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  1. LOL, I figured it out. Your picture is the last response in the review 😂😀
  2. I assumed there was a way to set up an account for her. But we are not going to bother as we have no plans to sail with Princess or any cruise line anymore.
  3. Yes Princess issued the FCC about two weeks ago. Half to my account and I assume half to my wife's mythical account (she doesn't have an account).
  4. Back in May we disputed charges and were given a temporary credit. This week the bank finalized the credit and closed the dispute so we are good. 😃
  5. On Ovation for our port stop in Korea the ship communicated the customs was face to face and made it sound like we would not get off the ship until at least 1 pm and we had a tour that started hours before. However if we took a ship's tour we would get off the ship at 10 am. So we cancelled our private tour and signed up for a ship's tour. Half they places we were suppose to go to were closed so we twice ended up in markets walking around looking at thinks like mushrooms, pot/pans, and luggage. Lunch was at a third floor buffet with a broken escalator. Food would have embarrassed Panda Express. We left the ship at 10:30 in the morning and didn't get back until 7:30 in the evening. 40 minutes was spent at a palace, the rest was driving around or wandering marketplaces.
  6. I loved doing this review as rarely do you find a review from Asia
  7. One of the few drawbacks of booking the cruise late. Not many hotels choices left. 😂
  8. Hello and thanks to all who joined in. I didn't shoot many pics today as we were busy getting off the ship. One of the joys of cruising into Vancouver is we can just grab a rental car right at Canada Place and drive home to Seattle. One way has run between $50 and $80 A beautiful day for driving home. At the border
  9. We took a break from packing to watch a cake decorating contest on the centrum. Looks like the cruise director got the worst of it as icing began flying Never a welcome sight Well we are getting close
  10. Quiet transit day as we prepare for our arrival in Vancouver tomorrow. I little choppy but still great weather
  11. A month ago we disputed with our bank the charges for our cruise and they credited us the money. Looks like this week Princess has given us the FCC. Half to my account and half to my wife's account. Except she doesn't have an account so we have no idea where that went. 😂 Don't really care as we will never cruise with Princess. Too bad I can't give the FCC to one of you.
  12. Time to take off and head back to the ship Take off! Back to Radiance Everything we flew over is part of the Misty Fjords National Monument which was declared a monument in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter. Thank you Mr. President. 🙂
  13. There was a wood floating platform here which allowed for us to get out and enjoy the scenery. It was so beautiful and peaceful Marie with our pilot Michelle. A little about her from the Island Air website. Michelle Masden, pilot and owner of Island Wings, arrived in Ketchikan in 1985. Sincethen she has had many experiences which uniquely qualify her as an expert in providing you with a memorable trip. A self-described “flight junkie” Michelle has spent over twenty-one thousand hours, or almost two and a half years, above the Earth’s surface. She conducts business from the left seat of her magnificent flying machine. This is Michelle's plane. From her website: DeHavailland Beavers are the greatest bush planes ever built. They were named one of the ten outstanding Canadian engineering achievements in the past century! Michelle named her DeHavilland Beaver the “Lady Esther” in honor of her grandmother Esther. She grew up with Esther who always encouraged Michelle to follow her dream and yet Esther was terrified to fly and never once boarded a plane! The story of Lady Esther dates back to 1959 when she was delivered to her first owner the US Army Air Corps. There were a total of 1692 Beavers built by DeHavilland, the US Army purchased over half of them. The first prototype was flown in 1947 and construction continued through 1967. More than half of them are still in service today! Here is the other plane taking off
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