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  1. For those of you who are Platinum Plus and have sailed on the Bliss, my question is with the 2 free dinner vouchers, 1 is for LeBistro's or I forget the second choice, and the 2nd voucher is Maderno's or again I forget the second option. I believe it was LaCucina & Cagneys as the optional ones, but being that there is no Maderno's on board, what are the 2 choices that are replacing Madernos on the voucher. Thank you in advance.
  2. Not that I noticed, but I'm not really the spa person my sister is. For the $219.00 I paid, I only went 4 times. For me, not worth it. I'd rather spend the $219.00 in the casino. Lol
  3. I just got off the Escape, and we all paid $219.00 for the thermal Spa for the week. Before that we were on the Getaway and paid $187.00. Go figure. All were 7 day cruises
  4. Good morning, My question for past Haven Penthouse Guests is, when NCL's written amenities for the Haven Penthouse says "Invitations to an exclusive breakfast and lunch", do you know if it is the breakfast served in Madernos, and lunch in Cagneys, or does it very from ship to ship. We were on the Getaway and had an invitation for lunch & breakfast that were in these 2 resteraunts and was wondering if those were the same offered to Haven guests? Also the special Haven restaurant for dinner, is there a charge or is it complimentary? Thanks all in advance.
  5. OMG !!! It's so funny how opinions very. My sister & I along with my teenage son went to this about a year ago and absolutely LOVED the show and thought the food was excellent. Tomato with mozz cheese and prosciutto for app. Steak w/ grilled shrimp that was extremely good, and I will say of the 3 different mini desserts, I enjoyed 1 more than the other 2. I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!
  6. Thank You so much for the quick response. I knew it would be quicker than calling NCL. LOL This is just a new one for me. Never heard of them Thanks again!
  7. OK CCer's I know I'll get an answer here quicker than calling NCL. Last call to them I was on hold for 2 hours & 5 minutes until I had to hang up. So as many e-docs as I have printed out being a platinum plus member, I have never seen this on my e-docs. Guest Details; bla bla bla bla bla. At the Pier; la bla la bla bla bla, (then) Before and After your cruise; Hotel Voucher, Present this voucher at check-in. TRANSFER VOUCHER, this voucher is good for transfer from the hotel to the port. We are sailing out of Manhattan Cruise Terminal 9/29/19. We did not do air fare because we are taking Amtrak from Rochester, NY to Penn Station. Just never seen this before, but it has been some time since I've sailed out of NY. I'm assuming it has a set time like 11:00 ish? Not a big deal, I just knew that CCer's would be more knowledgeable than a random phone person. Thanks in advance!
  8. Am I mistaken to say I thought there was also root beer available?
  9. So glad you got someone so nice. I love it when I have an especially nice person to work with. A couple of cruises ago, I had called for a decrease in price due to a sale they were having and it was before our final payment. I do watch prices on my cruises because Donald Trump is not my husband, and actually got told I could not call back for any further discounts. First time I've had this happen. I was kinda shocked I was told this. I am Platinum Plus & do sail strictly with NCL. I had called another time for a totally different cruise and different question, and before I could even ask my question (which was NOT even money related) the rep asked me if I was calling about a price comparison. I love NCL, but really wish they would not keep sub notes by our names. Gheeze!
  10. OMG!!! The Almond pastry I had was to absolutely die for!!!!!! The steak and eggs was the most tender steak I have ever had, I actually used my butter knife to cut it. Love love love it.
  11. Thanks for the response, Yes you are correct about Miami & they are in Los Angeles also. Ya get kind of spoiled ya know! LOL
  12. Is this seriously the Priority Waiting Area? Where are the cushy sofa's the coffee, ice water and snacks? Or is this the overflow area that extends into the main seating area? Just curious.
  13. Thanks so much for the quick response. I just thought maybe the newbies coming along in September might enjoy seeing it. Thanks again.
  14. So I just read I think it was the Bliss that has a glass bottom floor in the Waterfront. Does anyone know for sure whether or not there is one on the Escape?
  15. Awwwwwwwwwww man!!!!!!! That's o.k. One less place to worry about having to fit in to a 7 night. LOL
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