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  1. We always try for a lower deck mid ship balcony. I get motion sickness easily, and never had a problem in that location.
  2. We are sailing on the Joy this winter. The Joy is a sister ship of the Bliss. We really enjoyed the Bliss last year. Like stated before, they tried to makeover the ship to be as close as possible the the Bliss. They installed all new carpet, and new lightning in some areas on a ship that is only two years old. Both ships have a great observation decks that makes it perfect for Alaska and Pamama canal trips. The success of the Bliss, and demand for more west coast cruises helped with the decision .
  3. I have a question also about the drink package. The question has nothing to do with tax or tip. I need someone to refresh my memory as I have been on another cruise since we were on the Bliss and don't remember for sure. While on the Bliss, am pretty sure I was able to go to the bar and order two drinks with just my card. That was really nice because I would grab two mojito' s to take back to the balcony for us. Is it still that way? Also, I thought I could get a bottle of water at the bar just by showing card. Is that correct? If I have to buy water, is it priced the same as if you ordered it pre-cruise.
  4. I guess what I am talking about is this, the cruise is seven months out, and the web site shows that there are only GTY balconies available . It doesn't say balconies are sold out, it says they are GTY . It is hard to believe that I would not be able to pick my balcony this early, as i am willing to pay to choose my room. Also, most cruise line web sites show deck plans that clearly show the available rooms left. Easy to determine what rooms are left.
  5. Thank you. Very helpful. Looks like I need to be on top of it around 60 days out. And nice to know you can upgrade.
  6. We just booked a February cruise and got the $99 per person airfare also. (Deal maker for us) So you received your flight information 53 days ahead of the cruise. Did you receive the information via email or by checking your booking on the web site. Once you were able to log into the airlines web site, did you find that the seat assignments they selected had you sitting together. Would their selections have worked out for you? Then when you did change your seat locations, was there many choices ? Thank you. And others that have been through this can chime in too.
  7. We decided on our last cruise to go ahead a try the grantee balcony since it was just the two of us. We ended up directly above the Caravan club on the Bliss. The only bad thing about it was during our nightcap out on our balcony to hear the waves crashing, we could only hear the conversations from the outdoor bar just like if we were there. We saved a few hundred dollars so made the best of it. If you can't beat them, join them. And had fun. What I don't understand is that when I tried to originally book our room, the on-line booking said all they had was GYT. I booked fairly early, and I really wondered why I didn't even have the option to pick my room. Is there a way to find the rooms available to pick. Like the deck plan that shows the reserved rooms like some other cruise lines. Any advice about how to find rooms to pick. Is Norwegian holding rooms out that should be available. What is going on with how Norwegian books rooms. Even though I cruised with them before, I feel lost on there website, like I am missing something.
  8. Go to Youtube and look up Nightmare excursion / Costa Maya It is about the La Bamba beach club. Celebrity was calling it the "beach escape beach club" until we got on the ship. We were then notified of the change to La Bamba beach club. The youtube video is not mine. And it actually looks better on the video than the descriptions I got from some that went.
  9. I was wondering how they choose who would be the first off the ship and thereafter. Did it seem like it went well.
  10. I was on a recent Equinox cruise and was not able to flush the toilet on two seperate occasions for about an hour each time. Just saying.
  11. We cancelled. I talked to others that went. Bus was fine. Bad road. They said shipping containers for buildings and did not even try to go in the water.
  12. I agree with you about the pool bar staffing. It was very low staffed on our recent Equinox cruise. I had wondered what it would be like now that most have the drink package perk. I usually went to an inside bar.
  13. El Barco is 100 percent correct. The Costa Maya Beach Break is now called La Bamba beach break. They advised us the first day on board. El Barco's description is accurate.
  14. I had the same experience on the Equinox a few weeks ago. Even getting call drinks within the classic package was hard at the pool bars. I would ask for Malibu rum, and only one bartender would listen.
  15. I make sure I take one tablet of non drowsy Dramamine starting the day of my flight. Since you are already queasy , I would max dose with original Dramamine, then once I felt fine, switch to non drowsy as a preventive. I have heard that if you float in the pool, it may stop the motion sickness. I never tried that.
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