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  1. Can't wait for the best excursion ever - you have us on tenterhooks!
  2. H*ll no. We are cruising in just over 2 weeks and we never gave it a second's thought to cancel. Although I'm not taking any of this lightly and I do feel awful for those who are in SE Asia and especially those who were on the Diamond, I'm doing my best to keep things in perspective. We live just outside of Miami and Fort Lauderdale where you literally take your life in your hands every time you get behind the wheel. Not to mention DH has been an active LEO for over 30 years down here. Next time you are in SE Florida just listen to the local news. It takes a lot to scare us.
  3. Did you happen to notice if Ocean Terrace offered the $25 sampler that was on the Regal? It included oyster shooters, sushi, sashimi and a chili lime crab margarita - we always enjoyed it on the Regal and I'm hoping it will be on the Sky. Thanks again for this wonderful review - it's definitely adding to the excitement for our upcoming trip. I know it's a lot of work for you, but including the menus and patters really helps in the planning process.😊
  4. @chengkp75 Thank-you for taking the time to explain things in layman's terms, I never really understood how the AC worked in the cabins and now it all makes sense. As distressing as most of the content of this thread has been, I am grateful for the many things I have learned that I never knew before.
  5. Following along - great review so far! I also followed your Regal Princess review and am looking forward to your continuation of this one ~ I love that you focus on and do such detailed reviews of your meals. We will be on her on March 7th - our cabin is on 17 by the retreat pool but more under the Sanctuary, I think. We just received our Medallions - so our excitement is building! I've read so much on here about Captain Bye Bye and have to admit I am really disappointed that he is leaving on the day we get on. Ah well, I'm sure he's looking forward to a much deserved break.
  6. Yes, I had one recently in regard to my upcoming 2021 TA on Enchanted. Interesting, because Princess cancelled that voyage - clear example of the left hand not speaking to the right. I responded anyway and they did ask that I keep the survey confidential.
  7. I've read elsewhere that they no longer provide the comfy chair pads for MUTS in the evenings. Can anyone confirm?
  8. The Sky is a Royal Class ship. It should be offered. We are on the same sailing and hope to do it as well.
  9. Thank you for your tips, we also sail in less than 3 weeks. I always thought the coffee on the Royal Class ships (in the HC and MDR) was fresh ground, have they changed it to instant in the WFM on the Sky?
  10. Agreed - but you, like me, clicked and not only read these posts, but also added another one of your own! I have to admit after days of religiously following the Covid19 threads this thread comes as a welcome relief. We are cruising in 3 weeks. I am appreciating the distraction from thinking about what is happening in Asia at the moment.
  11. Thank you for this. We did the Chef's Table once and because I am not naturally a big eater I just couldn't enjoy or do all those courses justice. I do appreciate good food and wine though and this dinner seems to fit the bill. The entree and dessert look delicious and at only $5 more than Bistro Sur La Mer it definitely seems like a bargain.
  12. The legs holes you referenced were clearly photoshopped. With today's ability to edit photos, commenting on fit and tailoring is pointless.
  13. We'll also be on the March 7th sailing and are thinking of doing this as well. Did you meet the Maitre'd when he is in the dining room taking special requests on embarkation day or did you wait until you were in the MDR for your main meal? I know for the Chef's Table you need to get on the list ASAP, I'm just wondering if it is the same for this dinner.
  14. As I've mentioned before, this gentleman posted a couple of years ago that he was allowed to enter the dining room every night in dress shorts. Scroll down to post #50. DH does not like wearing shorts so this has never been an issue. I do make him dress in smart casual for the MDR on non formal nights, but he always insists on going back to the cabin to change into something more comfortable as soon as dinner is over.
  15. We were in a forward facing Lido deck balcony on an Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Regal three years ago. The balcony doors were never locked.
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