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  1. Thank you Charles for the link to the latest bus schedule. We've cruised to Bermuda many times but have never visited Clearwater Beach. Since we'll be in St. George's on 08/21 (Weekday) we'd like to bus there for a day trip. The earliest #6 that says "Via Clearwater" is 9:45am but that's a little late for us. Which of the earlier #6 routes are suitable, "mr" or "ss" or both? We're avid walkers and don't mind walking even a mile or more if necessary.
  2. I agree with kernie968. Its a crap shoot and can be rough on any sailing. Book the trip and hope for the best. Its the North Atlantic, after all. We've sailed R/T to Bermuda from NYC over 10 times (always July - September) and had only two bad experiences on the 20+ "legs" sailed. Perhaps we've been lucky but I believe your odds are good during the Summer months. We're going again this August. Its well worth the risk!
  3. Its more expensive (last look $40/day) but very convenient to park "on the roof" right at the pier. We've done this many times and will do it again this summer. Arrive a little early for a spot. Find the cost/details online. The car will be out in the sun for a week so a good windshield shade is advised. John
  4. As others have noted, Oceania's Insignia will make three runs from NYC to Bermuda in August 2019 and again in August 2020. We're presently booked for the 08/18/19 sailing. Berths are at St. George's and Hamilton which IMO is far superior to the Dockyards which tends to be overly crowded, commercialized, and uninteresting. We love Bermuda and have sailed there perhaps ten or more times always avoiding a Dockyard berth via a smaller ship such as the Horizon, the Veendam, (the original) Pacific Princess and others. This will be our first cruise with Oceania and we chose it because it seems to be one of the last "popularly priced" Bermuda sailings with our preferred itinerary.
  5. Thanks again to all for the good advise on this. We found a TA who works closely with Oceania and who will add prepaid gratuities and a nice OBC to the mix. Since we're 21 months out and all flights are TBD, we're going to lock-in the OLife (with premium air) option now and shop the air (as many suggest) when the airline schedules and prices become available.
  6. From what I'm hearing, I think my best bet now is to book the cruise with the OLife option (Direct from them) and lock-in their airfare, "premium upgrade", and London/South Hampton transfers. Then look for and evaluate other options. Their airfare ($1300pp, Premium/RT), even with the probable headaches, seems to be a decent value. Am I correct that I can drop the Olife Air and OBC later and keep the cruise-only price if I find a better way? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks to all who have replied. This cruise is July, 2020 and it looks like there are no schedules/prices yet from the airlines. Air will be Philadelphia to London with return. Olife price is $1300pp above the cruise-only price with $300pp OBC (same as cash for us). Thus, "O-air" will cost us $1000pp round trip. "Premium" upgrade (whatever that means) is $300pp. Looking at various July, 2019 airline prices for comparison, the "O-air" ($1000pp RT) seems quite inexpensive. I understand that there is big uncertainty as to flights and inconveniences with "O-air". Recommendations?
  8. We're considering the Marina 07/28/20 UK cruise and evaluating the OLife option. Airfare from Philadelphia seems considerately higher than OLife if we book our own. Anyone with experience on this? Thanks in advance.
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