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  1. We actually decided today to completely change everything and switch this British Isles cruise for a Viking Mediterranean cruise with an itinerary we like a lot better... but thanks for all your help!
  2. We actually have decided today to completely change things and switch this British Isles Cruise to a Viking Mediterranean cruise with an itinerary we like a lot better... But thanks to all for your help!
  3. We are leaning towards 7/20 or 9/18 if we change from 8/25... Anything good or bad between those dates? Thanks!
  4. In looking at the available cabins on the different dates of that cruise (yes, we might be changing the date too because of pet sitter availability, but that's a different story!), we like the premium balcony cabins with the larger balconies that are half covered and half uncovered... Any thoughts on which of these is better? C330, C402, C331, C401... in that general area? None of them are connecting cabins.. I looked at that this time since I had no idea our current cabin was a connecting one! Thanks!
  5. US pearls- you are right… we always prefer to be out on the balcony instead of in the room, so we decided to go for the smaller room with the covered balcony… hopefully one will be available when I look at making the change… thanks to all for your help!
  6. Thank you for all the information! We do like to sit outside on the balcony, so I wanted a covered one in case it was raining…. I guess we have to decide if we want a covered balcony or a sofa…😊
  7. We are currently booked on the 8/25/22 sailing of the Emerald Princess British Isles cruise. But because of a conflict with getting a pet sitter we have to change our dates. Which dates would be best out of these choices: 6/2/22, 6/26/22, 7/20/22, or 9/18/22? I know the days are longer in June but didn’t know if rain or rough seas might be more likely in certain months. Thanks!
  8. We are currently booked in mini suite E731 on the emerald princess British Isles cruise on 8/25/22. We booked that particular cabin due to the large oversized balcony but the more I think about being at the very back of the ship, the less I like it. I am very prone to motion sickness and I’m afraid that it might become a problem so I would like to move closer to mid ship. However the only mini suites that are available closer to mid ship are on dolphin deck which I believe have uncovered balconies. Is it better to take an uncovered balcony mini suite on dolphin deck or perhaps change to a bal
  9. Thank you John Bull... I was hoping you would be able to answer me... I had seen one of your previous posts about Ashdod days being the most cancelled port and I was hoping Jerusalem was doable from Haifa... though if it's not safe to dock there, I wonder if we would want to tour there! 😂
  10. Did you ever get an answer to this question? I posted the same question yesterday but haven’t gotten any replies yet...
  11. We are booked on the October 27 Azamara Israel intensive cruise in cabin 7085, because it was one of the few cabins available at the time we booked it...but now there are other cabins available and we would like to move closer to midship... is one side of the ship better for the cruise from Greece to Israel or the time spent in port in Israel? Fingers crossed that this cruise will actually happen! Thanks!
  12. We are booked on the October 27 Israel intensive cruise on the Pursuit... IF by a miracle it actually happens, I was looking at available cabins and it looks like a lot of people have canceled their bookings and we could switch to a different cabin closer to midship. We are currently booked in 7085 which was one of only 3 cabins available when we booked this cruise, but now we could move up to any cabins between 7061-7073 or 7048-7072. Does anyone know which side of the ship would be better for this cruise? Anyone have experience with any of those cabins as to which ones might be as good or
  13. We got the email from our TA today that our 8/22 British isles cruise was switched to Emerald from Crown. Are the cabins the same on both? We had booked E731 for the extra large balcony but if the Emerald doesn’t have the same large balcony in that cabin, I would prefer to move closer to midship. And are the balconies on the Emerald deck covered on the Emerald Princess like they are on the Crown? Thanks!
  14. Glad to hear they are planning all these cruises out of Athens... that is where our 10/27/21 Israel intensive AZ cruise is leaving from... hopefully it will really happen!
  15. That's what I was hoping too! But we are really hoping to go this year!
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