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  1. The only cash cards I've seen the big-box TA other is fire other cruise lines, not HAL. I've only seen HAL bookings give you OBC.
  2. We've had the same, more than once. In one instance, we got a category upgrade, better location (to center of ship), and $500 OBC. For our next trip, we were upgraded four categories after final payment (cat HH to F, a $4000+ price difference). Not sure his this happened, but happy it did
  3. We have booked six voyages through the biggest big-box TA, and have received about 7% of the fare as OBC (and this is real money than can be refunded to you if not used on board), along with another 5% for using their credit card (which includes 2% if you're an executive member). These amounts come as "checks" that have to be used in their warehouses, but they will happily give you cash back if you don't spend it all, or even cut you a real bank check if the amounts too big. Either way, it's real money. Their online prices are identical to HAL, and show you how much OBC you'll get during stateroom selection. One big advantage: their prices always include all the port fees and taxes all the way through the process, unlike HAL, which adds them at the end (sticker shock!). In my experience, their customer service is unfailingly friendly, courteous, and patient. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for posting this: I saw it some time ago, but didn't think to quote chapter and verse. I'm all for safety, on board and off. We also take a small LED nightlight, which is rated at .3W and it's very handy, even on the desk.
  5. Thus is interesting, since I've used (and left very visible on the desk each voyage) a 6-foot 110V three-outlet, two-conductor extension cord on our last four trips last year and this. We use them only for chargers, and the stewards leave them alone, We've been on board 73 days in two years, so there's been plenty of time for staff to see the cord and do something about it.
  6. I understand that the bathroom outlet is only on whenever the main bathroom light is on.
  7. Thanks for the good info: as I do when I'm ordering things online, ilk just put my mouse hand in my lap to avoid any clicks that may result in disaster.
  8. Thanks to you and RocketMan: I've seen similar advice here, so have been doubly cautious. I've only used FlightEase a couple of times: how do I check prices without undoing everything?
  9. When you rebooked,were you able to keep your seat assignments? Mr wife has long legs and pretty much needs an aisle seat. Thanks!
  10. If you're only 326 days away, you should be able to use FlightEase. One thing to be aware of (we discovered this yesterday when we booked flights for July '20): despite the fares shown for the outbound fight you choose, you may have to pay extra to get the return flight you want. We picked our outbound fight for a really good price, but had to pay $68 additional to get a return fight that didn't have an 11-hour layover in Rome. You won't know if there's a cost until you select the outbound fight and continue to the return on a different page. Safe (and speedy) travels!
  11. Absolutely: we needed a vacation from our vacation, and there's nothing finer than several days sailing.
  12. Ours did, too, and our confirmation from them showed such, but it was wrong, and HAL had to fix it. Perhaps most importantly, we didn't know until the boarding passes arrived, so it was late in the game. We got our table, but it was on the lower deck of the MDR,so was much noisier (but the servers were stellar! ).
  13. There was a thread on this board about when more itineraries will appear. I can't find it, but you may want to browse through the last week or so. I expect you'll have plenty of time to book. We booked our trip (beginning in May '17) in August '16, and had no trouble getting the date and stateroom we wanted. Good luck.
  14. You may want to check directly with HAL: we were shown as having a table for two, early sitting, but our boarding passes showed something different. When I called HAL, the agent's response was "this is the wrong code",and fixed it. Good luck!
  15. This runs in both directions, and let's you pick to cruise first or last. Either way, Anchorage is either the beginning or end of the journey. We did the 14-day Alaska-Yukon-cruise one a couple of years ago, and loved it. Hope you're able to schedule something that gets you your stay in Anchorage.
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