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  1. We'll be getting off the Regal on the day you get on. We have the package - I'll report back as soon as I can. We are doing our last minute packing before leaving for the port. Embarkation Day = Happy Dance!!
  2. Thanks - this is really good to know - we will definitely use all the tech that is available to us. I hope OceanNow is fully operative - I really want to be able to order a drink without having to move from my lounger!
  3. Thanks so much for all the info - I am going to wait onboard before I decide what to do with his medallion. If not too much is operative yet I may not do anything with his. I just finished packing. I can't wait to board tomorrow. Embarkation is my FAVORITE day!
  4. Ok - here's another question. I downloaded Ocean Ready and both DH and I are registered on my phone with my log in and password. For OceanNow, PlayOcean and OceanCompass does he need to "join ocean" with another e-mail address and password? I downloaded the apps on his phone but don't know if he should sign in under my log in or create his own? I called the help desk and she has no clue. I'm on hold right now while she tries to find the answer....
  5. I don't know if this has already been asked and answered, but if they are eliminating the cruise cards, how do you keep the lights on in the Royal Class ships? Are the lights connected to the medallion technology so if you are in your cabin they automatically work?
  6. Thanks, I'll definitely seek them out. The concept is great - if it works!
  7. No, actually I'm asking about OceanNow, an App for once you are on the ship. There is also PlayOcean, OceanCompass and OceanCasino. I was able to successfully download, log in and complete the OceanReady App a few weeks ago. We sail this upcoming Sunday.
  8. It's all subjective. I only drink water at home but love the "frou frou" cocktails and mocktails on the ship. They may be sweet, but I like them that way. You can get any drink on their menu made as a virgin, including the screwdriver you asked about, isn't that just orange juice? Juices are included but not the fresh squeezed. As already stated, sodas are only from a fountain gun and cans are not included. From the website: Enjoy fountain sodas, fresh fruit juices, hot chocolate and hand-crafted "zero-proof" mocktails with this convenient package.
  9. Are they still doing the BOGO? I thought I read they only reinstated it on some ships late at night and I haven't read about it at all recently.
  10. I can log into Ocean Now, but when I try to claim my reservation number it gives me the error: "Claim Failed". Can you only claim your reservation and get in after you are onboard? Do both my DH and I have to have the Ocean Now on our phones in order to use it to order drinks, especially if we have the PBP? We are both registered on Ocean Ready on my phone but I am assuming we both need to download all the other apps onto our own phones?
  11. I've had some issues on and off over the last few days on my macbook pro using safari. It's working fine now.
  12. I am boarding the Regal on Sunday. If no-one answers your questions before then I will try to report back and let you know.
  13. I can't tell you what is standard or what will be the standard, but the ones that were sent to me and all my traveling buddies came with the lanyard and plastic carrying case. The medallion is completely enclosed in the plastic case so no metal will touch your skin. I hope this allays your concerns.
  14. There are so many but I think the all time best was the advice for the cabin to choose on the Coral for our Southbound Alaska cruise - E736.
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