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  1. In a message today from Hurtigruten Group to the newspaper Nordlys (a message that has also been reffered to in other Norwegian newspapers like DN), it says that Bent Martini will resign from his positions as Chief Operating Officer and CEO of Hurtigruten Cruise AS, with permanent effect from 9 October 2020. November 9 this year, he will leave the company for good. (Martini resigned temporarily from his positions in Hurtigruten Cruise in August, after the Covid-19 outbreak on MS Roald Amundsen). Hurtugruten Group’s CEO, Daniel Skjeldam, says he wishes Martini good luck with «new challenges». https://www.dn.no/reiseliv/hurtigruten-topp-gar-av/2-1-899850
  2. According to a press release from CEO Daniel Skjeldam of Hurtigruten Group, he states that Hurtigruten will separate scheduled traffic and expedition cruises. The two new divisions will be named Hurtigruten Norge (Norway), and Hurtigruten Expeditions. The new organization will mark the course for further growth and development for both scheduled traffic along the Norwegian coast and expedition cruises. This ensures even sharper focus and an even clearer distinction between two completely unique products and concepts, says Skjeldam. Asta Lassesen will be the CEO of Hurtigruten Expeditions, with a fleet of at last eight small, specially built expedition ships. Hurtigruten Norge will focus on the Norwegian coast, and from 2021 the Company will operate seven specially built low-emission ships in scheduled traffic between Bergen and Kirkenes. The CEO of the Company, has not yet been appointed. https://www.dn.no/samferdsel/hurtigruten-norge/hurtigruten-group/daniel-skjeldam/hurtigruten-omorganiserer-skiller-rutetrafikk-og-ekspedisjonscruise/2-1-894493
  3. It now looks it will still take quite a long time before «the last word» in the scandal case about the Covid-19 outbreak on MS Roald Amundsen, has been said! A case that has really shocked and surprised many Norwegians. In fact up to the Norwegian Government level. They had not expected it from a previously very reputable company like Hurtigruten.
  4. An update from the newspaper Dagbladet today, regarding the police investigation after the Covid-19 outbreak on MS Roald Amundsen: «20 interrogations i in the Hurtigruten Covid-19 investigation. In a press release the police write that they are investigating the case extensively, and that they among other things have conducted interrogations and reviewed electronic communication, in connection with the Covid-19 outbreak on board Hurtigruten's "MS Roald Amundsen" this summer. The case is being investigated to clarify whether the company or individuals may have violated provisions in the Criminal Code of Infection Control and/or provisions issued in accordance with the Infection Control Act, says Police Attorney, Lisa-Mari Ellingsen in Troms Police District. The police are investigating circumstances in connection with this summer's two cruises with MS Roald Amundsen. Around 20 interrogations have been carried out, and a comprehensive data material with electronic communication is reviewed. The police are also looking at the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s investigation of the case, Hurtigruten's own investigation, and they also await the Chief County Medical Officer's investigation. Hurtigruten still has the status of a suspect, while it is too early to comment on the status of individuals in this case. As it looks now, it will still take several weeks before the police can finish their work, Ellingsen concludes». https://www.dagbladet.no/studio/nyhetsstudio/5?post=43909
  5. Hurtigruten has earlier engaged the company DNV GL (an international classification society and a recognized advisor for the maritime industry), and the Norwegian law firm, Wiersholm, to carry out a full external investigation of the corona outbreak on MS Roald Amundsen, the procedures in Hurtigruten and how they are followed. At a press conference this afternoon, the investigation report was presented. The report is reviewed today as one of todays top stories in many Norwegian newspapers, and in the Norwegian TV news. These are the main conclusions of the report: «Hurtigruten Cruise AS's risk management process has been insufficient. Hurtigruten did not implement sufficient risk-reducing measures for testing foreign crews in Norway before signing on. The quarantine rules were practiced incorrectly. Suspicion of infection during the voyages was not followed up, and covid-19 testing was not carried out in time. When Hurtigruten received positive test results on 31 July, it took time before the crisis management system was implemented. Investigation leader, lawyer Jan Fougner, pointed out during the press conference that the quarantine regulations have been practiced differently in the Hurtigruten Group. He said that it appears that the person who was responsible for an evaluation of the quarantine regulations was a skilled chef, not a lawyer. "It was a mistake," he said. As a result of the findings, the report also makes some recommendations to Hurtigruten. Among other things, it is about evaluating whether the culture in the organization supports risk management». The press conference was opened by Hurtigruten's chairman of the board, Trygve Hegnar. He expressed that the board still has confidence in CEO Daniel Skjeldam. - Skjeldam is an excellent man to implement the measures that will now be implemented, Hegnar said. In a press release, Skjeldam apologizes for the company's handling of the case. - The outbreak of infection on MS Roald Amundsen was a serious incident.- As chief executive of the group, I take responsibility for what happened. The attached link is to an article from the press conference in the newspaper E24: https://e24.no/naeringsliv/i/7KlB8W/smitteskandalen-paa-hurtigruten-konsernsjef-og-driftsdirektoer-med-motstridende-forklaringer
  6. According to an article today in the newspaper E24, it is stated that Hurtigruten will suspends all expedition sailings for the rest of 2020. The reason given, is an increase in COVID-19 cases throughout Europe, South- and North America. https://e24.no/norsk-oekonomi/i/Al2GKx/hurtigruten-utsetter-alle-ekspedisjonscruise-ut-aaret?referer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.vg.no
  7. According to an article in the newspaper VG yesterday, it says that The Norwegian Maritime Authority’s investigation of the corona outbreak on MS Roald Amundsen, has revealed seven discrepancies and failures in several areas of Hurtigruten's safety policy. Acting general manager of Hurtigruten Cruise AS, Asta Lassesen, says that the company has invested all available resources to strengthen and improve routines and procedures at all levels. - The discrepancies that are pointed out by the NMA are important to us in the work with a safe start-up of the expedition cruises, when the COVID-19 situation allows it, Lassesen says. https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/1ngbEW/sjoefartsdirektoratet-paapeker-sikkerhetssvikt-paa-hurtigruten
  8. For information: According to the newspaper VG, the newspaper writes today that the entire crew of MS Roald Amundsen has now recovered regarding the COVID-19 infection. The newspaper also writes that Hurtigruten states that the crew says that they have been very well taken care of and followed up. https://direkte.vg.no/nyhetsdognet/news/hele-mannskapet-paa-ms-roald-amundsen-er-friskmeldt.0qekjkCOV
  9. Earlier this month, it was reported in Norwegian media that on the initiative of Hurtigruten, Bent Martini is temporarily resigning from his roles and positions in Hurtigruten Cruise AS. And for the time being is leaving Hurtigruten’s group management. This according to CEO Daniel Skjeldam in Hurtigruten. Martini is the managing director of the company Hurtigruten Cruise AS. It is this company that operates the cruise part of the Hurtigruten group. Moreover, there is obviously quite a lot now going on regarding the investigation of this COVID-19 outbreak, from various Norwegian authorities: It is previously known that the police have opened an investigation of Hurtigruten, for violation of the Infection Control Act. It is also stated that The Norwegian Maritime Authority, have asked Hurtigruten for documentation on weather they have carried out safety assessments to be made, and what preparedness plans they have. The Maritime Authoity said they expects that a safety assessment had been made in advance, and will, in light of what has happened, have an answer as to whether the preparedness plans were followed, said acting director of Maritime Affairs, Lars Alvestad. The county medical officer in Troms and Finnmark have also informed that they will investigate Hurtigruten's handling of the outbreak on the ship. The county governor of Troms and Finnmark has recently stated that they are opening a supervisory case against two of the ship doctors on Roald Amundsen. Hurtigruten has earlier this month informed Norwegian media that several breaches of internal procedures on MS Roald Amundsen had been revealed. The company regrets that they have failed, and has now, engaged the company DNV GL, to carry out a full external investigation of the incident, the procedures in Hurtigruten and how they are followed. (DNV GL is an international classification society and a recognized advisor for the maritime industry, and technical advisor to the oil and gas industri, headquartered in Norway). I think it will be interesting to see what in the end will come out regarding the COVID-19 scandal on board MS Roald Amundsen!
  10. Just for the record: According to an article today in the Norwegian newspaper, Nordlys, it is stated that the number of COVID-19 infected by MS Roald Amundsen, has now increased further. A total of 71 people are now registered as infected (42 crew members and 29 passengers). The reason given for the increase in the number of infected is that people who first tested negative, later have tested positive.
  11. This link may perhaps provide a more detailed information about the qualifications of the two doctors on board MS Roald Amundsen: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nrk.no%2Ftromsogfinnmark%2Fskipslegen-meldte-aldri-om-korona-_-unn-brukte-to-minutter-pa-a-innse-alvoret-1.15111014%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1WMKuSz231nW381WmxnFCob6LACQQTMsZuVcodCl7stULJo2RlqWXZSM8
  12. Just for the record, it was stated yesterday that the total number of COVID-19 infected from MS Roald Amundsen, has now increased to 62 (41 crew members and 21 passengers). The list of errors made by Hurtigruten in connection with the handling of the COVID-19 outbreak on MS Roald Amundsen, seems to be extensive. However, I was really surprised to read on the Message Boards under Hurtigruten and under a topic there, that it seems that questions can be asked, how well qualified the two doctors on board Hurtigruten's ship, MS Roald Amundsen are: «One of the ship's doctors was deprived of his medical license twice. The other doctor did not have Norwegian authorization». I must say I really hope that other cruise lines do a much better job in terms of hiring well qualified doctors with approved licenses on board their ships, than it seems that Hurtigruten has done in this case!
  13. Just for information: In the TV news tonight on NRK's Dagsrevyen, it was stated that the total number of COVID-19 infected from MS Roald Amundsen, has now increased to 62 (41 crew members and 21 passengers).
  14. I’m sorry! I thought the article link I attached a copy of, was possible to read without a subcription. For information only, I have copied just the first part of Lund’s article: «Full confidence in the Hurtigruten management». I do not know if I should laugh or cry. | Joacim Lund The Hurtigruten case has become a tragicomic farce. A classic, comic grip screenwriters know how to use is to put a character in a difficult situation that he or she is trying to cover up. A lot is at stake, and when everything goes wrong, it becomes harder and harder to keep both the mask and the overview. The greater the distance between the facade and reality, the more fun it becomes. John Cleese as hotel director Basil Fawlty in the English TV series, Fawlty Towers, is a brilliant example of this. An example from reality is the old TV interviews in which Saddam Hussein's information minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, stubbornly claimed that Iraq was about to win the war - while American tanks rolled into the streets of Baghdad behind him. He was nicknamed "Comic Ali". And now «Comic Ali» and Basil Fawlty are joined by Trygve Hegnar himself, chairman of the board of Hurtigruten, who solemnly declares that he has "full confidence in the management". It's almost like one would think it was a typo. "Zero trust" would be more natural.»
  15. First, I think it is not unexpected that one can have different opinions about how Hurtigruten has handled the COVID-19 infection on board the MS Roald Amundsen. I am thinking, among other things, of the information previously given to passengers on board, information given to the Norwegian authorities, to the public and to the media. For those who may be interested, I have attached a link to an article that was written yesterday in the Norwegian well-known newspaper, Aftenposten, from one of the newspaper's commentators, Joachim Lund. The article shows his views on what he thinks about Hurtigruten's information strategy. Unfortunately, the article is written in Norwegian, but the content will be understandable by using Goolge Translate, for instance. https://www.aftenposten.no/meninger/kommentar/i/vQ4JVX/full-tillit-til-hurtigruten-ledelsen-jeg-vet-ikke-om-jeg-skal-le-el
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