There are a number of US, and I believe a Canadian and UK flights that are non-stop to SXM. With the price of the flight to SXM included in the fare, I agree that it may be some charters but it could also be from a number of gateway cities that have non-stop flights (with perhaps a surcharge where you are flyng from). After all a $1999 all inclusive fare including flight would not make sense if you have two families and one is from Miami and other families are from say Seattle, Winnipeg or Manchester UK. There should also be a flight credit if you are paying for your own airfare. T
  13. I think it is pretty obvious that since the cruise industry has been grounded that they have not been responsible for any COVID spread. Even the few ships that were initially infected with COVID have had little impact on COVID spread. BUT ..... it is the airlines that the CDC and government failed to control that has been almost 100% responsible for our current situation .... and they continue to bring new strains into the country so let us stop all this nonsense about cruise lines. Theme parks are open, planes are packed, restaurants are open (though many at reduced seating), movie theaters a
  14. I feel Celebrity flights would be the way to go when taking the St. Maarten cruises. If you think about it, everyone flying to the island will have to have a negative COVID test (so should be a pretty safe flight). I also feel that Celebrity will fly people in the day of the cruise with the cruise departing around 8PM. This way no one would be able to move around the island and pick something up a day or two before the cruise. Also, the hotels down there are usually booked in one week or longer stays thus finding thousands of rooms for one night pre cruise may not be doable. Oh well - this is
  15. Forgive me for bringing a little politics into the CDC reluctance to move forward in any meaningful way to get cruising started in the US but perhaps one should consider different motives of the CDC. It certainly doesn't appear the CDC is making any move to get cruising started so maybe this is the reason: 1. The CDC wants to bring the cruise lines to their knees (near or to bankruptcy). WHY? 2. So as a condition for sailing, the lines will have to re-flag some of their ships in the US. WHY? 3. So they will be under complete control of US employment regulations and 4
  16. As they say .... proceed at your own risk. If parents want to take the risk of exposing their non vaccinated children to a cruise ship environment, it is their risk. For me no way. Also .... perhaps, at the very least, all children should wear masks ...... all the time.
  17. I can only assume that RCL management realizes the extra cost involved in traveling to Nassau and hopefully will have some sort of arrangement with either an airplane charter, extra week-end flights or a fast boat shuttle to keep the price somewhat reasonable. I would assume 2 or 3 thousand people coming in early or staying a day later would overwhelm the hotels in Nassua so RCL would want shuttles on the day of the cruise. I see no reason why this can't be worked out.
  18. There is no data one way or another to indicate that fully vaccinated individual can spread the virus.
  19. IMHO those cities that home-port cruises will put pressure on the CDC to lift the restrictions but I continue to believe (as I stated in post #35) the CDC has other motives for their lack of action. So again .... it is great the cruise lines are finally seeing the light that the CDC is not their friend and to move away from the US until the CDC changes their tune.
  20. It is about time the Cruise Lines realize they are being screwed over by the CDC and that the CDC really wants to bring the cruise lines to their knees so they will flag in the US and be under US employment rules (with the ability too unionize). So hip-hip hooray for the RCL & X .... hopefully the other lines will see the light and also begin moving cruise away from the US.
  21. This is great news. Ok ... now what are the protocols? Vaccinations?? Mask? Intensive testing? Ship only excursions? What ports? Etc?
  22. Just heard this rumor. Going in June, 2021. Is it true.
  23. My only comment concerning this topic is the question: What is the point of the vaccinations if after you are vaccinated you have you still are required to wear masks, social distance and be tested constantly. It seems pretty absurd.
  24. Just what the cruise lines need: Ultra cheapskates that remove gratuities. I think the cruise lines can do without them.
  25. The main advantage the cruise industry has is the ability to move their product to a location that will be the most advantageous to their bottom line. When California closed Disneyland, New York Broadway and the CDC stopped cruising, only cruising can move to operate in an area that will be open to them. If the cruise lines don't begin moving their sailings they are doomed. So I say .... start moving the ships away from US (and Canadian for that matter) ports. Those that complain about only wanting to drive to a port well I say, don't cruise. All us folks in the Upper Midwest have always flow
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