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  1. Apologies I didn’t make it very clear. There are four DD anft suites  and 4CC aft suites,  but in total there are only four right at the back.  we didn’t want deck 11 because of the smokers. We noticed the smoke many times sitting on deck 12 having lunch at the Veranda. It was horrible.

  2. Some cabins are very popular on certain decks so I guess they sell at 35%. Quite quick . The big 4 aft suites have one only at 35% I believe then the discount drops. 

  3. Glad you got what you want everyone. We pre registered on 21st March so getting close! 
    We want  an aft suite and only a couple are good enough for us. Have to be careful of smoking (deck 11), under the decks. It was very unpleasant inhaling smoke whilst having lunch out the back on a warm day on deck 12 . 

  4. Everything opens on my phone but not my pc would be easier to see on my pc. 
    Do you know when we will get a price? 

  5. Just over the last 12 months we have cruised with 4 different companies. 
    Best Food;

    1st Saga

    2nd Oceania

    3rd Regent

    4th Seabourn

     Seabourn was tasteless and having watched a chicken being sliced in front of us that was oozing blood, never again. 

  6. 1 hour ago, JMMKUK said:

    I presume the CD wasn't JoBo.

    Hope you enjoyed your cruise Jane even though it wasn't quite the one you booked.

    Have they offered any compensation?

    no not JoBo, but everyone was saying how could she was. It was Corey. The only negative to the cruise apart from generator problems.

    No compensation offered yet but we are in the process of an email. 
    We did get a letter on board with the original itinerary and the new one. For insurance applications. States it was weather. ! 

  7. On 2/3/2024 at 12:44 PM, LondonLad60 said:

    I didn't really mind being shot at. I was more miffed at being awoken from my afternoon Zzzz by the  sound of a pipe and drum band outside our balcony...

    I wish we had known the pipe and drum were there. No word from CD! 

  8. 4 minutes ago, JMMKUK said:

    Are there still only 9 cases?

    The launderettes & hydrotherapy pool were open at the height of Covid.

    No idea how many today. The 9 yesterday were confirmed and we were told no new cases then. I think the communication in the tannoy system is poor. We didn’t hear cruise director from Thursday evening until yesterday afternoon. (Tuesday) on the tannoy. Occasional captain messages. 

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