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  1. Happy Sunday Morning Dailyites! Happy Fathers day to all the Dads and Cat Dads, and Dog Dads. DH loves to go out and sit with the new batch of fur babies. I know our heart strings will be pulled as they move away and go to new homes. He too is feeling that it would be hard to let our Turnip leave. Too cute. That kitten is way too cute.! Last nights birthday dinner was interesting to say the least. DH was surprised that Debbie and Donna were there, but once he got into his food, he ate and shut down any socializing with his table mates. The other problem was that the restaurant was the most crowded I had ever seen it, and the noise level made it impossible to hear each other. Which is pretty bad because 4 out of 6 (and I am one of the 4) have hearing problems. I like the quote, it made me think that what you put into life, you get back in life. If you are a negative thinker, then life is a negative thing. If you are a joyful person, then you find joy in life. Sometimes we have to re arrange our thinking, and while my mid childhood years were full of terror, once apart from those who caused it, i found joy in living. I sometimes in my head revisit the bad parts, and while I cant forget and sometimes admit I cant forgive, I now understand what created the mess, and then find something to be joyful for. I did become close to my father after my mom passed away. We "hung out" together and "girl watched". He really did want another chance at romance at the end of his life, but sadly that never happened. But I do have fond memories of him and the adventures he took us on. Sometimes we just cant see the forest for the trees. One of my fondest memories of adventures with Dad, was when we lived in France, he would take my brother and I on road trips in the countryside. If he heard motors from motorcycles in the fields, he would park the car, and we would walk to find the motocross racing. This is what gave me the love of racing. @Cruzin TerriI am sorry that your cold turned out to be Covid. Coast to coast, I am talking with more people who have it. Again. @StLouisCruisers not sure if you were vaccinated against RSV, but you might want to ask the medical department if they have a test. DH and I still mask up when we go shopping, doctors offices, or any place with a crowd. And I guess this is the new way of life. I hope the two of you start feeling better soon. I hope that you all have a wonderful day, stay cool, drink plenty of water, and take care of yourselves.
  2. Good Saturday Morning Dailyites! It is very hot and humid today and we are warned to spend as little amount of time outside because we are in day 4 of Orange alert. But right now, I have the windows open for the cats to get fresh air. It is also nice to know the job situation has taken care of itself. However my last day in Cincinnati ended rather weirdly. I called boss # 2 from job #1 who is boss # 1 on job # 2 to ask a question, and he said that I was supposed to be working on his campaign at the same time I was going to be working on the other campaign. He said "you told Mark you were working 12-5" and I said yes on his time, but my hours were 3-8. I told him that I had suggested that on our last day we work an earlier shift, that he said he would ask you, but I never heard back.so I stayed with my regular shift 3-8 which in California time is 12-5. He said something to the effect that he couldnt understand that Mark would get that confused, and I was correct that working an earlier shift on our last day would allow for call backs. In my humble opinion, too much boss and too little brain. They are too busy being scared to ask questions of each other, that it seems easier to take it out on the peons. I have been to Ketchikan twice, both times the sun shone, and the day was beautiful. In May of 23 we toured Misty Fjords by boat. This is a cone left from a volcano. The guide told us it was the most photographed place in the Fjords. Lots of long thin waterfalls calm clear waters, and very tall cliffs mist from a waterfall, @catmando and our BFF from our first trip, I think was back in 16 or 17- a great bench the tunnel that goes under the hill in town and a flower for the garden club. Alaska is beautiful!
  3. question...where is @dobiemom? never mind she's apparently on a cruise.
  4. Andrew said I could work up to but not more than 40 hours a week if I wanted to. He doesn't want to share me. He did tell me once I would always be welcome to work for CTG in LA, and Hollywood Bowl, so I guess I will just have to get used to taking April off. And it seems that I really do have a "home". Too bad the best hours are past my bedtime. I also joined back as a patron of the museum that I used to be able to go to for free. The High Museum of Art. I will only work 2 hours this Friday coming up,(after my dr's appt) and then Fridays will be off! Yay! Now we belong to 2 museums, and in the fall the free Friday concerts will start back up at Emory University. Chuck is getting me a late birthday gift of the science museum. So, Science, Antiquities and Art, and throw in the free music. And the chorale group we buy a season package for, and our county symphony, and I have a life that is not just work! By the way, Georgia is too hot. I got transferred here a day before my friend and I were going to order our cross country skis-45 years ago. In those 45 years, I would have been able to use the skis 4 times. I miss snow, and cold. And right now we are 10 degrees above where we are supposed to be. I dont even go out for the mail until the sun has set, and thank goodness the dog doesnt mind being walked in the shade in the mornings.Its like menopause 24/7 for years here. I dont know why hot doesnt bother me when I am in Mexico on a beach, floating in the water....time for another kiddy pool. The kittens get their vaccines next week, and then the vet will let them in the house where the "boys" are. I do want to get Tiggers claws clipped before we move the kids in. He looks at them as if they are toys. Bob still growls through the screen at them, and they back up, and Furnando could care less so we will introduce him to them first. I told him he could have his own kitten...DH says "we are not keeping three kittens" but i think it would break my heart to let Turnip go. Better to have them inside and know love, than be an outside cat in this neighborhood. And the girl that wanted one for her mom, doesnt need one now, and the girl who wanted the black one, only wanted him if his eyes stayed blue. They didn't. And of course we will get Munchkin spayed and move her in too. @NickelpennyThank you, that was the cartoon I wanted to send my boss. I have a copy on my wall(work station) . You are an angel!
  5. @StLouisCruisers You are right, it was his fault. He didnt want to actually "work". I asked him a general question, and he said he wouldnt answer it unless I provided the customer #. Well, I had already been asked the same question by 3 people, so I figured it would come up again, and wanted to know what i should say. I'm glad that the relatives are basically doing their own cruise. Get well! Off to walk the dog, and get the errands run.
  6. Good Friday Morning Dailyties! TGIF! I worked until 10 last night, but I did that because people asked me to call so I tagged on another hour of one of the campaigns. However of the 4 people who wanted a call back, only had one sale, one only wanted one show (and it turns out that he lied to me when he told me the reason I had to call at night) and the "would have been" big sales that had me jumping through hoops? They didnt bother to answer. My "report to" boss called yesterday, (he's the one I go to when I need a job, and he finds me a campaign to work on). Since my Ohio campaign ends today, he let me know what was coming up Turns out he will be mentoring my Ohio boss in new campaigns on the East coast, which would work well for me, but after my review from the Ohio boss, I'm not so sure that he would want me again. And if Andrew (Cailfornia) will let me work 25-30 hours, I wont need another job. And there is the rub. I angered Andrew yesterday So not sure he will allow me more than the minimum of 20 hours. I did do 2650.00 in sales yesterday. ( In 3 hours) I'd keep me. Guess today is the day I start recreating my life again. Good news, Scottie called Chuck yesterday. He didnt know what he was doing when he had the stroke, but DH said he sounded good, like his normal self. He is still in the hospital but they have him doing PT and I guess he will stay in there and then maybe move to a nursing facility. DH never asks questions. Aqueducts, this country needs them. We are about to go into Orange zone for air quality. @StLouisCruisersstay cool while you can! Its going to feel like 100+ with the humidity, but no rain here. @Cruzin TerriGlad you made it back to Jacksonville, be safe on the drive home. @NickelpennyI have a favor to ask-Is it possible for you to resubmit the cartoon about being introverted? Or do you remember what day it was, I need to copy it and send it to one of my bosses. DH and I are going out for an early lunch at our favorite taco place. But first we need to pick up cat food. Feeding 13 is getting out of hand, and the kittens are very happy when they see me in the morning. I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, joyful day!
  7. Good Thursday Morning Dailyites! I'm thinking that during Plato's time, there wasnt heavy metal music. Ah romance.... @dfishRadisihes related to cabbage? I would have thought carrots. or Turnips. I envy you your hot temperatures, as ours will be going up to 97 or higher this weekend. They said with the humidity it will feel like more than 100. Thank goodness that the air conditioner man came yesterday. This morning the view out the window is cloudy (no rain in the forecast) with hummingbirds. I did open the windows, in the front of the house, and the 3 "boys" are in the window sills and cat basket checking out the flight patterns. Today is another day where someone has to stay home and wait. Home Depot told DH on Tuesday that they will send someone out today to pick up the old laundry stuff (which should have been taken away on Saturday) and to replace the hose that was too short. I have been able to do laundry, but I wish the machine was in the place for the washer, and not flush against a wall, sideways in the "mud" room. But they didnt give us an estimate on what time someone will be here, so I need to go out and run a few errands before I "go" to work. My vein and heart doc called yesterday to tell me that my appointment on Friday has been changed. She asked if I was having problems with my leg, and I said, it was tingly and twitchy and she said, ok, your appointment has been changed for a month out. This morning I got a call from Emory that my lung doc has scheduled my next CT scan without contrast. And that got scheduled for July.and just looking at next week and I have an appointment to get to or get DH to every day but thursday. The older we get the busier we are. When we lived overseas in the early 60' we often went to Brugge, and I would eat my weight in chocolate and get sick as a dog. You would think it would break me of the chocolate addiction, it didn't. I just switched to dark chocolate, doing much better...LOL. Speaking of flight patterns, I checked Miami Airport, delays are only 15 minutes, arriving and departing today, so as along as @Cruzin Terri has a break between flights, she should be OK. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and thank you all for the well wishes for DH's birthday yesterday. He really did appreciate them.
  8. Today was an interesting day. I took DH out for breakfast, at First Watch, he loves their waffles. We stopped at the krogers and picked up his meds, and came home. I worked and DH went to work, and donna brought over his favorite food (deviled eggs) and a card from the cats and from THE DOG. It was after work that the day went wonky-oh Scottie is out of ICU and in a regular room, he seems to be improving, thank you for your prayers. And I went out to clean the kittens litter, which always seem to be the most exciting part of the day, they kept grabbing the plastic bag that the poop goes in, then they knocked over the plastic cup of extra litter, so when I was doen scraping, I went out, and couldnt get back on the porch without DH. They kept rushing the door, so he went in, he demands respect, no toe chewing! And when I opened the door for a litter delivery Jersey rushed to the door, I went to stop her, and fell. Then after that was all cleaned up, the litter done, and I sat to catch up with today, Furnando knocked over my iced coffee on the desk, and it went every where! All the paper work drenched. The air is now on! Yay, And now to find something to take my pills with and off to bed. @smitty34877I hope that you and the family start feeling better-
  9. Good Wednesday Morning Dailyites! Its 67 and sunny today, and the air conditioning man is supposed to come today! But now I have to figure out when if we are going out for breakfast. Gifts to wrap, I will be back!
  10. Tomorrow is DH's birthday. Since we are both working I told him I would take him out for breakfast. He got to choose where, so off to First Watch after I walk the dog. Got to see my dietician today, I do think that she is done with me. She met me at the reception area, and she walked me to the scale. You have lost weight she said. I said "it must be the ice cream diet". " Very funny" she says, and i said, I'm not trying to be funny! I explained that sometimes we are out and about at drs and we are too late for lunch by the time we get out, and too early to call it dinner, so we have a late dunch or early linner, and around 8, we need Ice Cream. She took my scanner for my Libre Free Style and ran the most recent report, Seems I can eat ice cream. I just cant eat more than 12 chips with my guacamole. And I can't eat fried shrimp. And of course my blood sugar goes up with stress, so that happens a lot, and it goes down when I walk the dog. Unless the Collard Greens starts stalking us. Donna retired from her night time pool group. She now plays with the seniors on Tuesday afternoons. So I still have to walk the dog on Tuesdays, as she is scheduling her doctors appointments and other meetings on Tuesday mornings. But I no longer have to let the dog out at 9 on Tuesday nights. She also has mentioned getting goats to "do" her back yard, I have noticed several folks in the hood having the sheep over for "Munch" , and asked her why she didn't want the sheep, she said goats would eat the Ivy. And we have English Ivy everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Go goats! DH's baby brother had a stroke this past weekend. Nobody wanted to tell Momma Norma, but I guess they couldn't not tell her forever, so Middle brother did, and Momma called today very upset, and DH had to pretend it was the first he was hearing it. But since he didnt ask when where, or where was he now, she aint dumb, she will figure it out that they kept it from her. So even though DH isnt talking about it, please keep Scottie in your prayers. Well, that's all the news thats not fit to print- @ger_77A loving door, is an open door, your friends know where to go to see sunshine and hope. I have had two friends like that since I moved to Atlanta, however one had a stroke during childbirth, and became suicidal when her baby became an adult. During one of her major funks her husband asked what did she want to do, and she said come see Annie. Well he called and I said sure, but while they wanted to remember our past, due to it being in the past, I was not too sure how much I wanted to revisit my drinking days. And I never heard from them again, and she never answered the phone and I tried many times to reach back out to her. The other is my traveling friend. But as you know she is deep into dementia and it worries her when someone just shows up. I realize that my ability to have an open door changed when DH moved in with me, to keep hiding his secrets. I need to change that.
  11. Good Tuesday Morning Dailyites! Its 68 degrees sunny and it is expecting to get very hot this week, up to the upper 90's. Our air is still not on, as we need to get the unit inspected, and the company we use will also change the filter under the house for us. Its a huge filter and it gets changed twice a year. They are supposed to come tomorrow. I was supposed to cover the air conditioner during the winter, but we were cruising, and then I got ill, so it was not done. We have fans, and I will put one out for the cats on the porch. I have a zillion things to do this morning, and even though Donna is off, she still wants me to walk the dog. DH is having nerve problems, it feels to him that his eye is running all the time, but it is not. So he rubs, and rubs, which he should not do, then wants me to put in drops, then freaks out with the drops. I keep explaining to him that his eye is not running, and he says I'm lying, so yesterday when we were at the docs he asked the doc to verify, and the Dr. told him it was not running, that it was from nerve damage, and told him the same thing I do, "be smarter than the nerve" and then he doubled up the nerve medicine, that DH was taking incorrectly because he hadnt read the directions, nor did he tell me that he was on another medicine. Doc gave him a different material to cover the hole, and told him that this is due to the radiation, and that surgery will not be an option. Dh doesn't listen and when a surgeons office called last night, he scheduled an appointment. ARGHHH! We did head to Kodiak, bucket list for both BFF and I, but a typhoon hit, and we couldnt get in to port. May of 2023. I love blueberry muffins, with extra extra blueberries. Well, I love you all, and i hope to be back today, but as of right now, I am off and running.
  12. Good Monday Morning Dailyites! We had rain at 2 am this morning, too bad it didn't last. Yesterday was way too hot to not have the air on! It got up to 91 yesterday. The washer and dryer arrived on Saturday as promised, but the hose was not long enough on the washing machine, nor on the the dryer-not the delivery and installers job to fix that, and then they took off without taking the old washer dryer away, so our carport is rather full of old equipment. It is supposed to be resolved tomorrow. Today is DH's immunotherapy day, and meet with the doctor day. So I scheduled the day off from work. Tomorrow I meet with my dietician, and Friday I meet up and have some test done on my leg veins. Next week we take the 4 monsters for their vaccinations, and then, they can meet the fur babies inside. We did close the doors yesterday shutting out the big cats and let them in for a couple of hours. This time they all came in and ran around until they couldn't run around any more, and I learned that food is a good bribe to get them back out on the porch. @smitty34877I'm glad that the teenagers had a good time at the parade, were home by dinner time, and shared their day with you. Sounds like you have another great kid in the family! The 8 week campaign ends this week, and I will be glad to be working during day time hours, and not every evening. And I guess I will be back to Lincoln Center soon. But for the time being, I am ok with working just one job.
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