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  1. We will be in Amami-Oshima Japan for the day in Mid March 2025 from 7am to 5:30pm. Does anyone know if there are taxi's outside the cruise port to take us around the island or rental cars by the cruise Port. Does anyone recommend a tour of the island?
  2. Thanks for your help!! Do I need to reserve the T3 Shuttle in advance or can I just pay when we arrive on the T3 Shuttle?
  3. Thanks for the info!! So then Port Mobility shuttle takes you directly to the ship? So no need for the free shuttle? How much about is a taxi from the train station to the free shuttle? We are 3 people so the Port Mobility shuttle will cost 18 Euros total. Also, how far is the walk from the Civitavecchia Train Station to the free shuttles to the ship?
  4. We are going on the cruise also, We are coming from Florida and staying in Rome for a few days before the cruise. After the cruise we are going to the Amalfi Coast. Looking forward to the cruise!!
  5. How much is the shuttle Bus T3 from the Moll Adossat Port in Barcelona to the Columbus Monument? How much would a taxi cost to the Columbus Monument from Moll Adossat Port?
  6. I have some questions. We will be going to our MSC cruise at the Civitavecchia port from Roma Termini. 1 - If the train is a regionale train from Roma Termini to Civitavecchia do I need to reserve beforehand? 2 - Once we get the the Civitavecchia train station, will there be a bus outside the train station for 2 or 3 Euros to Largo della Pace? Is it easy to find the bus? Will the bus have a number or a sign in window? 3 - At Largo della Pace, will there be a free shuttle to our MSC World Europa ship?
  7. We ended up booking with someone at the port as soon as we got off. There were plenty of tour guides there. We decide to do it with another couple but only did a half day because a storm was coming in. Didn’t see all the places because of it. I don’t remember unfortunately how much it cost us. We have a YouTube channel and starting tomorrow night there will be a video of our trip if interested. Each Wednesday night will be a different port from our cruise. Just search RV Rolling with MJ on YouTube.
  8. Our Norwegian cruise was just cancelled, and we are looking to possibly book MSC World Europa. We have never sailed with MSC. What are the free restaurants and buffets on the World Europa? I have been searching online but can't find anything. Also, how does the specialty restaurant packages work? Do I purchase them before and how much are they? What specialty restaurants do you recommend? For the MDR restaurants, can we do anytime dining or do we need to choose early or late dining? If I choose late dining, do we only eat at one MDR restaurant the whole time? I see that there is a pizza restaurant, is there a charge to eat here? Thanks!!
  9. On the Israel website it says that it is required to have travel insurance that covers Covid when going to Israel. I asked NCL and they said no. Do you know if we do need to get this before our cruise? If so, what do you recommend? I tried Safetywings but it says they don't cover if we live in Florida.
  10. Thanks for your reply!! Will check it out!!
  11. We have 2 days in Athens and 1 of them is on the Greek Orthodox Easter holiday. We want to explore Athens a little bit (been to Athens before) on one day and another day take a ferry to Hydra. How is it on both Hydra and Athens on the holiday? Will things be shut down on Easter? Will restaurants be open? Should I prebook my ferry to Hydra before we leave the US? Thanks!!
  12. Thanks!! Was it the Tourist Streetcar Ride? Were you able to get off and on?
  13. We will be in Santos from 7am to 2pm. I would like to take a tour of Santos. Is there any recommended tours? If not, what is the best way to get around because lots of things to do in Santos are far from each other. Also, is it safe to walk around Santos with a good camera?
  14. Thanks!! Last time I was on Norwegian was December 2019. Where do I go to book the shows on the Bliss?
  15. When can I book the broadway shows, comedy show and Beatlemania online before getting on the ship? We leave on November 6 on the bliss.
  16. We will be on a cruise that tenders us into Villa do Abraao in Ilha Grande. We want to do a boat tour that stops at Lagoa Verde, Lagoa Azul, Saco d Ceu Beach and Praia da Feiticeira. Do you recommend a tor company? When I get off the tender, will there be available tours to book with tour guides at the tender port? How much would these tours cost about? Has anyone done this tour? Thanks!!
  17. We will be tendering with Norwegian Cruise into Buzios. I noticed that there is a water taxi that will take you to a few beaches. Do you know which beach closest to the tender beach to get the water taxi? Which beaches do they go? And how much to go to a few beaches? Do I just pay as we go to different beaches or is there a package?
  18. My girlfriend and I are going on a cruise that stops in Ensenada in November. Do you recommend a tour or what to do there? Is there a nice beach nearby?
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