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  1. The are multiple cruise ships off of San Diego now. Most are are at anchor or tied up at the pier but the Norwegian Joy keeps moving in circles at about 1 knot. Why?
  2. There are at least half a dozen cruise ships sitting off the coast but these two ships have been tied up at the pier except for brief periods for more than a month. Would it not be much cheaper to join the others offshore, they must be paying a lot for the pier space.
  3. Both the Celebrity Eclipse and the Disney Wonder are tied up at the San Diego B Street pier for the duration. This week, on separate days both have left the pier, gone a few miles offshore and circled around for a few hours and then returned. Out of idle curiosity I wonder why? Do they dump garbage, lubricate some moving parts or is there another reason?
  4. December is rainy season, either city could have rain but San Francisco is far more likely to be wet and cold. If you are using a hotel San Diego is much cheaper and has hotels in walking distance of the pier.
  5. For the last several days I the Holland America Website has refused my username and password. Is it just me?
  6. I constantly am told that power strips with surge protectors are forbidden. I just got back from a cruise on the HAL Oosterdam and watched a crew member setting up for a lecture plugging in and using a garden variety power strip with a surge protector. Is thai all another myth?
  7. If both flights are on Alaska it should be fine
  8. The price of cigarettes is the same everywhere. A slow painful expensive death.
  9. Next time I will be sure to sit at you table, sneeze, cough continually an blow my nose all through the meals.
  10. Here is the situation. Cruise booked leaving from home town, no air or hotel etc. involved. No insurance. A day prior to leaving I come down with a nasty cold. The morning we were to leave on the cruise I knew I could not go so we were a no-show. My question is what would have happened if we had gone to check in and filled out the health form truthfully. Could we be sure that we would have been denied boarding? If we had been would we have gotten the full fare refunded?
  11. We are planning a family reunion of about 20 to 24 people on a cruise ship next summer. We wondering if anyone has been able to reserve dining for a group like this on a nightly basis. Thanks
  12. On our last Norwegian cruise, on the Bliss I went cheap and went for an inside cabin. Never again! It way too small. No place to sit except on the bed. Only one person could be moving around at a time.
  13. Unless you specifically paid it in advance you will be charged a daily service charge onboard. Any tipping beyond that is strictly optional.
  14. It is there to warn small boats.
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