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  1. Anyone have a suggestion on how to reach BCC or have a contact's email address? I spent 1 1/2 hours on hold and got disconnected twice trying to pay for a cruise booked through the casino. You would think that it should be easier to pay for a reservation.
  2. Anyone have a suggestion on how to reach BCC or have a contact's email address? I spent 1 1/2 hours on hold and got disconnected twice trying to pay for a cruise booked through the casino.
  3. You were right. Payment was only the taxes and then an option to upgrade.
  4. Must be missing something. The balcony and mini-suite are much more expensive than they were this week and don't include any special promotions. Do they think that this will entice people back to cruise on NCL?
  5. Has anyone heard about a new sale by NCL supposedly starting on Monday?
  6. Forgot to ask, did anyone get an offer to upgrade for a nominal price?
  7. For those who got the BCC promotion, how much of a deposit did you have to put down? Our cruise was $240 in taxes for both of us, yet they say the a deposit of $900 is due within 5 days. Am I missing something?
  8. The dates range from Oct. to March.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Has anyone received a promotion from Celebrity Clue Chip offering a free cabin on about 60 different dates? Except then I got an email that there was such a demand it would be 2 weeks before someone would be able to contact me about the cruise. Any one have a direct contact, that is still there?
  11. I know I must be missing it, but would appreciate knowing what the link is to the spreadsheet and if you can search by ship. Thanks.
  12. I understand that the Premium Plus doesn't take the place of the Premium Plan. I was asking when NCL implemented this as a new package and became a higher category, with more benefits than the Premium package.
  13. Does anyone know when the Premium Plus Plan superseded the Premium Plan? When we added this perk, we thought that bottled water, fresh juices and speciality coffees were included in the package. Now I see why people say that NCL nickels and dimes you. Unless I am doing the math wrong for a 12 day cruise the additional cost would be over $700. Are there any deals where you can upgrade the beverage package at a reasonable price?
  14. We are interested in booking a fall trip on the Sky. Under cabin reviews there was very little information about the Sky. Does anyone know which balconies or mini-suites have bigger cabins or mini-suites?
  15. At the top of the page there is a section under cabin information compilation, which compares compares different cabins on NCL ships. I could not find a listing for the Encore.
  16. This forum doesn't seem to include the Encore. Is there any similar section which combines cabins on the Encore?
  17. I remember reading somewhere that Celebrity has great pillows, and it mentioned the company who produced them. Had planned on checking that out this month, but obviously our cruise was cancelled. Anyone know the name of the company?
  18. Within the BB and BD category which cabins are larger like a hump cabin? Appreciate help choosing a cabin. Thanks
  19. Is it possible to do a 3 hour tour of Belfast and see the city from the Protestant and Catholic sides and do a tour of the Titanic? Or is too much ground to cover in 1 day?
  20. What are the sweet 16 on the S class ships?
  21. Would appreciate advise on which of these Reflection cabins have a larger balcony or room 1249, 9374 or 9241? Thanks
  22. Thanks. Appreciate the clarification.
  23. With the beverage package, what qualifies as a speciality coffee and what kind of coffee do they use?
  24. If you get the classic beverage package, but order a premium drink, do you just pay the difference plus the difference in the tip or do you have to pay the whole cost of the drink plus the gratuity? Appreciate the advice
  25. Has anyone been in 9241 on the Reflection and does it have a bigger balcony? Thanks
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