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  1. From my understanding NIH had continued to study vaccines for coronaviruses. Thus, the NIH and Moderma were able to develop a Covid-19 vaccine so quickly. Sounds like phase one testing has gone well.
  2. It was a joke. I figured a $10 billion dollar bailout for single cruise ship would seem ridiculous enough that everyone would know it was a joke. Next time I'll try to remember to add a disclaimer. 😉
  3. It totally depends on the Concierge. We've seen a Concierge allow several non-Haven guests (past Haven guests with a relationship to the Concierge) in the Haven. We once saw a couple who befriended a fellow on our rollcall get him a key to their Aft Haven cabin. He hung out in the Haven the entire cruise. We never could figure out how they worked that.
  4. 10/7 DB video poker player here. In the late 1990's and early 2000's we did quite well with the generous cashback, comps, scratch cards and double four-of-a-kind promos. Human nature begets greed and the full-time local pros killed the golden goose. Now we just play for comps.
  5. My wild guess is the stock will drop on Monday. News of the possible PIPE (Private Investment in Public Equity) was released (leaked?) like a politician would with bad news; after the closing bell on a Friday afternoon. Investors have the weekend to forget there may be delusion of NCLH shares in the near future. We'll see. On the other hand, investors could view the potential of a PIPE as a good thing as NCLH is less likely to go into bankruptcy. Investors could view a Monday morning drop as a buying opportunity and the stock rebounds into market close. Most likely I'm completely wrong and the stock takes off like a rocket first thing Monday morning. lol Out of curiosity I will plug NCLH and CCL into my stock chart and watch for any deviations between the two. (RCL, CCL and NCLH usually track together.)
  6. To attract fresh meat NCL has offered people "free" (they charge a $20/day admin fee) on select cruises through MyVegas video games/apps. We twice took advantage and the casino was packed. Can't guarantee a direct cause and effect, but I'm sure NCL has tracked play and so far had not discontinued the promo.
  7. I agree with the majority of your analysis. My interest will be to see what kind of creative ways they will use to increase onboard spent. The obvious choice is to target gamblers with deals. Del Rio has stated that people who take advantage of free or reduced air promo typically have considerably higher onboard spent. Del Rio talking Free Air and Reduced Price promo: "The offerings strategically focus on capturing more long-haul guests -- reinforcing our strategy of sourcing the highest quality, as long-haul guests tend to be higher paying consumers both in ticket purchase and in onboard spend versus short-haul drive cruise customers." So will the air promo return? Del Rio will try to keep ticket prices high as long as he can. “We see a direct correlation between when you have high ticket pricing, you also see high onboard revenue,” he said. “Customers who have money to spend on tickets have money to spend onboard." I'm sure NCL headquarters is working feverishly trying to figure out ways to maintain higher prices (addition of Club Suite) and increase onboard spend especially for those who booked via FCC.
  8. If the deal materializes FCC's may be worth more than the binary code they were written on. NCL may live to cruise another day.
  9. You're welcome for the legal lesson. 😉 NCL to Visa: Yes, we interpret the term "immediately" to mean over 90 days. We've got Agnes working as hard as she can on the refunds, but her adding machine is on the fritz so she's a little behind, but rest assured we're working on refunds. No, we're not going contract an accounting agency to help us meet our contractual commitments. We dictate the terms. Your client will just have to wait until Agnes gets to him.
  10. So you're saying when a merchant's terms and conditions say will be refunded "immediately" you say it's up to the merchant to dictate what constitutes "immediately." I really doubt Visa would agree with that argument. Why can't I do the same with my final payment? I'll follow NCL's definition of immediately and take over 90 days to submit. For the merchant to win an arbitration chargeback case the merchant must provide "compelling evidence" why the charge is not valid. I just don't see any compelling evidence.
  11. I would be shocked if I didn't prevail in a chargeback arbitration case with Chase Visa. Unless maybe I got the "hanging judge" mentioned above. LOL If I did lose I would appeal all the way up to the Credit Card Chargeback Supreme Court. lol I've been a Chase Visa customer for 26 years. I book my cruises with my Chase Sapphire Reserve which now has a $550 annual fee plus I put over $50k spend on the card every year. I'm not a whale of a customer but I don't think they'd want to lose me as a customer. I would submit with my dispute: Reason for dispute: Cruise canceled and no refund received. My original booking receipts. The March 30th NCL letter stating our cruise was canceled and it will take at least 90 days past April 13 to receive a refund. NCL's booking conditions with this section highlighted: 7 CANCELLATION IN EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES 7.1 Cancellation prior to the date of travel Should travel be largely hindered, endangered or affected due to a force majeure event (e.g. through war, domestic turbulence, natural disasters, epidemic outbreaks, government authority measures, e.g. accommodation or transport embargos, ship loss or other similar incidents) which were not predictable at the time of conclusion of the contract, then both the guest and Norwegian may cancel the contract. Norwegian will refund the travel costs immediately. However, Norwegian reserves the right to charge a reasonable reimbursement for travel services already provided or still to be provided. I would love to hear how I'm not entitled to a timely refund.
  12. The only financing I've read about is the $1.55 billion line of credit. Is there something new?
  13. I have zero knowledge of the processes involved so I defer to your expertise. It makes "NCL sense" that the process is antiquated. They don't make money off refunds so no need to improve the system. If there was a way NCL could profit from issuing refunds they would have a streamlined process years ago. From my layman's point of view a flat 90+ days seems excessive: I had two cruises, four airline flights and five hotels booked. Within 7 days I had received refunds from three of our four flights and all the hotels.
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