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  1. In 2020, Princess gave us a Future Cruise Credit due to a big shore excursion snafu. It expires in January 2021. Being of a "certain age,' we probably won't cruise again until there's a vaccine for Covid-19. Given the extraordinary circumstances and being Platinum, does anyone think Princess will extend the expiration date for this Future Cruise Credit?
  2. As broke newlyweds in the late 70s, we would order a pizza on Saturday nights and watch The Love Boat while dreaming of traveling the world. Our very first cruises as young newlyweds in the very early 80s were on Home Lines (the Oceanic and the Homeric)--there will never be another cruise experience like that. Now-defunct, it was an Italian line; the entire crew was from Italy. Although the ship was tiny compared to today's behemoths, it was classically beautiful. The food was fabulous. It was the first ship to have a roll back roof over the swimming pool for rainy or cool days. And everyone was assigned a deck chair (no chair hogs!) and their own deck steward--he would roll a towel and place it behind your head before you could lean back. Those were the days! In 1988, we booked a Christmas- New Year's New Zealand-Australia cruise on Sitmar's FairWind. Sitmar was another truly great Italian line. By the time we sailed, Princess had bought Sitmar and we sailed on the FairPrincess--the name had changed but nothing else including the original wonderful Sitmar crew and the fabulous food. The unbelievable part was that the cruise was over booked and we were upgraded to the OWNER"S SUITE and seated at the Captain's table! Our two-room suite was across the hall from the Captain's and he would order us a huge breakfast every morning and sometimes even stop by in his robe to be sure we were satisfied. We even had a cocktail party for our table mates in our suite and the Captain stopped by. The itinerary, the friends we made, the crew, the service, the food...what a cruise--it spoiled us forever! Back to the Love Boat and the Pacific Princess...we had the chance to sail on the original Love Boat Pacific Princess in 1999 with our nine-year old daughter who was already a cruise veteran . It was the Northern European Capitals itinerary (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm and Oslo). By then the ship was somewhat showing her age but was still a real gem--small, beautiful and classic. We had so much fun getting family pictures taken on the 'famous Love Boat staircase' and pretending we were Isaac the bartender doing ' finger pistols.' A great trip, great ship and unforgettable memories!!! Well, no longer newlyweds ; ) we've had many years of cruises and travels to almost 50 countries. Our most recent Princess cruise was just in January-February on a fantastic dream trip to South America and Antarctica on the great Coral Princess (just one month before Coronavirus!). Many thanks to The Love Boat and the Pacific Princess for inspiring a lifetime of travel! My husband and I still sing the Love Boat theme to each other as we board any cruise ship...it's always EXCITING AND NEW! May the cruise lines continue and we all find a way to cruise safely in the future...
  3. We were also with you on the Coral in Jan/Feb. Everyday we say how grateful and privileged we were to have had those adventures and have seen those sights. In all we were traveling five weeks, in addition to the cruise, seven flights, five hotels, and about 25,000 miles with nary a sniffle--and now we waited in line this morning for toilet paper! To those of you currently aboard the Coral--please try to relax enjoying walks in the fresh sea air and the camaraderie of a shared (mis)adventure. You WILL get home and the world will have changed while you were at sea. To all--Best Wishes and Stay Healthy!
  4. We got off the Coral on February 6, the refundable credit showed up on our credit card in about 5-6 weeks.
  5. Cancelled this cruise before PIF; took the deposit (5%) as a future credit for up to a year. Feel like this is a wait and see situation.
  6. A Pisco Sour is like a whiskey sour but made with Pisco. Pisco is a brandy produced in winemaking regions of Peru and Chile. Made by distilling fermented grape juice into a high-proof spirit, it was developed by 16th-century Spanish settlers; usually about 40 proof. Serious stuff. Try it in tropical-type cocktails if you like sweeter drinks...I had a great one on Easter Island.
  7. We were in Buenos Aires for four days and took a full day private tour with Pedro Werberg on our first full day. He speaks impeccable English (he lived in the US) and is extremely knowledgable, flexible and personable. In addition to driving through the city, we stoped at San Martin Square, visited the Plaza de Mayo including the Metropolitan Cathedral; the San Telmo neighborhood; and had a fun time in colorful La Boca/ Caminito chatting with an artist/ former Tango master. I highly recommend Pedro Werberg for a great introduction to the city, as well as great conversation about a wide range of topics. amigodebuenosaires (dot)com
  8. Santiago Airport (just there) is under construction and can be a madhouse coming and going--leave plenty of time...and enjoy your trip.
  9. Try Ilovechile.com—great reviews. We’re doing an all day private Andes and winery tour w them next week
  10. We have been in Rio the past three days & have not felt unsafe anywhere—Copacabana, Sugarloaf, the Wetlands, Niterói... Take precautions as you would in any large city and enjoy. I have used my camera & phone, then put them back in my bag when not using. Have fun—fabulous city!
  11. Thanks to all on this cruise for posting; we will be on the 1/21 from Buenos Aires. So sorry about the itinerary changes losing Punta Arenas and two days of Antartica. I hope Princess will provide trust adequate compensation for the fact that this is a hugely different cruise than you paid for.
  12. For those that like H.P. Lovecraft: the novella, "At the Mountains of Madness"
  13. Thank you so much! Enjoy your sea days and safe travels home. What a great adventure!
  14. We are on the Coral Princess January 21-February 6 Around the Horn / Antartica cruise; Buenos Aires to Santiago. After the cruise ends in Santiago, we're flying out to Easter Island for five days. Really looking forward to it; the annual Tapati festival is being held during the time we're there. Hope you enjoy your day there and that the weather cooperates for a smooth tender. Have a great cruise!
  15. We will be on the January 21 sailing and getting excited. Thank you for taking time out of your vacation to share it with us. Happy New Year to All!
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