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  1. OP here with an update. We decided to use Luggage Forward for our trip and everything worked perfectly. We will definitely use them again.
  2. No I know there are problems! We have been in Spain for 21 days and the news media here ( Spanish media) has made it seem that there is total chaos. What I am saying is that these reports are over the top. We were in a taxi an hour ago and the cab driver was saying the same thing, he was saying the news was scaring away the tourist and it really wasn’t an ongoing problem. that was what I was saying.
  3. We are in Barcelona now and there are no problems at all, the news media makes up stories to sell their product. Barcelona is a very fun and safe city, relax and enjoy everything!
  4. What a great trip report! Everything that has been reported since launch, both good and bad, is appreciated and helps those of us sailing in the future!!
  5. We are on the April 5th sailing from Buenos Aires to Lisbon and can’t wait! We will anxiously await your trip reports in preparations for our experience!
  6. I very much agree with Keith! We really like both cruise lines and we cruise 80% with Crystal and 20% with Seabourn. We have cruised on Regent and won’t go back! We love Seabourn when the weather is warm and you can enjoy the outdoor venues but the smaller size of the ships makes them too “small” for a colder weather cruise where everyone is in the smaller venues. Crystal shines when it come to indoor space and activities. On balance they are both great if you choose the right itinerary! By the way have owned a BMW and Mercedes but I drive a Lexus!!
  7. Yes, we recognize you in your pictures, we look forward to seeing you soon. We are in Spain and touring for three weeks before boarding in Barcelona on the 5th.
  8. We will be with you from Barcelona to ft Lauderdale, see you on board!
  9. We hope that Crystal will allow us to board the Symphony while in Gran Turk, there are several crew members we would love to visit.
  10. Maria and I will be with you on the Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale legs but we are staying on the Serenity for the 12 day Caribbean cruise. See you on board!
  11. Yes we are on this cruise, see you on the ship!!
  12. We have been on two T/A on the Marina one to Miami and the other to Rio. On which Crystal Cruise will you be joining us?
  13. Nice to hear from you, what Oceania cruise?
  14. We are using a luggage forwarding company for the first time and I am interested in your experience with this service.
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