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  1. From what I see on my account page at HAL's site, we decide how to apply the FCC. Not too long ago, it was applied automatically to your bookings. Progress!
  2. I guess I was just a little too soon for them to have changed their system to account for the FCCs. Glad it worked for you; I'm looking forward to seeing the FCC from our second cancelled voyage show up shortly.
  3. Until we started using using the big-box TA,we'd always gotten cash back when we used the check in the warehouse. However, a couple of years ago, the check was for almost $1k, and we didn't want that much cash, so they took the check and gave us a real bank check that was cut on the spot.
  4. I always check the big-box website and start to book, so I can see how much the card will be. This lets me know that the amount the TA quotes when I book for real is accurate. Good luck!
  5. I haven't, but the terms and conditions say expressly that it can't be redeemed for cash 😞 However, I found out list year that annual rewards checks over $500 can be replaced at the warehouse for a real bank check, rater than having to take lots of cash.
  6. And, if you use their credit card to pay for the voyage, it doesn't count toward your annual 2% store and 3% credit card rebate/reward until after the trip's over.
  7. Sorry, I wasn't clear: the OBC disappeared last year, replaced by the shop card (of a lower value than the OBC). The shop card can't be redeemed for cash, either 😞
  8. I booked a voyage in Europe through them yesterday, and didn't see anything new or extra listed. Perhaps you saw something that's special for other parts of the world? The shop card replaces OBC, and is always part of the package, not a limited-time offer.
  9. My apologies, Roz: it was for 3 nights, which seems to be the maximum number HAL has available. We stayed at HAL's preferred hotel, Sofitel, in Buenos Aires, and the price seemed reasonable (at least for us Californians), and included a splendid breakfast and HAL representative on site. We booked two enjoyable excursions after we arrived. We'll be booking the Amsterdam hotel on our own, not only for a better price, but also because we want to stay more than three nights.
  10. We'll be in Amsterdam next August, and the Movenpick, HAL's hotel of choice, is $1275 for the nights, double occupancy. There are many others there for less than half. If you're a member of a certain triple-letter auto club, check out their rates. Although your avatar doesn't agree with your nickname 🙂 , be sure to check that the hotels have elevators and other amenities (you can filter for this at the auto club site). Some hotels don't mention elevators or some other amenities like safes in the rooms that worth having. Happy travels!
  11. I was told in one voyage that I could write a review and give it to the shore excursion staff, who would enter it on the website. Welcome to the 20th century!
  12. Most days, I check how many voyages are offered between January '21 and April '22 (to see which month I have to check for new listings). Yesterday, the total count was 1202; today, it's 524. The changes are only to May through September 2021 (for example, May was 169 voyages; today it's 48). I have no filters selected. Does anyone have any idea if this is just another website hiccup, or is HAL making a massive change to schedules?
  13. We took Y3L three years ago (our first cruise!), and enjoyed it immensely. The main differences between Y3 and the rest is: Bus from Whitehorse to Fraser, BC (?), then White Pass & Yukon train to Skagway) 14 nights (3 in Denali, 2 in Dawson, 2 in Skagway) 4 (or 3, depending on direction) We picked it not only for its length and time in Denali and Yukon, but because we got to see the country between Whitehorse and Skagway,and ride the train. We did have to fly to Anchorage to start, but the extra little bit on land and slower pace made up for it. Good luck, happy travels!
  14. There's a notice at the top of the home page saying that they are doing site maintenance today.
  15. The FCC can only be used for the base fare. You can't use it for the deposit, port fees and taxes, airfare, shore excursions or any onboard spending. You will get a refund (to the credit card used) for any airfare or shore excursions you've prepaid, and the port fees and taxes if you've paid for the trip in full, and any other purchases you've made for the canceled voyage. One thing to note: your deposit will be rolled into the FCC, so you'll have to pay a new deposit for the new booking. We've had two cruises canceled, and so lost (that is, subsumed into the FCC) four future cruise deposits. We ended up booking yet another cruise, and had to put up $1750 deposit, instead of the $600 FCD. Good luck!
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