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  1. The Terrace at breakfast has an extensive fruit selection, typically three or four large bowls of berries (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry) and a variety of various sliced melons and other items. You will not go hungry. For lunch Waves opens at 11:30 and stays open until 4 or 4:30. The food is cooked to order and is also excellent. Here’s a link to more info about Waves: https://dr.oceaniacruises.com/experience/dining/waves-grill/ Seating has never been an issue for us in any of the dining venues for any meals and we’ve been on 10 R class cruises.
  2. Maybe negative feedback from passengers regarding the “enhanced” loyalty benefits were heard and (somewhat) heeded...
  3. Oceania Club benefits for the spa will be available per ship upon implementation of Aquamar, according to the guest's Oceania Club level: Gold: Two complimentary spa treatment credits up to $150 each Platinum: Two complimentary spa treatment credits up to $150 each Diamond: Two complimentary spa treatment credits up to $200 each President's Circle: Two complimentary spa treatment credits up to $200 each.
  4. Just tell your steward you only want morning service or put the “privacy please” note on your door.
  5. I know, which why we almost exclusively cruise with O.
  6. Have gluten free and teriyaki sauces available, especially with the sushi in Terrace Denote gluten free dishes on all menus Increase the number of offerings in the GDR Make the chocolates on the turndown cabin service optional Instead of a bottle of wine as part of the O Club “enhancements” offer a choice of a pint of gin, vodka or other liquor. Better yet, reinstate the former OBC amount in lieu of the wine, cap and tote bag. More overnight port visits Fewer announcements No more cutbacks
  7. Insignia’s position which would suggest that Bermuda is off the docket: https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9156462
  8. I own NCLH shares and use the benefit two or three times a year, sort of a tax free dividend. If you have faith in the management (Frank Del Rio, Bob Binder and others) it may be a good time to buy. The stock, as well as other cruise-line stocks, took a hard hit when Cuban cruises were stopped and the price of oil jumped up. If you don’t mind holding on to the stock for a bit you’d probably do reasonably OK.
  9. All the restaurants are good. After boarding ask if there are extra reservations available. We’ve never had difficulty getting additional reservations as well as changing the times to better suit our preferences.
  10. If you like the bathrobes you can buy them, $50 each.
  11. Lobster tails, prawns, steaks, lamb chops all grilled to order. Food is prepared in small batches and served to the passenger. Staff is very accommodating on portion sizes. There isn’t a bad dining venue on an O ship.
  12. Live and learn. Think about the “I told you so” opportunities that will inevitably come with the cruise...
  13. And the “enhanced” Oceania Club benefits...
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