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  1. I need to pay better attention to post dates. It matters. Throughout the years I've seen NCL occasionally post. It takes a lot for them to expose themselves and come out from hiding.
  2. When someone suggests that NCL monitors this board, I would have thought it's understood to mean a P.R. person of sorts assigned to monitor social media and pass along to management any significant contentious issues that are widespread and may be gaining momentum. It would be passive surveillance rather than participatory. A bartender reading the board does not constitute or equate to representing NCL as they do not speak for NCL.
  3. My apologies, I didn't check the date of your post. I should have posted an NCL comment that occurred before your post. For sure NCL doesn't post much, but given the variety of subjects they have commented on illustrates they do monitor this board.
  4. NCL responded on Feb. 5, 7 and twice on the 8th.
  5. Good rule of thumb: If NCL is heavily promoting a "sale"; it's not a sale it's a marketing gimmick.
  6. We were on the same cruise. I have never felt a ship get knocked around so much while docked in port. It was a sight to see. I agree, the cast of Million Dollar Quartet is fantastic.
  7. When we first started cruising our cabin steward told us he was responsible for 10 cabins. Now the cabin stewards are telling us they are responsible for 15 cabins. The elimination of towel animals and the elimination of delivered and replaced beach towels has reduced the workload and allowed for less cabin stewards. I suspect the additional fee for full room service has reduced the use of room service and thus the mess in many cabins so more time for more cabins. Shockingly passengers are receiving less service but there hasn't been a commensurate reduction in the daily service charge. Weird. 😉 I'm sure corporate is working diligently trying find ways to reduce more of the cabin steward's responsibilities so the stewards can clean even more cabins. Maybe they'll follow the hotel industry and offer a perk if passengers decline daily cleaning or nightly turn-down service.
  8. The focus is always on the buffet. We eat in the restaurants and hate those nasty sticky faux leather-bound menus. People sit there handling the menu while they sneeze, cough, eat bread, lick fingers etc. I hope they've gone to one-use paper menus.
  9. Of course you pay for everything, I thought that was universally understood. Sorry for not spelling that out. Most every hospitality based business has gone to some sort of fee based business model. This is not some complex business management concept. Obviously you pay for everything one way or another. lol As for the colloquial term "nickle and dime", look at the daily service charge. Technically you have a choice to have the DSC removed, but you are charged whether you want it or not. It's another arbitrary fee. I say arbitrary because they keep raising the fee faster than inflation. But everyone is charged the DSC fee. No option here. They are doing what most every tourist based business is doing, keeping the base fare low and tacking on other fees to make up the difference. During investor conference calls they spend a good portion of these calls speaking to these fees and their profit margins. They speak to customer value perception. Obviously they don't use the term nickle and dime. Their business model is add ancillary and increased fees to passengers such that the customer really doesn't grasp the total cost of the cruise and they perceive value. We are debating terminology semantics. I disagree 100% with your assertion that anyone who uses the term nickle and dime doesn't understand business. The nickle and diming is a term used to describe adding fees for many services. It's colloquial, not a technical term. The term by itself does not denote a negative connotation or a positive connotation. You may not like the term being used to describe these fees, which some fees you have a choice and some you don't, but it's a term widely used and easily understood to describe these ever increasing fees.
  10. BirdTravels, we've gone over this before. Please pay attention. FDR is CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. He IS the boss. http://www.nclhltd.com/corporate-governance/leadership-team
  11. Obviously I disagree and I'm fairly certain I'm not going to change your mind but . . . NCL has removed free services. I used to be able to order full room service for free, not anymore. Before the advent of FDR's: "we are going to double profits before 2020" remark, there were more opportunities to participate in non-pay activities that now charge a fee or "gratuity". I can see your argument in terms of absolutes, but life is not absolute. A more tangential way to look at this: Let's say there are 2000 passengers who don't want to pay for activities. At noon they look at the daily planner and see the only free activities are a fruit and vegetable carving demonstration in the atrium and a best legs competition at the pool. Everything else requires a fee of some sort. They show up at the atrium and it's packed and there's no room. They go to the pool and it's packed. They want to do something fun, they are on vacation after all. There's room in the fee venues. You're right, they have a choice, do nothing or pay a fee. They choose to pay the fee. Now it was they're choice to pay the fee, but it's designed to not be much of a choice. For lack of a better term I call that nickle and diming. I know you disagree so we can agree to disagree.
  12. Not always. Once we were offered a very limited choice of cabins at the front of the ship. We chose the cabin with a larger balcony. No regrets and well worth the savings for us.
  13. Can't argue with a thing you said. But I'm an analytical person so I like to analyze. For me the journey (collecting data) is as much fun as the destination (making an educated bid). I'm obsessed with finding value. Achieving as much value as I can is my hobby. All I can hope to do is come up with an educated guess as to what to bid given the current conditions based on similar historical situations. I know I will never crack the "code." But I just couldn't handle bidding solely on my gut. I'm weird, I know.
  14. My purpose is to obtain factual firsthand information. The OP stated the Vibe was expanded which subtracts square footage from the free areas, additionally the aft area is now laser tag and car racing which also subtracts from the free areas. Cramming more seats into the pool area does not mitigate the loss of Spice. It's not that difficult a concept to understand.
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