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  1. That is what I keep telling myself too... there is nothing I can do to change it, so however far we can go, hopefully we will see some wildlife!
  2. Never mind, just received the reset email... sorry!
  3. Is anyone else having problems logging in to the Princess website? It says it can't find my login email or password, so I assumed I had forgotten what the password was and tried to reset it.. It said if your email address was found, you will receive a reset email, but I never received it... So then I tried to create a new account, thinking that they had somehow lost my information, and it says that email address is already being used.. Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me? Thanks!
  4. That tour looks great, but are there any recommended tour operators that might combine tours to Loch Ness and the Macallan distillery? My husband would like to see both if possible when we are there... thanks!
  5. We have our Tundra Wilderness Tour booked for June 8... I am hoping the road will be fixed in time.... I have wanted to go to Denali for a long time... 😢
  6. The 2nd credit posted yesterday... you were both right! Thanks to the person who posted the backdoor link!
  7. Thanks, ravensbad.... I was hoping that would be the case... I really didn't want to prepay an extra $500 and not get the $100 credit!
  8. We have 2 different card numbers (and 2 different logins) for our Delta Platinum Amex. I used the backdoor link and added the offer to both cards using the 2 different logins. The TA had Princess charge $500 to each card. We immediately got an email saying my husband's card had used the offer.. and the $100 credit has been posted to the account. But we never got the email that I had used the offer on my card.. and the credit is still not showing as posted to the account for my card. I KNOW the offer was on there before the charge was made, and when we didn't get the 2nd email saying I had used my offer, I double-checked it and it was still showing up in my "offers added to the card"... But today, when I was checking to see if the credit had posted, I looked again and it is not showing up in the offers on my card... Any suggestions on what to do? The Amex website says if the credits aren't posted after 90 days, you should contact them... Should I contact them now? Or did they figure out it was the same account, just 2 different cards, and we aren't eligible for the offer?
  9. Can you use OBC to pay for gratuities? Our 2020 Alaska cruise was booked under sip & sail, we booked it through a travel agency, and none of our excursions are through Princess, so what could I use the $500 for? I didn't know if I could make payment on the cruise fare directly to Princess if we booked it through a travel agent.... We also have a 2021 British Isles cruise booked... if I had to, I could get OBC for that one and use it for the beverage package or something else.... I just didn't want to spend the money now for something that far off... but saving $100 is too tempting not to do it...
  10. We have also been trying to find a good, but not too expensive pair of binoculars... I found the Nikon Prostaff 3S 10x42 for $133 on Amazon including a case & cleaning cloth. Any opinions from the experts? Dick's Sporting Goods also has them for around that price, but without the case... (Cabela's has a pair of Vortex Diamondback 10x42 on sale for $130 on Black Friday, but it's in store only and the sale starts at 5:00 am... so I am sure they would be gone before I got there since I have to be in Lowe's at 6:00 to get my washer/dryer.. LOL. ) Thanks!
  11. Darn... our May, 2021 British Isles cruise is still not on sale... Guess we have to keep waiting...
  12. When we were there several years ago, you could also ask for something not on the buffet and they would get it for you from the restaurant... I don’t know if they still do that, but my husband got waffles several times that way.
  13. We stayed for 7 nights at the Conrad St. James several years ago and loved it... Definitely upgrade to the lounge access... we did that and spent a lot of time in there... For me, the Diet Coke availability was worth the cost of the lounge access... We actually ate our dinner in there several nights too... And the location of the hotel is great - we walked to Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, and there is a Tube station right across the street from the hotel entrance. We also walked to the Churchill War rooms, which I also recommend if you are a history or WWII buff.. We are booked on a May 2021 British Isles cruise and are still trying to decide whether to spend the night before the cruise in London, Southampton or somewhere else... but if we end up staying in London, we will most likely stay at the Conrad St. James again... Enjoy!
  14. I think they are the actual vendor which is why I wanted to book directly with them.. I will wait a few more days... thanks!
  15. I would like to book the Eagles, Raptors & Rainforest experience tour with Kawanti Adventures for our June, 2020 cruise day in Ketchikan. The website says that online booking is not available for that tour, so I tried calling them and it rings twice and then goes to silence. I emailed them 2 days ago and have had no response. Does anyone know if there is a better way to contact them or have a suggestion for how I can book this tour? There is a similar tour called the Rainforest Sanctuary, Totem Park and Eagles tour, but we liked the first tour mentioned better since it seemed to have more of a focus on the eagles/raptors which is what we wanted. Thanks for your help!
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