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  1. When flights are arriving late in the evening Marella have no choice but to have the muster later on. They do announce the time of the muster so we try to have dinner very early so that we are finished as many of the waiters have to be on muster duty. It wouldn't be practicable to close the dining room.
  2. Hi msk1955, welcome aboard. You will have to register a credit card when you board, even though it's AI there are extras e.g. photos or drinks not included in the AI You don't need to inform Marella of your insurance details, it's your responsibility to sort this Luggage labels are supplied when you arrive at the airport as you will be met by a rep Formal evenings or Dress to Impress nights are well attended but sadly less and less men wear black tie. Only about 25% on our last cruise on Explorer 2. Most people dress smartly though. I'm sure you will have a lovely cruise, which ship/itinerary have you booked?
  3. We used FAB tours who give a discount if you book tours in both places. Excellent guide with a small bus so could be flexible about how much time we spent in each place. Would recommend.
  4. Hi 2BA, totally agree. Marella are getting very expensive and we have been pricing P&O for the Baltic. However for us the itinerary is the most important factor and whereas Marella have 8 ports, P&O only have 6 with more sea days. Also, have you sailed with Princess? In 2 weeks you could easily rack up £1000 in tips and drinks and extras. We only did 1 Princess cruise and it was fabulous but the extras have put us off. If Marella want to keep a loyal following they need to look at their pricing.
  5. We were in Greek islands last week, Athens and Chania were 30 degrees and Mykonos 28. We moved north to Zakynthos and it rained and was 21 degrees but we expected this as it is so much more north. Everywhere was still very busy as there were several ships in each port.
  6. We really enjoyed Naples when we were there last week. Took the Circumvesuviana train to Herculaneum and spent the morning there. Returned by train and decided to take a taxi back towards the port. He dropped us 5 minutes walk from the port and we found a street cafe where they did pizza and a drink for 6 euros, it was delicious! Then walked to 1 Umberto shopping centre, an amazing building. We followed the road to Piazza Plebisco and the palace. Followed the road to the sea for great view of Vesuvius and back to the ship. Great day out
  7. We were in civitevecchia last week. Took the free shuttle from the ship (half hour wait due to lack of buses and several ships in port) to a large car park at the edge if the town. There were a few taxis near the ship and some people were taking these into town rather than wait. There were taxis waiting at the car park offering trips to Rome and Tarquina. There were also toilets. We walked through the town and enjoyed it, it's a real working town and quite busy. There are shops and cafes and a cathedral to visit. Some very nice shoe shops. We carried on walking down to the sea front and walked as far as we could along the promenade stopping at a cafe. Had a very pleasant day and found our way back to the bus park for the shuttle.
  8. We tendered right into the town last week as did another ship. Very easy as the shuttles are provided by the port. The town was packed and we walked to Megli Amos beach where it was very quiet. Then walked back past the windmills to the town. All the bars were full but we managed to get a table at a cafe. Very pretty place.
  9. Petra is amazing, we always do DIY trips but this is one of the few I would advise doing a ship trip as it's about 2 hours away and a very long day. Lunch was also included. Our guide was excellent and told us all about life in Jordan on the way. If you have 2 days in Aquaba, Wadi Rum is also great place to visit. Muscat you can DIY and the souk is great to visit, plenty of souvenirs. The Mosque is beautiful but if you want to see this you may need a trip as it's open at certain times for non muslims and women. Don't forget to dress accordingly or they can refuse entry
  10. We were approx 20 minutes late taking off. Not too bad. The return could have been so much better with just a little thought and organisation.
  11. Had a great time. The ship is lovely and the crew are all fabulous, half the ones we spoke to came from Manilla! I'm sure you will have a brilliant time, we're thinking of doing the Baltic ourselves.
  12. Just returned so thought I'd let you know how we found things at Naples: good flight arrived early but had to sit and wait 15 minutes while steps arrived. Luggage quickly came through so soon on our way. At this point I decided to time the walk as we had read some awful things, the walk took us 6 minutes at average pace. However, the pavement was not all flat there were a few ups and downs to contend with. Now there is 10 kgs hand luggage allowance some people had taken carry on cases so they had 2 cases to pull. One person took an airport trolley but this seamed to go in all directions! Got to the coach just as the rain started so people behind us would have got wet. Not ideal but all was well once we were on the coach where water was provided. The return started off better, we were picked up 4 hours before the flight and dropped directly outside the airport 25 minutes later. We were advised as we had already printed off boarding passes we could go straight to the upstairs area. Straight through passport and immigration control then managed to find a seat in the very busy airport. Our flight was called 45 minutes before we were due to fly, this is where the fun began. We walked down long corridors and came to an enormous queue where we waited and waited. Started to get a bit anxious as it was getting near our flight time. Eventually everyone with English passports were called and we all moved through into another area where we had passports checked. At this point there were flights to 3 different UK airports all mixed together. Eventually got to the correct gate and onto the bus. Once boarded we had to wait as they were still loading luggage. What a mess and quite stressful for some people, the airport clearly cannot cope with the volume of people and there was no organisation. Unless we were desperate to do an itinerary in this area, we would not use this airport again.
  13. Captain advised Tui are intending keeping smaller ships so they can use the smaller less used ports, great for us. Had some really bad waits where shuttles were used. Would definitely avoid them in future.
  14. Went to Captains reception last night on E2. A lady in a wheelchair thanked him for all the assistance she had received and said she was more than satisfied. Hope this may help
  15. Don't think coffee port sells alcohol but the 19th hole is nearby and sells alcohol, quiet spot also.
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