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  1. I booked a group tour with http://www.ainatours.com/ last night. I noticed someone else on the roll call had did the same. Travelling in September too.
  2. Currently on Day 12 of a Pension Reform strike. The Gilet Jaunes have been protesting for over a year now against Macron`s reforms.
  3. Anyone , as C.C. member, receive the email yet regarding 21/22 sailing season?
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I cancelled and rebooked 3 excursions for my upcoming Dubai cruise in Jan 2020 and saved enough to purchase 3 excursions for my 2020 Hawaii cruise...
  5. Congratulations, Celebrity, in overcoming the difficult logistics involved in replacing the male officers with female officers. I`m sure they will be very grateful being relocated to other ships in different parts of the world during this memorable period.
  6. I agree. What you see and what you pay for is what you (should)get in UK
  7. The new perk pricing structure includes the extra . Up until then they cannot charge the extra in UK where "Free" means free otherwise they would contravene the trades description act.
  8. For information. I noticed this today. Seems new to uk guests although operating in the USA for some time. https://www.travelmole.com/news_feature.php?c=setreg&region=2&m_id=_rnY!s~vd&w_id=36893&news_id=2040084
  9. I used the British Consulate address. My Visa was processed within 48 hours Australian Consulate General Plot C 38-39, Bandra Kurla Complex, Opp MCA Cricket Club, Level 10, A Wing, Crescenzo Building, G Block, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051, India It was an e-Visa
  10. I bow to your superior knowledge. I was aware that the OP held a US passport but I realised by the heading of the post that others , particularly in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland , may wish to read the post for information and that my posting would be of assistance to those British Citizens of The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.
  11. Until 30 June 2021, ‘British Citizen’ passport holders travelling for tourism or business can enter Vietnam for up to a maximum of 15 days (inclusive of dates of entry and exit) without a visa.
  12. So, here we around again....those not taking a drinks package in the UK would pay the increased price too? Dangerous strategy.
  13. Am I correct in thinking that this daily charge only applies to US bookings and not bookings made in the UK? We don't appear to use the term "perks" here. "Free drinks" are consistently mentioned on the UK site but I see no $14 uncharge (which would be quoted in pounds sterling.) If the "free drinks " offer were to incur an additional charge ($14) it could be in breach of the Trade Descriptions Act in UK law. We read on CC about the unfair UK pricing but on this matter....we may be a winner? Correct me if I`m misguided
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