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  1. OMG!!! The Almond pastry I had was to absolutely die for!!!!!! The steak and eggs was the most tender steak I have ever had, I actually used my butter knife to cut it. Love love love it.
  2. Thanks for the response, Yes you are correct about Miami & they are in Los Angeles also. Ya get kind of spoiled ya know! LOL
  3. Is this seriously the Priority Waiting Area? Where are the cushy sofa's the coffee, ice water and snacks? Or is this the overflow area that extends into the main seating area? Just curious.
  4. Thanks so much for the quick response. I just thought maybe the newbies coming along in September might enjoy seeing it. Thanks again.
  5. So I just read I think it was the Bliss that has a glass bottom floor in the Waterfront. Does anyone know for sure whether or not there is one on the Escape?
  6. Awwwwwwwwwww man!!!!!!! That's o.k. One less place to worry about having to fit in to a 7 night. LOL
  7. So I thought there was also a complimentary Asian Fusion Restaurant on the Escape. Looking for it, I could not find it. Am I mistaken? Usually called Orchid Garden. I'm not talking about Teppanyaki's. Not like there is nothing else to eat. I just enjoyed this place very much. Thanks everyone.
  8. I'd much rather have my flight grounded before takeoff, than having it grounded through the air in a different manner.
  9. I for the final time am NOT trying to share the unlimited beverage package. Guest 3 & 4 are NOT drinkers. They are Mormons and do not drink but didn't think I had to offer this info. I wasn't even going to get it for myself, but seeing how the 1 person drinks, I offered her the promo choice and I would be the other person who gets it being it is for guest 1 & 2. Again as in my first post this has absolutely nothing to do with the alcohol package, only the 3 meal for 2 dinner package. If people would read before they comment, gheeze. I will work it out on my own, no need for further input. Thank you to the few who did understand my question and answer in an appropriate manner. I realize what others have tried to do and what they have asked, but, that is not what I am asking or trying to do, therefore, it should absolutely have no bearing on my post. I'm sure we will all get plenty to eat.
  10. This is Exactly what I am trying to accomplish. Not trying to steal anything. All is paid for. Guest 3 & 4 are not drinkers, not even sodas. Just wanted them to enjoy LeBistro's & Maderno's with me legit.
  11. Been there, done that!! As long as they are not sleeping in my bed (lol) I'm o.k. I agree you can't do jumping j's, but as soon as I am awake, I'm out of there. When I'm tired, I start to snore before I even get into bed. I know it will all work out & we will all have a great time as I (& my sister) usually do. Thank You!
  12. Listen, one of the reasons I am so loyal to NCL is due to the treatment I have gotten. Any issue I have ever had has always been resolved one way or another, sometimes to my surprise that I said something within earshot of someone who put a bug in another's ear. I realize some will say NCL doesn't care, but who are they actually talking about when they say NCL, some rep on the phone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, some cruise consultant who is only watching the clock to hit 5 p.m.? I don't doubt for a minute, that someone aboard the NCL Escape in late September of 2019 will make sure that the two intended to have the dinner package will end up with the dinner package. As not much in life surprises me anymore except those who stand with a pin in hand waiting to burst the next bubble that floats by, just cause they can. Not like I'm trying to break into Fort Knox.
  13. Wow so many quick replies, thank you all.. The beverage package is not an issue. A second cabin is not an option as one of the perks chosen was 3 & 4 person sail free so all could afford the total price divided by 4. Not everyone has unlimited funds. And yes the UBP was a promo to the 1st & 2nd which is one I chose. My sister's friend was going to buy it outright for $500.00 something & I said not to cause I could get the promo & save her tons of money. & YVRBassElectric; your answer makes the most sense, and this is what I actually planned on doing as we all were going to dinner together. The hostesses and other crew have tons more to do than match up who gets what. Also like I said it's all paid for, it's just a matter of who gets what with the dining package. Just wanted to try to get a heads up rather than bother the concierge as they have enough to do also. I like to be easy. Thanks again for your reply.
  14. So I will try to make this as simple of a question as possible. There will be four of us sailing in a balcony on the Escape this fall. First off before anyone gets out their frying pan, I am NOT trying to do anything dishonest. One of my sisters two friends that are coming along drinks like a fish and wants the UBP, so I said I would be the second of the two which it would go to. (1st & 2nd guests) Nobody else drinks. So far all is well. Then I am Platinum Plus & will get 2 dinners for two vouchers. My sister is bronze & her two friends are first timers. In a way to be able to share my perks I said I would cover one of the other three's dinner. One of the perks I chose was the 3 night dining package for a grat fee of $31.80 split between the other two people would be $15.80 total for three diners at the specialty restaurants. Now, here is where the problem lays. Being that all the perks go the the 1st and 2nd guest on the reservation, how do I change it (or use it) to go to the 3rd and 4th person. I have a few ideas, but not sure how it is linked. Is it attached to their key cards? Am I just able to swap key cards at dinner? I will most likely go to the concierge upon boarding and adjust anything that needs to be adjusted. No body will be getting anything that has not been paid for, it's just a matter of who I want to get it. I do not buy the dining package as I have the two free as a perk so I am not familiar on using them. The NCL reps will not answer this because they unfortunately do not have this knowledge. Concierge has always been helpful to me when I have a slight issue, so I have faith it will all work out. I was just looking for someone who had multiple people in a cabin wanting different perks and how they divided them up. Yes, I know what it says in black and white, but I also know things can and have been adjusted. Again, nobody will be trying to get something for free in a sneaky way, so only helpful answers are being sought! I thank you all in advance.
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