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  1. We have made several (10+) crossings and have never had really rough seas. Like most 2 week cruises you will probably have a couple of days when there could be some “rocking around” but nothing too bad. We have been east to west, west to east and both northern and southern routes, we have cruised in April, June, September, October and November so I think we have plenty of experience. That being said, we love the crossings with the wonderful sea days! We have also done 3 transpacific crossings with similar results. We do prefer the crossings in the fall from Europe to the US because the time changes allow for twenty five hour days instead of twenty three hour days leaving us on home time when we arrive. Either way this is the best way to travel!!!
  2. We don’t board until April 5th and we would really love to read more “current” reviews. Czardas, please let us know about your cruise, we are definitely interested in your thoughts of the Scenic Eclipse.
  3. Thanks, we definitely win enjoy everything about this cruise, we always do!
  4. As I said the ship is really the destination!! We are already spending time in South America before the cruise so the itinerary wasn’t a driving part of our decision.
  5. We haven’t seen a new thread on the Scenic Eclipse lately so I will start this one. This is a 21 day repositioning cruise for the Eclipse from Buenos Aires to Lisbon with several interesting ports and 13 sea days. We chose this cruise for several reasons but the main reason was to see and enjoy the ship, sea days certainly allow for this! Based on the Scenic website I don’t believe we will have a full ship as most room categories are still available and Scenic is discounting the fare. The “less than fully booked” cruise should allow us to enjoy all of the dining venues during the 21 days but sometimes leads to a “quiet ship.” I would encourage anyone interested in cruising on the Eclipse to take advantage of the discounted fare and join us on this cruise. i don’t plan on doing a “live from” thread but will comment on anything I deem interesting as the cruise progresses. I also want to thank everyone that has posted information and pictures on cruises to date, they have been much appreciated and informative!!
  6. We were on this cruise and we enjoyed John Joseph very much. We have seen him perform several times and yes his routine is familiar (not exactly the same). We always have a good time and laugh a lot! There are always performers that don’t please everyone!! You are not forced to attend!
  7. Unbelievable adventure you are having! We really appreciate your reports!!!
  8. You should be able to get in with your being on the waitlists we were told that they only allow 100 reservations on the internet and the balance onboard. It is lovely and don’t be swayed by the negative comments, we didn’t hear a single negative comment onboard!
  9. We are currently on the Serenity and have been to the supper club two evenings and it was great! For those that don’t know, they convert the Stardust Lounge to a “supper club” on formal nights. The ships orchestra plays great music accompanied by their singer and the Latin dance team performed two beautiful romantic dances. The room is beautifully lit and the atmosphere is romantic. Many couples danced both before, during and after dinner. The dinner selections were limited but included steak and lobster along with other selections from the normal dinner served in Waterside. The venue opens at 6:15 and they close the doors at 6:35 so that the evenings events can begin. The dinner and floor show ends around 8:30 with the service flowing smoothly between courses. We highly recommend this to everyone and encourage you to make advanced reservations. It seems that many people are unaware of the availability to book this in advance at the same time as booking Prego and Umi Uma. There was a standby list and several couples were able to attend by getting on this list. This may not appeal to everyone but we heard so much positive feedback from those attending that I thought this information would prove valuable to future Serenity cruisers.
  10. OP here with an update. We decided to use Luggage Forward for our trip and everything worked perfectly. We will definitely use them again.
  11. No I know there are problems! We have been in Spain for 21 days and the news media here ( Spanish media) has made it seem that there is total chaos. What I am saying is that these reports are over the top. We were in a taxi an hour ago and the cab driver was saying the same thing, he was saying the news was scaring away the tourist and it really wasn’t an ongoing problem. that was what I was saying.
  12. We are in Barcelona now and there are no problems at all, the news media makes up stories to sell their product. Barcelona is a very fun and safe city, relax and enjoy everything!
  13. What a great trip report! Everything that has been reported since launch, both good and bad, is appreciated and helps those of us sailing in the future!!
  14. We are on the April 5th sailing from Buenos Aires to Lisbon and can’t wait! We will anxiously await your trip reports in preparations for our experience!
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