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  1. We just got off the 41-day portion of the 2020 South America Grand Voyage, and should've made 4-star late in the trip. I talked to a nice lady at the front desk, who told me that only actual cruise days counted during the voyage, not any bonus days for any purchases.
  2. Each HAL plan has a daily limit for bandwidth, so I figure they'll cut you off if you exceed it.
  3. We've had lanais on both Maasdam and Volendam, and the cabins are snug. The desk had room only for a chair and a small wastebasket. Because the sliding door mechanism takes up about six inches across the window wall, the loveseat is extra short, and only two small people can sit on it. There's really no extra space to be had. Good luck!
  4. My wife took this excursion about eight weeks ago (as part of the 2020 South American Grand Voyage), and says this is her second-favorite one (after the four--day trip to the Galapagos). However, she said the seats (for two people) on the dugout canoes were just blocks carved into the log, and were about two feet wide, about eight inches deep, and about eight inches high (to the inside bottomof the canoe). She's 5'11", and was very uncomfortable. Nonetheless, she really enjoyed the visit to the village, despite the discomfort.
  5. ...for which you will need cash.
  6. You will have been required to provide credit card information as part of your online check-in. If you hadn't, you wouldn't have been able to get your boarding pass and other trip docs.
  7. Actually, you buy one plan, and then you can add up to three more devices to use simultaneously. We're on Volendam now, and the Surf plan (no streaming video) was $260 for 41 days, and $180 additional for a second device on the same plan. It worked out to about $10.75/day.
  8. For what it's worth, the NYT link is still on the free sites list on the Navigator app (tap the menu icon on the lower right corner, then tap Internet Information).
  9. An eight-page news consolidation and handout called USA Times is readily available on Volendam right now. It's prepared by a company that does this for ships and hotels, among others.
  10. We're on Volendam, and most reminders show up late (some three or four days after the fact). (That said, dinner reminders seem to show up on the right day, 15 minutes before our reservation.) This has been our experience for as long as the Navigator had been around. Keep checking your personal list, and ignore the reminders. Good luck!
  11. The Premium plan has a 500MBper day limit.
  12. On every voyage we've taken (we started in spring 2017 and will hit 4☆ in couple of weeks), the teas are always on our When & Where, at 3pm daily. This picture of the three-tiered server makes me think you had what's now called Classic Tea. The garden-variety Afternoon Teas were served from large silver trays (and waiters didn't wear gloves for those).
  13. Looks yummy! However, I don't recall seeing them. I did see shrimp and chicken sandwiches made from similar buns. It's very possible that the various vittles rotate across the menu. I'll keep an eye out.
  14. Sadly, I don't recall seeing those (at least I don't think I did). Are they like pigs in blankets? (My apologies for being a culinary Philistine.) The one thing I do remember about the Dutch tea was that the goodies were larges, often more than a single bite.
  15. We're on Volendam on a Grand Voyage, and have seen three varieties of tea: Afternoon, Classic, and Dutch High. The Dutch High Tea was pretty much like the others, save that the food was brought by on rectangular plates with one each of four or five items, while with the other teas, the servers brought large silver trays by. I thought the food was very similar for all the teas, so I'm not sure what the science is between them. All the food was very good. Nonetheless, an enjoyable and civilized way to spend time in the afternoon: enjoy!
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