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  1. Because perhaps OP was interested in a substantive response instead of just venting. If the sum total of the post is just "NCL is a lousy company," than the original post was fine.
  2. OP--my philosophy is to (1) buy a cruise you will avidly look forward to (2) at a price you find acceptable. Treat any price drop before final payment as an unexpected bonus. If the price drops after final payment, I still have a cruise I am looking forward to at a price I found acceptable. By the way, I am currently looking forward to four NCL cruises over the next two years.
  3. In the past, this kind of thread has arisen because the OP did not "get what he or she wanted" from NCL. Just what is it you wanted from NCL?
  4. My experience has been that NCL won't talk to me when I made a reservation through a TA. Had to call the TA to resolve any issues.
  5. Cruisenext certificates from passenger-cancelled cruises are rapidly returned to the owner's account -- usually no more than a day in my experience.
  6. Opinions differ, of course, and I respect yours. However, I have had a substantial number of fine meals (and a good number of so-so ones) in both the MDRs and the specialty restaurants. I don't view the poorly-prepared rock lobster tails as anywhere near the top of the pile.
  7. Previously-frozen, baked warm water "lobster" tail is to real lobster what canned spaghetti is to good Italian food.
  8. NCL PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep the perks. The vast majority of passengers love them. It wasn't that long ago that many passengers bar bills exceeded their cruise fares.
  9. At least it is real (cold water) lobster, not the junky baked warm water rock "lobster" that typically gets served in the Caribbean.
  10. Any lobster you found in Tortola would be caribbean rock lobster, an entirely different species from cold water New England/Canadian lobster.
  11. The seafood restaurant on the Escape offered both cold water lobster tail and cold water steamed whole cold water lobster on my Caribbean cruise out of New York in January. Unfortunately, both are previously frozen. The tail was large and reasonably good,but the lobster flavor was covered by the oriental vegetables and sauce (soy?) that they put over it. The whole lobster was small and not particularly good--I can see why the waiter tried to steer me to the tail both times.
  12. You don't know the demographics of those who first became ill. Were they on a specific tour? You didn't visit the medical office for treatment? You didn't self-quarantine?
  13. Indianapolis has a steakhouse with a "famous" $16 shrimp cocktail that is served with (in my opinion) an overly spicy proprietary sauce. If you don't care about the taste of shrimp and only use them as a carrier for sauce, I suppose this is a choice. If you do care about the taste of shrimp and use the sauce very sparingly, I suppose it's a little above average. After the shrimp cocktail, you can enjoy a $40-$60 steak entre.
  14. As a solo cruiser, I far prefer Studio cabins to Insides. (regardless of price differential).
  15. Recommend leaving pile of frozen TV dinners for kids and sailing Barcelona to San Juan on the Epic.
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