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  1. We do already have our round trip Anchorage booked... I did that the same day we booked the cruise! Can you tell me who you used for the private transfer to Whittier? I will check to see how that rate compares to 4 train or bus fares... thanks!
  2. Does anyone know if Phillips Cruises ever does Black Friday sales (or any other time sales)? We were going to book the 26 glaciers cruise for next June before we get on our Princess ship... Thanks!
  3. I just called Avis and they are seeing the same message that the Whittier location will be closed... Her suggestion was to try again in a couple of months and see if it is updated by then.. I will wait awhile and try again, and if I still get the same message, I will call the Anchorage office and see if they can get me the information.. thanks!
  4. Planning our June 2020 Alaska trip... Our original plan was flying into Anchorage, renting a car from Avis, driving to Denali, then back to Anchorage and returning the car the night before the cruise. We are going to do the 26 Glaciers cruise before boarding the ship, so we were planning to purchase the combo train ticket/26 glaciers ticket. Now that I know there is an Avis location in Whittier, we were wondering if it would be better/cheaper to just return the rental car to Whittier and drive ourselves down there instead of taking the train. The only issue with that is we would still have our luggage instead of being able to hand it off to the Princess tent at the train station. But we could store it at the 26 glaciers office... The Avis website won't let me price that out to see how much more expensive that one-way rental would be, since the Whittier location is only open seasonally and the website shows it will be closed next June, since it shows it's only open until September, 2019. There will be 2 couples traveling together, so that would be 4 train tickets we wouldn't have to pay for.... ($103 each = $412 total). I can't believe the difference for a one-way rental would be that much or more.... OR is it really worth the extra cost to take the train? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated... thanks!
  5. None of the British Isles cruises, either for Spring 2020 or Spring 2021 (which is what we have booked) are showing the 3FF promotion.. I was really hoping those prices would have come down...
  6. The banner is not there.... I was hoping maybe they just hadn't gotten all the cruises added to the promo yet! We booked it at launch so we have no promotions on that booking....so anything would be an improvement as long as the price didn't go up.... Oh well, we will just wait until the next "sale" and see if it's included then... thanks..
  7. Our May, 2021 British Isles doesn't show the 3FF.... Anyone know if it will be included? I was really hoping for a price reduction!
  8. It doesn't look like our 5/2/21 British Isles is included... I just checked it and it is still showing the same launch pricing.. 😞 I was really hoping it would be included in this sail.... oh well, fingers crossed for the next sale!
  9. Thank you! I was hoping to hear from someone else who had experienced the same thing and then had no problems!
  10. The seats are NOT marked Seats Requested... I wouldn't be worried if they were! They are just showing as white - unavailable.
  11. We are already members of Delta Skymiles, since we live in Atlanta and that is the main airline down here...And we are signed up for alerts via email and text.... And I always regularly check our flights online to be sure there haven't been any equipment changes and our seats were reassigned...I was just worried that when EZ Air goes to actually ticket the flight, it wouldn't give us our seat... (I'm a worrier!) Thanks!
  12. I know I should Coral, but I'm pretty anal about everything... I try to not be, but it's so hard! 😃
  13. Does it matter if my cruise personalizer for travel arrangements doesn't show our seat assignments, but the Delta website does? And of course if I try to request seats in the personalizer, it won't let me select our existing seats because it thinks they are taken.... I asked our TA to contact them and get it fixed, which he did, and was told that there was nothing they could do... but it didn't matter because what was important is what Delta was showing... If that is true, I will just have to accept it, but I don't want to end up with no seat assignments for the only nonstop ATL-ANC flight that day because of this issue.... We don't really want to change seats because we are traveling with another couple... The cruise is in June, 2020....Has anyone else had this happen before? Any suggestions on how to get it fixed, or do I just need to stop worrying? Thanks!
  14. I hope that's not the complete list.... our 12 day British Isles cruise in May, 2021 isn't on there.. 😞 Our June 2020 Alaska cruise is on there, but unless the base fare goes down, I don't think it will be worth it for us to switch from the booking we did under sip and sail.... We could live without the alcohol, but cannot live without the soda and coffee package... if I add that on and take away the credit for the gratuities and OBC, we are only paying $86 total for the upgrade to the PBP. Since we are booked in a mini-suite, I don't think the free upgrade would apply to us... I will still check the prices next week and see....
  15. Did anyone have any problems with motion sickness? I will be wearing my Seabands and take a Dramamine before we board the ship, but that's why I will be requesting the bigger boat.... Thanks!
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