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  1. Keeping fingers crossed for you too! Hope all goes well
  2. Totally agree but unfortunately there are some people who just don't have any consideration for others
  3. Things are changing rapidly Brian, you may not be going back🤔 let's hope things quieten down soon. The problem is that people who have been in northern Italy and other places are being asked to self isolate which is common sense but I know people who would ignore the health minister and just carry on as normal. We were planning to book a cruise early May but going to wait and see how things pan out.
  4. Good for you PC, yes I know its controversial, lol. Personally think it's lovely to have a shower and dress up after a hot sweaty day sightseeing.
  5. Most Greek islands have quads and scooters for hire in the local ports however be warned that your insurance may not cover you if you have an accident. The roads are often loose grit and it is easy to skid. Check your insurance policy before you go.
  6. What is it with the men? In October we saw many ladies that had made an effort and looked very nice whereas their men looked like they hadn't even bothered to have a wash! Come on you fellas make an effort, you might enjoy it!
  7. Definitely the right side of the train facing forward. In parts the left side is close to the steep embankment
  8. There seems to be flights from Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester. The ship is Discovery 2.
  9. Hi littletinker, as no one has answered yet I can say that in October the films were The Greatest Showman, Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocket Man and the Beatles film. Seen them before but there were a lot of people on deck and a nice atmosphere. Not sure whether there will be different films in the Caribbean.
  10. Toulon itself is a very pleasant port. Ships dock right in the town and it's a 2 minute walk across the car park to the main road. Cross this and you are at the market square. The Tourist Info is on your right and you can purchase a ticket for the bus and cable car up Mont Faron where there are beautiful views and walks also a cafe and a very good WW2 museum. The tickets were approx 7 euros, very good value.
  11. We too are watching Baltic cruise prices but need to compare like for like. Currently a couple with Marella outside is £3873 taking into account the £200 discount currently in place. Azura outside (non obs) is £3692. Balconies are £4331 Marella and £4198 P&O for the September sailing. As Marella have 2 extra ports there is no comparison for us on this occasion as we want to see as much as possible rather than sea days.
  12. Totally agree, the majority of people are dressed smart casual even in the buffet. I have only once seen a football shirt in many cruises
  13. There are lots of private companies that have facilities for wheel chair users. Check CC/ports of call/northern Europe ports for lots of info
  14. You check in online but register your credit card and have ship card issued before you board the ship.
  15. Bi chickenbalti, Lovely ship, we were onboard in October. We were deck 10 towards the back which we loved and was very quiet. We are also looking at the Baltic this year although not booked yet. I'm sure you'll have a great time.
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