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  1. Maybe people have given up on cruising for the time being? There's so much uncertainty, hopefully we will cruise later 2021 but until then we are hoping to get away in this country for a few holidays. Certainly need to help our own economy and there are so many wonderful places to visit.
  2. Only my opinion but the size of Marella ships may be in their favour when people are booking. I've never fancied the really big ships before but definitely not now. The new P&O ship Iona should be due to sail soon and would normally be popular but will be interesting to see whether people book these massive ships now.
  3. Personally I think they will operate with the 4 ships for a while, it's going to take s long time for cruising to get back to what it was.
  4. If we can't go abroad, would love to do a round Britain cruise perhaps with embarcation at different ports around the British Isles and Ireland.
  5. Sad to hear about Celebration, we were hoping to sail on her once again in the Adriatic. I wouldn't be surprised if Dream doesn't follow and Marella just operate the newer ships until things pick up which could be a very long time. Let's hope that the vaccine is tested and distributed quickly because I can't see anything happening until then.
  6. If you cancel a booking you will lose your deposit, if you have paid a 'low' deposit you will have to pay the balance of the full deposit as per the T's & C's. 2 years ago we booked Fire and Ice, the price kept dropping until it was £900 less than we had paid. We cancelled which meant we lost our £400 deposit then re booked at the lower price. We were still £500 in pocket by doing this and we managed to book the same cabin we'd just cancelled.
  7. This is explained when you book with a low deposit so definitely not Tui trying to trick you. Always read the small print.
  8. Hey kalos, many thanks! You've not only made me smile, my DH has found me in hysterics on more than one occasion. Love the Yorkshire humour. On our last cruise the comedian was so poor I fell asleep! You know what to do when cruising starts again 🙂
  9. Totally agree, personally I won't consider going on a plane until there is a vaccine and other countries are clear of the virus. Would be nice if Marella started with a couple of cruises around the UK and Ireland, it would be a nice change. I can't see them keeping all the ships, it will take a while for people to gain confidence in travel and also many could be left unable to afford holidays.
  10. Another vote for the Peak District, absolutely beautiful and on our doorstep.You can walk all day and hardly come across another person. Another favourite of ours is Norfolk. Quite the opposite to the Peak District as it's so flat but we love that it still remains as it did years ago, very quaint. Hired a cottage for the whole family last year and went on the Broads, fabulous. Long time favourite though for us is Cornwall. Nowhere more beautiful than the Lizard peninsular, sitting at the Polpeor cafe eating fresh crab sandwiches watching the seals in the sea below..
  11. BBC news this morning was interviewing person from ABTA. He advised travel companies in difficulties as no bookings being made so they are having difficulty refunding people. Companies like TUI would prefer people to take a credit towards a future booking but will give a refund if that's what you want. However they did ask people to be patient and could take up to 4 months due to so many refunds being made.
  12. I really make a point of thanking the checkout staff, security and the people cleaning the trolleys when visiting the supermarket. I've also made a little thank you note to stick on our bin. Doesn't cost anything but will definitely make these people feel valued which they truly are!
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