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  1. It's 7:58 p.m. I have finished dinner, just picked up a cup of coffee on the Lido (along with a second dessert...LOL) and I am headed up to the smoking area, the sun has just set, and the "hour of blue" is beginning. I notice a few planets beginning to shine, and the moonlight is twinkling on the top of the waves.
  2. Sorry, I read it on the Yahoo News page-not through Carnival, It was in an article about "when will cruisers cruise again." And since it was not relevant entirely to Carnival I didn't post the link, just the quote. Carnival ,of course will wait till about mid August to tell us, the patrons.
  3. Yes, we are supposed to know by 8/23 what our cabin will be-we are on a B2B since we combined a Covid missed cruise with an existing one, However, I saw an article today based on Wednesday's meeting with the 8-K that Carnival will not be cruising to Mexico until at least 12/15. They put that in the news, but we hear nothing from Carnival. They have our money, We are not happy with the length of time they .take to get the news out to the patrons. This time instead of creating a new cruise, I will try to move the money to existing cruises for next fall. They could of course change the law, and just let us float around for 10 days and not stop anywhere. NOT!
  4. Just read this, this morning- Carnival stated in the 8-K. Wednesday's disclosure comes a week after Carnival said it was extending its sailing pause in some regions, including Asia, South America, the California coast, Hawaii and Mexico, through Dec. 15. So my B2B to Mexico for the Day of the Dead, will be taken away too, and monies paid will go to a couple of future cruises that we have.
  5. We were scheduled to be on the Fantasy for those two weeks in October. Got 7 emails from CCL telling me the ship was changed to the Sensation, and that we would be booked in comparable cabins. We didn't need to call. But we will be assigned our cabins by 8/23 and be notified at that time.
  6. BUT, we are not in Germany, and cruise lines (unless they change the cruise rules in the USA) must stop in one other country. AIDA I floating around from Germany to Germany with no port stops. I have two cruises B2B, one has been changed from June and we added it on the October cruise. The CDC has requested from the cruise lines, and the passengers, answers to 29 questions which are required by 9/21/2020. Once they get the responses, it will take more than 30 days to process. There also was supposed to be a big meeting with the cruise industry yesterday, so I am thinking we can all look at AIDA on their cruises, but unless we meet CDC guidelines out of this country, we aren't going to be cruising this year. We even moved our January '21 cruise to December '21. am thinking the announcement will be made mid August. In the end of the day, on a Thursday.
  7. I really enjoy Make it with Michaels. We made Christmas ornaments in December, and we painted tiny little paintings last spring. It's early mornings on sea days, so we grab coffee and a pastry, and then go to "Art camp". When we finish our product, we put them in the cabin and head for brunch.. It's a great opportunity for second breakfast. LOL! and I get a souvenir from our cruise.
  8. Submarine in Grand Cayman. It was fantastic! I am claustrophobic, and I had no problems, because it was so fascinating seeing what the ocean looks like at depths, I cant scuba to. -this is my favorite water excursion My favorite land excursion was Uxmal outside Progresso. I went to Chichen Itza the next year, but Uxmal and the Hacienda is hands down so far the best excursion, history, culture, food, great tour guides. I really want to go back, but our next cruise celebrates the DH's 70th, so he wants back to Chichen itza.
  9. I know someone will tell me, but it's a line dance, to the left, to the left, to the left, to the right....etc, now work it on out....
  10. My June 8th Fantasy was cancelled, rebooked for same cruise 10/26 and will make it a B2B with our 10/31 cruise. I hope. If those are cancelled, then I will apply funds to pay off my 9/2021 Journeys cruise.
  11. 2shoes, I will see you on board-You got the dates right!
  12. If heading south, I prefer the port side, since you get the morning sun which is a bit cooler, than the afternoon sun. It has been so long since we have had a balcony, I no longer worry about it. DH's memory is not what it used to be, so I choose starboard all the time now. that way all he has to look for is odd numbers.
  13. and why is that? i'm going to throw the dirty laundry in one bag, and the clean laundry in another, seems pretty easy to me.
  14. Thank you. I am pretty sure I get the same cabin steward, as Part 1 is on the empress deck, starboard, last window cabin in the front, and Part 2 is three doors down. empress deck, starboard, porthole. The last time we were on the Fantasy, the cabin steward had both cabins, cant see it change that much. And of course, I will pack everything in my suitcase. I guess I will need my passport, and boarding pass for Part 2 in hand when we get off/on. DH told me he thought that having the picture taken was cool!. How big a crowd have you seen for the B2B'ers?
  15. They may be vague due to no one knows the future. Seems to me, that having your money will help them keep solvent, but not if they have to keep giving money back. I hope you get a nice cruise this year!
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