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  1. You can't just lie down and accept that. You really have to try. I`ve just emailed both Celebrity and my T.A. Dependant on the reply, if any, I`ll decide on my next form of action. Wish me luck
  2. email customer services and ask for a decision now. I know I will. I have a lot of cash tied up on this trip departing 18/9, flights, hotels, accommodation both in Vancouver and Honolulu. I`m still awaiting my UK travel agent to refund me for an Azamara trip I cancelled on 25/3 and I won't be happy if I`m asked for a final balance on something that isn't going to happen. Decisions have to be made and answers given sooner rather than later
  3. Looks bleak for Hawaii https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23000-hawaii-predicts-no-cruise-passengers-until-second-half-of-2021.html
  4. Looks like Miami forwarded my original email to UK for a response. They must have recognised my accent..lol
  5. We were on Connie in January , Dubai to Singapore where we disembarked and boarded the revamped Millennium , Hong Kong, Philippines and Vietnam. There are huge differences but, Connie was in good shape.
  6. The response I received was from: azamaracustomerserviceuk@azamara.com Initially, I emailed: azamaracustomerservice@azamara.com
  7. I emailed this address :AzamaraGuestRelations@AzamaraClubCruises.com My response from Azamara came from: azamaracustomerserviceuk@azamara.com I would suggest you contact the UK address
  8. On 25/3 March , we had our May cruise and given the option, we decided we'd go for a cash refund and notified the decision to our travel agent who passed this on to Azamara. No further interaction with our travel agent. On 9/5, we received a part refund from RCCI, Miami. This was a cruise we booked onboard and this was the exact amount we paid onboard to Azamara, Patiently, we awaited our travel agent to refund the remainder of the cruise cost. The Glasgow travel agency were not accepting phone calls and were giving a response time to customer emails 28 days! I emailed Azamara and Dawn gave me a response within days. My balance had been refunded to the travel agent. I took to Twitter and sought out the T.A. Twitter account...sent a Direct Message and received an uninformative response..."I`ll pass this to the team.Someone will be in touch". Still waiting. Finally, on Friday evening, I contacted my credit card company and raised a chargeback. This morning, the money was refunded to my account by Amex !! Looks like the T.A. holding on to my money.
  9. King George v Dock would be an ideal access point for future Azamara Cruises visiting the area. Close by a large shopping mall, easy access to Glasgow city centre (15 mins) , Very close to the Glasgow motorway system for tours further afield and close to both River Clyde crossings at Erskine and Clyde Tunnel for access to Loch Lomond and beyond. Ok, they don't have a cruise terminal at KGV, but the one at Greenock isn't one to write home about . Greenock has never really been developed as a drop off point. In general, West Central Scotland hasn't really understood the cruise industry and the job opportunities it can bring ,benefitting the community as a whole. Larger cruise ships would not be able to access this far up the Clyde, their way being hindered by the road bridge at Erskine.
  10. I`d take it with a pinch of salt right now. BBC can't be believed anymore.
  11. Ive just checked my credit card. We had a cruise booked for 4/may which was cancelled. We asked for a full refund which we still have not received. Today, I checked my credit card and RCL have credited us with two payments of £30.32 each. We had no excursion, speciality dining or any extras booked. Any clues as to what the credits are for?
  12. There seems to be some optimism here: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22826-when-celebrity-ships-may-start-cruising-again.html
  13. From Celebrity Twitter feed:
  14. I cancelled our May booking for parking a few weeks ago. Holiday Extras say they are negotiating with their suppliers. I won't hold my breath. If I don't receive a credit or a refund....I shall remember.
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