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  1. For me it's cabins above, below, and across the passageway - otherwise it's not an upgrade.
  2. What movies will we not see in light of current events? My nominations are The Andromeda Strain and The Omega Man. Any others?
  3. Why retire it as long as the media keeps whipping up the frenzy in their search for ratings, clicks, or views. Where is the voice of reason to tell the general public that the risk of acquiring the coronavirus is low? That when somebody with the virus sneezes the droplets are heavier than the seasonal flu and thus don't spread as far? That the risk to children is lower than seasonal flu? That the vast majority of those who do get infected with it recover? That the effects are not as strong as the seasonal flu - where patients also have muscle aches and describe their overall feelings like they have been hit by a bus. Keep Calm and Cruise On.
  4. I'm hoping that enough of the cruising public in a panic cancel and open up some cabins for upgrades. Seriously though, our bags are packed for an extended land vacation followed by a cruise. The only thing that will stop us in a knee jerk reaction by a government agency or a travel company. How many people are infected by the seasonal flu every year? How many people die from the seasonal flu every year? Where is the panic there? Keep Calm and Cruise On!
  5. Do they cancel during any flu season? I'm not worried about travel itself, just the panic whipped up by the media causing knee jerk reactions that may interfere with our plans.
  6. Where is all of the panic about seasonal flu which is killing more people? Do you stop cruising during flu season?
  7. I have seen it on every Princess cruise since 2009, including the Grand, the Emerald, the Coral, the Crown, and just three weeks ago on the Sky. On the Sky, I watched as drinkware was left on the tables if it didn't look like it had been used and I observed the staff take a used cloth napkin and wipe off the table, and then reset the table with drinkware placed upside down on the table. I saw that crew member carry four juice tmblers in one hand by placing his fingers down inside all four and squeezing them together. All this, and there is no place for the crew to wash their hands in between bussing and setting the tables. It is not part of any anti Princess agenda, but just my background and training in public health that prompts me to complain when I see sub-standard or hazardous practices in food service establishments.
  8. I'll drag a dead horse just a little farther. I blame, in part, the fact that Princess pre-sets the tables in the Horizon Court with drink ware, does not remove the unused items after someone sits down, leaves those items on the table for the next person, and then wipes off the table with a used cloth napkin. I've seen it, complained about it, and told it's company policy. I wonder if corporate will change their policy now?
  9. This is great news. We have a cruise that falls within the parameters described so I'm hoping enough people cancel that I can upgrade. I'll be watching for vacancies. Thank you, Princess.
  10. ....pose for photos getting on the ship at embarkation, off the ship in ports of call, and while trying to eat dinner.
  11. Over here in the Colonies it's because our news media is sensationalizing the coronavirus and whipping up fear, mostly because it's an election year but also because that's what they do. They are not even reporting on infections and deaths from the seasonal flu, just anything that they can attach coronavirus to. We have an extended trip coming up involving planes, trains, buses, and a cruise ship. We have no plans to cancel, but to take normal precautions like we always do - wash our hands, wash our hands, and wash our hands.
  12. When that happens, try searching for the cabin number that you want. I've found that helps.
  13. You're welcome. We too have told our kids that being of sound mind, we plan to spend it all. The apple don't fall to far from the tree and both of them are of like mind. Our son still drives the first car he ever bought in 1999. I have a 57 year old car that I bought with some of our savings and it's appreciating in value faster than our investment accounts. One more thought. We bucked coventional wisdom and the advice of our financial planner and started drawing Social Security as soon as we could. That goes into the travel fund account also. I put the pencil to it and figured that the break even point between a smaller check now and a larger check later was age 79. The Social Security acturial tables have us with a life expectancy of around 82. We'd rather spend it now. Safe and happy travels!
  14. And now the Grand is having problems with possible coronavirus and some passengers quarantined in their cabins. I wonder when Princess will get the message about pre-setting tables in the buffet, leaving "unused" drinkware on the table for the next passenger to use, and wiping off tables with a used cloth napkin? (Saw it all on the Sky in February. Complained and nothing changed)
  15. I've run into that from time to time. When that happens, I find what available cabin I want and call the big box. They can call the cruise company and they'll do the booking and get the promotion applied. Hope this helps.
  16. I never use wonky cruise line websites to book. I use the travel department of my big box warehouse club. It let's me search for any particular cabin by number. Easy Beezy.
  17. Because I want to resanitize after going through the buffet line and handling the ladles, touching other common surfaces, touching the bottom of my chair after I pull it in when I sit down, and after touching any of the conditment containers on the table. I always carry a small bottle of sanitizer in my pocket, even to the MDR for after I've handled the menu and pulled in my chair.
  18. We had a hard time switching from saving to spending when we retired. The key was to move our savings and investments into an account that is well diversified and then start pulling out just enough to zero it out in thirty years. By then we should be done traveling. What we pull out goes into our travel fund account and we spend off of it. Once in a while we transfer money from our general fund into the travel fund as well. We also take a lot of SKI trips - Spending the Kid's Inheritence. We got here by being frugal all of our working life, bought a smaller house than we could afford, drive our vehicles 10-15 years, and in short - we don't spend money buying things we don't need to impress people we don't know. With any luck, we'll zero out and that last check for the funeral will bounce.
  19. I have an eastbound crossing booked next year. In a sheltered balcony, BV class, it was $222 PP, per night, with some nice OBCs from Cunard and my big box warehouse club travel department. For us, a nine night crossing beats an overnight flight hands down. The least expensive Queens Grill I could find at the time was $487 PP, per night. Since we are simply using the QM2 for transportation to the UK for a month of travel in Europe instead of flying over, I could not justify the extra cost for the Grill.
  20. Aye, the peatier the better.
  21. Just curious, are they still pre-setting the tables in the Horizon Court with coffee mugs and juice glasses? If so, sit for a bit and see if they remove all of the unused drinkware after somebody sits down at a table or if they leave it there for that person(s) to sneeze on, cough on, or handle a bit so as to contaminate it for the next unsuspecting passenger.
  22. Thanks. Good info. So far I've restrained myself and She Who Must Be Obeyed to a wool tie in the MacDonald, Lord of the Isles, tartan. Bought it at Finlaggen, so it had some sentimental value.
  23. Just curious. How much does your kilt outfit weigh? By lineage, I can wear an Alexander or MacDonald tartan and my wife would love to buy it for me, but I've been resisting because of the space and weight in my luggage.
  24. As I approach 70 and am still an avid cruiser, there are certain things that I used to think were almost mandatory or things that I would obsess about prior to the cruise. I do still obsess about cabin location and whether there is a wrap-around promenade, but beyond that I'm pretty well satisfied by most any day on the ocean. I no longer feel the need to..... Be the first on or off the ship. As long as I get on before the ship sails, I'm good. Attend every production show. I find most of them annoyingly over amplified anyway. Use a lounger on the Melanoma Deck. I enjoy a lounger on the promenade much more. Get off the ship in every Caribbean port. Been there, and they all start to look alike anyway. Use ship excursions. Some of my best days have been walking around the port city and discovering a small coffee shop or cafe to enjoy. Beats marching to the tour guide's clock on a crowded excursion bus. Eat evening meals in the MDR. I find it much more relaxed to eat breakfast and lunch in the MDR, and then have a light evening meal in the buffet. Frees up a lot of m y time in the evening also. To a youngster, I probably sound like an old curmudgeon, but one of the beauties of cruising is that you are free to enjoy the cruise and the ship in your own way. How about you?
  25. I did a cruise recently after some land travel involving planes, trains, buses, and automobiles. I also had some more land travel after the cruise. I packed carefully and with clothing that would do double duty. Then I added my black sport coat. My bag came it at 35 pounds. On formal nights, I wore black slacks and my black sport coat over either a red or black T-shirt with a matching pocket square. No problem with being seated in any dining venue and I still looked better - in my opinion - than the formal night chino and polo crowd. To each his own and as long as the cruise line doesn't enforce any dress code at the door, I should be OK.
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