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  1. Thanks, I did that. That was how I managed to post here was through a browser. Tried your suggestion but no luck. 😥
  2. Well that is depressing. I hope it corrects by May, I planned to do a live report then. 😥
  3. I have used Tapatalk on my phone for years to access Cruise Critic. But lately I get an error saying I don't have access (see attached) when I try to access my subscribed links. I have tried deleting the app, changing my password, nothing works. any ideas?
  4. We planned in May 2020 to take SuperShuttle to San Pedro as they still could pick up curbside at LAX. However they are stopping service December 31, 2019. We really do not want to lug suitcase on/off a shuttle bus to the LAX-it lot to pick up Uber or Lyft. Anyone know a company that still has curbside service at LAX? Thanks
  5. Thanks, this did help as it shows all our perks. We used the Best3 and got the deluxe beverage package, gratuities and wifi for just $560 😁
  6. That"s true, I am going to cancel the bottled water I bought. thanks
  7. We don't drink much so we normally do not get a drink package. But I figure of the extra $560 we are paying $263 is going to gratuities and wifi which we do get. So we are paying $297 for the drink package or $21.21 per person, per day. That is not even 2 drinks a day. 😀
  8. Ok I get it now, I don't need to refare. So I called in for my May 2020 7 day Mexican Rivera cruise. It cost me $560 to get $1254 in amenities (deluxe beverage, WiFi, free gratuities). Nice 😀
  9. Doesn't look to work for us. For our 2021 Panama Canal cruise we already have $450 OBC and free gratuities for $1000 lower base price.
  10. Yes, it is a bit convoluted. I physically connect the hootoo to my netbook by cable. I then connect the netbook to the royal wifi through through the logon screen with username/password. finally I select on the netbook the Hootoo wifi connection. This causes the Royal wifi logon screen to pop up again where I once again enter username/password. That connects the hootoo to the wifi and I can now connect my phone to that hub. Hope that makes sense,
  11. I used the Hootoo to watch episodes of Outlander on my netbook 😀
  12. No bread for nine months? Just shoot me now. 😲
  13. Finished that series last week. The ending really makes you think.
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