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  1. I trust common sense. And Fauci offers common sense. First there was the mention of a disease that was very contagious. I was at my dermatologists that day... I asked him if he thought i should stay home for a week, and this is what he said-if you can drive your own car, work in an enclosed office and not be near anyone, go to work-if not stay home, and we will see what happens in two weeks. I called my office, and told them my doc wanted me to stay home for two weeks, they were not happy. (Technically i am retired and work part time) I called two weeks later and was told that Atlanta had come in with Police, and they closed our office. And that was the first week of March 2020. Mask or don't mask? Do you want to breathe in my germs, do I want to breath in your germs? No. So we wear masks. A year and a half went by, and I was really retired. And can barely pay bills, so I called my old boss, and he asked if I had wifi, which i did, then i could work from home. I am in telemarketing and I hear stuff all the time. Put it this way, last Thursday I only talked with 5 people, two of them had had covid, one was a long hauler. She has been sick since LAST June. Friday I talk with 4 people,, the first guy was home with Covid. The second person said that since Covid was over, he would love to come back the the symphony (not Atlanta).. Every one has a different view, but since I am not seeing it getting better, I wear a mask. If it's the store or a large crowd, I wear two. I dont need the government to tell me that things arent quite right with this world. We asked DH's heart doc last week if he thought that we could or would need booster shots, and he said, yes you should be able to get one in a couple months, and guess what, they (you know who they are)said this week in the news, that we will need booster shots. I have come to the conclusion that we are in a battle with germs. They out number us, so we have to outsmart something without a brain.☺️
  2. DH and I were at the doctors on Friday. I was having problems with veins, and DH finished radiation for cancer earlier this year. We told him that we were booked on a cruise, yes we are vaccinated, and he said loudly-NO!!!!! It's not just your health now, it's what is going to happen with the pandemic in the future! Put it off for a year...he said. Easier said than done as we already had a cruise booked for April and September next year. To book the same cruise to the Southern Caribbean would cost over 1K more, and since we are both "retired" neither by choice, but health, we couldn't afford to move that particular cruise. So, we chose another cruise that we have wanted to do over the years, but it's in 2023. DH says he hopes we are still both alive and mobile by that time. Carnival doesn't own HMC, Holland does, so I guess they get first dibs. I have looked at the zones that the CDC states are hot spots. Well, Grand Turk is on the low side, and the US is not. They don't want us there. As far as the Dominican Republic, they are getting the vaccine, but they are at the same zone as we are, which is a 3. Grand Turk is a 1. If they are healthy why would they want a whole bunch of folks who might not be. Moving from one port to another might be because these small islands do not want the risk of having us in their ports, not so much us skipping them to keep ourselves safe. Right now, we are the problem. So, we too moved our cruise, we hope for a healthier next year, and I hope that you who are still cruising stay happy, cruise happy and get vaccinated!
  3. IF they really loved us, they would serve us at the buffet, and not let folks serve themselves. Or give us gloves to serve ourselves. The salads would be made to order with no salad bar, the cakes would be behind a counter, and you would have to order a piece. The main dining room would have 4 seatings a night with no dining at your own time. And the folks you sit with in the dining room would be your pals. You would wear wrist bands based on your seating, and hang with those folks only. These ideas are not new, they were tossed around by the cruise industry and the CDC months ago. If we all loved ourselves we would have all been vaccinated months ago, ready to get on that ship now. Ray98, we are not scared to live. We just don't want to die at this time if we can help ourselves to not do so. We are all on this site because we love cruising, and we want to stay in touch with the idea of being on a ship. Although we mostly speculate.
  4. Curacao is a level four, announced yesterday-so that may change too. Bimini is a great fishing island, I am jealous you all are going there. Loved Amber Cove, so if you get there, enjoy! We didn't stay in port, and I kind of wish I did. Cruise Happy!
  5. you are escorted off the ship and back on to the ship. No stopping-no bars, restaurants or shopping. If you do, guess what, they leave you at that port. Getting back is your problem. And no, I would not get on a bubble excursion, knowing that i am surrounded by folks that wont get a vaccine. Good luck on your cruise! Have fun, and travel safe.
  6. Good morning. Just read on the news that Carnival will (as of now) require all cruisers, vaccinated or not to wear masks while indoors. They will re-evaluate on 10/31. The mayor of Atlanta spoke on Tuesday, both Dekalb and Fulton counties (they share Atlanta and we live in Dekalb) have seen such a large rise in cases that she is asking for the mask mandate in these two counties again. Not sure anything has been set in stone yet. We just got back from a week in south Florida. The office for the hotels and condo rental all required masks in the office, and any shared space. On Sanibel the grocery store asked for us to be masked, but in restaurants there were very few who wore masks. We took a day cruise, mask required. We saw folks being refused access into businesses for not wearing a mask. One interesting observance-we are Cracker Barrel fans, we stopped for breakfast heading south in Macon. Our first time we stopped very few folks were wearing masks in the restaurant. We stopped for coffee on the way back home, and every one that worked there was wearing masks. Every where we went are now reporting high rates, so glad that we were vaccinated. Safe travels folks!
  7. it is odd though, if you look at the two pics above-one shows the red line under the cove balconies, and one shows the red line below deck 2. ????
  8. I know it is a trick of the eye, but when i see all that blue at the bottom of the ship, I think it's sinking. The Magic is our next cruise, in December, our first BIG ship. Can't wait!
  9. I think they just stop selling when they reach "X" amount. If they have already over sold that amount, they will take the people who booked last and try to reschedule them, or make the whole group an offer that many cant refuse. The 8 day cruises have been off sale for a while.
  10. It really doesn't state that the cruise will be 8 days. It just says if you stay with your cruise, you will be compensated 100 bucks. One hundred bucks doesn't even cover one night on the ship, so i hope you get your 8 days. And if not very many people cancel, well they will cruise-7 or 8 days. Good luck!
  11. It seems that Carnival is always anxious to put money in their pockets before they have sealed the deal with the CDC. If they are going to cruise without vaccinated folks and you have to be tested, then arrival time really will be an arrival time, and then get tested, and then process your boarding. If they go with everyone vaccinated--legally- then FTTF is a great perk. Either way, they have your money before you even know the rules of cruising yet. What good would FTTF be if you have to sit in your cabin until 4 in the afternoon? Playing devils advocate here.
  12. That's great, but on Monday Florida had 94 deaths from Covid-the highest in weeks-so what counties should we avoid? I don't think that the government should do that "ban" the mask. It kept covid down, it kept the flu down, and if people feel safer wearing it, then what is the problem? Georgia is only 30% vaccinated for Covid. I feel a whole lot safer wearing a mask, and i have been vaccinated. I don't think that Kemp in GA would be able to get away with a non mask mandate at only 30% vaccinated. Stay safe, stay well.
  13. No, you cant fish from the ship....just a running joke in our family, especially since i love to fish...DH? not so much. What would you do with a fish anyway?
  14. it's the least of my worries...soda, but I like Pepsi better. Well actually I like root beer best, add vanilla ice-cream, and i am one happy cruiser....😸
  15. This is an automated email, We just got two, and our cruise is in December. I do hope we all get to cruise.
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