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  1. did you actually try to do a mock booking? I've been hearing that for some of these cruises that everyone knows can't happen due to port closures and such that if you actually try to select a room, none are available. But I agree, they shouldn't actually be selling if indeed they are.
  2. As I just said in another thread, this is CC. People love to rehash things ad nauseum. It's part of the culture.
  3. you must be lost, so, I will try to help. You are in the Cruise Critic forums. speaking about things you have little knowledge of is common place here. The airlines have lines of credit and such to get them through these situations. If they genuinley didn't have cash to pay refunds, then they certainly don't have cash for payroll and other operating expenses and we won't even get into cash to service the debt for all those new planes, so, they would be forced into bankruptcy. That may be coming, but it will be the debt service that puts them there, not individual's refunds.
  4. I too think what UAL is trying to do is not permissible. My gut sense is they are trying to get away with something and wouldn't be surprised to see them get in some hot water over it. FWIW, on some of the airline discussion boards there is plenty of evidence of customers pushing back on United reps and eventually getting refunds where initially refunds were not offered. so if anyone finds United canceling a flight and not giving a refund, push back hard on them to get your refund.
  5. Wow. I didn't realize that people still actually believed the things he says. I know lots of people like what he says and are OK with that, but, I thought everyone at this point knows most of what he says is BS.
  6. Give me a break. If this is the case, then why not post everything the AG should be investigating? The reality is, you don't like that someone posted something negative about NCL. Your colors are showing.
  7. I'm not so sure that even if the cruise lines did fail, that they really would fail (i.e. disappear). "Fail" likely means they are unable to service their debt. I suspect the last thing those debt holders want is to end up owning some cruise ships. So, what is most likely to happen is they can't meet their debt payments, they file for Chapter 11 to protect them from their creditors, and the banks get to renegotiate the debt. FWIW, I agree with the article. The US government had better not bail out the cruise lines.
  8. Not that you deserve an explanation, but, the reason I started two new threads was because of the specific topics I was asking about. I could have easily buried them in an existing topic where they would never be seen again by anyone looking for the same issue. By creating a topic with the key words in the Title, we have a prayer of someone using CC's feeble search capabilities actually finding the topic and not asking again.
  9. How about you really read the posts carefully. Slowly and carefully, especially if you are going to criticize me like this. Post one had to do with Cruise Next Certificates - I have not seen that discussed in this context and I have read most if not all the posts around the new policy. Post two had to do specifically with Upgrade Advantage - I have not seen that discussed in this context and I have read most if not all the posts around the new policy. If either of these have been discussed, the more appropriate thing to do would be to point me to that discussion that I obviously missed. But, clearly expecting you to do something appropriate, like actually reading a post, is asking too much.
  10. For our April 12 Encore sailing we are likely going to wait until we get much closer to sailing date to actually cancel. In the mean time, I have a number of upgrade offers pending. I know those typically don't get processed until the day or so before the cruise, but, they also have been known to be processed much earlier. Does anyone know if my Upgrade Advantage offer gets accepted before I cancel, will that fee be included in my FCC if I cancel?
  11. $500 of my cruise fare was paid using 2 Cruise Next certificates. What should I expect my FCC to be if I cancel under the Peace of Mind program? Will my FCC have the full $500? The $250 I paid for the certs? Or nothing because I didn't actually pay any $ for that part of the fare?
  12. I expect cruises to be cancelled, so, I am holding off cancelling mine for a while, at least. I have to think if the cruise line cancels the cruise, we should be getting full refund.
  13. 21 posts and about 16 hours, I too am surprised it took that long. What's not surprising is who did it.
  14. Sorta like how many readers of those statements not only lose no sleep but think "good riddance"?
  15. So tell us about all the other "every turn" where you received misinformation. Or was it really just one person told you something that was wrong? And how many days out were you when you cancelled?
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