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  1. So sorry to read your news, Lois - hope all is now going well for you. You have had enough to put up with lately. Take care, and keep coming back to the Coolers bar for refreshment, Lola
  2. Apropos of mysty's funny - our lunch was the Lazy Old Englishwoman's version of Welsh Rarebit. With some Oz Shiraz to go with it. Toast one side of a slice of wholemeal bread under the grill. Butter the other side, top with sliced (by me) strong cheddar, and sprinkle on a very liberal amount of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire (pr. wusstersher) sauce and back under the grill until brown and bubbling. Inauthentic, but very tasty. Today I put some leftover thinly sliced tomato and red pepper under the cheese; even better. Still loving the animals; if I am allowed to have current favourites, they are Gypsy - adorable - and Muffin, with the disdainful expression. They are all lovely - life-enhancing pictures. Lola
  3. Thanks so much - pets and funnies all rolled up into one. Lola
  4. FSS - very apt! A few more nice pix of coolers' cats and dogs (and maybe other pets?) would not come amiss. Lola
  5. Thanks, tts, just what we need today. And not forgetting Davey wavey's cat Rosie - the absolute epitome of superior arrogant better-that-humans catness, if ever I saw it. These two pix just show up the huge personality difference between the cats we live with , and the dogs! Lola
  6. I think we both know he answer to that, rosepark. The other accompaniment for lamb (and I prefer shoulder too) of course is redcurrant sauce or jelly. Lola
  7. Mint sauce is very British, and very old fashioned. But made with a lot of mint and a small amount of sherry or wine vinegar, plus a bit of sugar, IMO delicious with lamb. It goes back, I believe, to when you had to disguise meat which had gone off a bit with a sweet sauce, hence mint for lamb and apple for pork. We have improved a bit since those days. My abomination is the garish mint jelly normally served on cruise ships, bright green and horrible. Or bottled mint sauce.
  8. Have to agree about McVities choc. digestives - has to be plain chocolate of course. If we are in the mood for something a bit more fancy, Waitrose do a Belgian chocolate chip cookie; texture just like an American cookie, which is very rich and yummy. Two is definitely enough, luckily, as you only get 8 in a box. None of this compares with the fancy home cooked dishes produced by jp et al, but there is something to be said for sweet comfort food at present, when you just want to slump in front of the tv with a cup of tea or coffee, or hot chocolate. But I am surprised that Oreos are genuinely popular, I am afraid I really did not like them. Lola
  9. Thanks Steve - I am interested to read what our friends across the pond say; I believe they are very popular in the USA.
  10. Looking at the pix of American 'treats', I don't know any of them, but did once buy a packet of Oreos, which I think are a favourite biscuit/cookie, and really could not understand why people rave about them. I believe they got thrown in the bin - is it me, or do others find them pretty awful? One biscuit we do love is Lotus - the ones you get with a coffee sometimes in a cafe - and can buy in packets - originally got them because we used to have various Lotus cars, but we find them addictive, as do our young ones. Crisp and a bit spiced. Maybe only in the UK.
  11. The raptors in our garden are essentially sparrowhawks. You don't often see them in action, but there are fairly frequent rings of pigeon feathers around as a giveaway. Lots of kestrels too. My son works as a volunteer at an osprey nest watching site in the Lake District. It is great that they are around. Lola
  12. So many of these funnies strike home with me, I am afraid. Does the wine one apply to many of you? I am certainly needing that first drink fairly early these days, and maybe consuming slightly more than B.C. This seems to be the case with lots of Brits at present, the doom merchants suggesting that there are far more people with a serous 'drink problem'. However, it is a lovely day here in England |(southern end anyway), and could be the last day for sunbathing for some time, so about to go into the garden for some vitamin D. Hope all you coolers are having a good day, Lola
  13. Just who gave you permission to print a photo of me? Just who gave you permission to print this photo of me, pray??
  14. Good morning, everyone I really appreciate all the kind and wise words in the last many posts - and I too hope that Jeff's intelligent, helpful and interesting posts - not to mention photos of food and drink and views - will not be lost to us for any time at all. And hoping that Jeff and his wife celebrated their iconic birthdays with oodles of champagne. Lola
  15. Thanks all of you for varied views. Just for its revenge, my computer appeared to conk out, and after a couple of frantic calls to DIL, who is a whizz, turns out the router was playing up. All good (for now). It is quite important, at present, as apart from all else I order my groceries online each week, and would have been a bit stuck this week. And as I said, feeling better already, especially with your supportive messages - including (most of) Jeff's! Just poured a g and t as well. Such is life, Lola
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