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  1. Oceania just agreed to provide us with a full cash refund.
  2. Oceania just agreed to provide a full cash refund. It had been a FCC from a cancelled 2020 cruise that was used for a similar 2021 cruise. The condition of the original FCC was that it must be used and the cruise completed by the end of 2022. With all the ongoing cancellations my feeling was that it would only be fair to extend the window of these FCCs.
  3. With whom did you talk to get an extension? I just tried to book an early 2023 cruise using our just cancelled Alaska cruise funds and was refused.
  4. With the cancellations of all Oceania cruises through July 2021 Oceania should extend the window in which FCCs may be used. To maintain the requirement that the credits taken in lieu of full refunds must be used on a completed cruise by the end of 2022 is unacceptable.
  5. Many in Seattle don’t want cruise ships even though the cruise industry contributes approximately $500,000,000 per year to the local economy. Seattle seems to be engaged in a massive economic suicide movement. Very sad.
  6. Included in the fare are all non-alcoholic beverages and specialty restaurants. There are no “art auctions” or photographers. The food is a large cut above the other lines. The atmosphere is quiet, refined yet relaxed and comfortable. Tea in Horizons is wonderful.
  7. On Oceania unlimited lobster tails, prawns, steaks, chops grilled to order every night in the Terrace Cafe:
  8. Carnival Corp. announced retiring at least six ships across the brands, most likely to be scrapped.
  9. The person I work with at Oceania has been an exceptional help in unusual circumstances and has direct contacts within the company. In this specific case she was able to access my funds from the cancelled cruise immediately and book the cabin I wanted for our November cruise. This method has served me well, costs nothing more than an additional email, and doesn’t affect the commIssion of either person. My Oceania contact also checks her email and responds during non-working hours.
  10. We did this a few weeks ago. We used a TA to book an Alaska cruise for us which was cancelled, the cruise would be happening now. Once it was cancelled I called my contact directly at Oceania and booked a cruise for this November using the funds from the cancelled cruise. It was instantaneous and very easy. I then moved the booking to my TA for the additional perks.
  11. Additional reservations can be made once on board on a space available basis.
  12. Details here: https://www.citynews1130.com/2020/05/29/cruise-ship-ban-canada/
  13. A website that lists restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic: https://www.wilhelmsen.com/ships-agency/campaigns/coronavirus/coronavirus-map/
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