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  1. We are planning a family reunion of about 20 to 24 people on a cruise ship next summer. We wondering if anyone has been able to reserve dining for a group like this on a nightly basis. Thanks
  2. On our last Norwegian cruise, on the Bliss I went cheap and went for an inside cabin. Never again! It way too small. No place to sit except on the bed. Only one person could be moving around at a time.
  3. Unless you specifically paid it in advance you will be charged a daily service charge onboard. Any tipping beyond that is strictly optional.
  4. It is there to warn small boats.
  5. The bid amount, if accepted, is in addition to the cruise fare you have already paid
  6. Please keep us posted on anything you can dind.
  7. Duck tape is usually called duct tape.
  8. Yes, from my house in San Diego to the cruise terminal.
  9. Actually the Lyft fare estimator quotes $140 to $160. Not bad for door to door service. I just want to know if anyone as real life experience, as I said in the first place.
  10. Check and see if there will be more than one ship in port. If there are congestion gets a lot worse.
  11. We are looking for one way transportation from San Diego to San Pedro for a cruise in early May. I do NOT want to drive a rental car if I can avoid it. Has anyone used Uber or Lyft? Thanks
  12. The trip into Endicott arm is just to see glaciers, yes you will see them there at lest.
  13. Since you are in California you should check with your local casinos and see if the offer this perk. You do NOT have a gamble a lot on the ship. Another advantage is that if you are a CAS passenger you get free drinks in the casino. (A small tip each time seems to speed up service a lot)
  14. My wife and I are both platinum. it seems that we used to end up with 4 meals and two bottles of wine, one for each. However it appears that under the new system we sill get a total of 4 meals but only one bottle of wine.Is that right?
  15. Previously there was a shortcut to vies new posts in all topics. Now it s gone. I miss it. Please put it back!
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