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  1. Go to Youtube and look up Nightmare excursion / Costa Maya It is about the La Bamba beach club. Celebrity was calling it the "beach escape beach club" until we got on the ship. We were then notified of the change to La Bamba beach club. The youtube video is not mine. And it actually looks better on the video than the descriptions I got from some that went.
  2. I was wondering how they choose who would be the first off the ship and thereafter. Did it seem like it went well.
  3. I was on a recent Equinox cruise and was not able to flush the toilet on two seperate occasions for about an hour each time. Just saying.
  4. We cancelled. I talked to others that went. Bus was fine. Bad road. They said shipping containers for buildings and did not even try to go in the water.
  5. I agree with you about the pool bar staffing. It was very low staffed on our recent Equinox cruise. I had wondered what it would be like now that most have the drink package perk. I usually went to an inside bar.
  6. El Barco is 100 percent correct. The Costa Maya Beach Break is now called La Bamba beach break. They advised us the first day on board. El Barco's description is accurate.
  7. I had the same experience on the Equinox a few weeks ago. Even getting call drinks within the classic package was hard at the pool bars. I would ask for Malibu rum, and only one bartender would listen.
  8. I make sure I take one tablet of non drowsy Dramamine starting the day of my flight. Since you are already queasy , I would max dose with original Dramamine, then once I felt fine, switch to non drowsy as a preventive. I have heard that if you float in the pool, it may stop the motion sickness. I never tried that.
  9. I just got off the Equinox a few weeks ago. Elysium was still playing. They also had a really good Paul McCartney tribute. And Ashley Amber singing Whitney Houston was really entertaining.
  10. I know what you are talking about. I think you mean the days of assigned seating where they seated your party of two with a table for eight and everyone showed up every night at the same time, and became friends. Well, those days are gone. Anytime dinning and specialty restaurants changed all that. Like others said. You can go to Blu or the main dinning room anytime you want. And yes the portions in Blu are smaller. But the starters are delicious, And I was allowed to order two. And i actually had room for dessert. I was happy with Blu.
  11. We did not hear any noise from the upper deck on the Equinox last week, the whistling noise from the balcony door seal drowned it out.
  12. My one and only Alaska trip was the end of July on Princess. There were many large family groups with children. I would say at least 25 percent of the passengers were kids. I did not realize so many families with kids would even want to go on an Alaskan cruise. Many parents seemed to just turn their kids loose. I swore I would not take another cruise while school was out. But it seems Celebrity does not target kids as much as other cruiselines, so maybe the kids won't be as wild.
  13. First time celebrity cruise. We just got off Equinox last week. (1) During the day while at sea, the pool bars are packed and hard to get a drink. So I went to the Passport bar on deck three. Not busy and had some good $9.00 drinks. I liked the pomegranate mojito. Bring both cards if you want two drinks. That's odd. (2) The theater was easy to get a seat. Got there 10 minutes before the show and never had a bad seat. (3) Had breakfast in Blu and had the best made to order omelette, made with real eggs. Had English bacon, and bacon done just right. I imagine main dinning has the same. (4) They do have blended frappichino at the coffee place. We love having coffee on the balcony, but went with the cold coffee for the hot days. They have cookies and pastry for free too. I liked the oatmeal raisin cookies.
  14. And we keeped getting locked out at crucial times.
  15. I was just at the Costa Maya port last Tuesday. The port pool looked very nice. You could enjoy the pool and people watch. But what caught my eye was a sandy beach area with lounge chairs immediately to the left of the pier as you walk in. It looked similar to a private beach club. You could not go into the water though because it was rocks. I asked on my way back to the ship if there was a charge to sit there and was told it was free. It looked really nice. So between the pool, that sand beach area, and an adult beverage, I think you will not miss much. Others I talked too went to a beach club and described it as just OK. Similar to how the pictures look.
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