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  1. Those were released back in early October 2019 when the "official" launch of the ship was released and was unique in giving itineraries that far out. Here's her full fall 2021-Spring 2022 schedule of sailings: https://book.princess.com/pdf/onesource/pc/sales_marketing/Destination/2021_2022_program_launch/discovery_princess/PC_DiscoveryPrincess_ReferenceFlyer_09_2019_FINAL-s.pdf
  2. The Itinerary is very similar to the 2021 Princess World Cruise with minor port variations - most natable that 2021 goes over the top of Australia and hits east and Northe aussie ports when the 2022 goes under Australia hitting Southern and Western ports. Also 2022 seems to have less in the South Pacific but more in the Mid-East and Europe/N Africa. So I'd say it's more a normal year over year variance than a change in port strategy. IMHO - HAL usually has one of, if not the best, World Cruise itineraries
  3. Princess is also using the Island for the 2021 World Cruise. The larger ship allows them to sell more cabin as segments rather than full cruise, which I would gather can be more profitable per passenger per day than the full voyage (higher base cruise fare per day along with potentially greater ancillary spending per day on a shorter segment). They had previously published the 2022 World Cruise itinerary back in mid/late February, and when they announced their first "pause" on cruising pulled it. Not sure if it ever actually was available for booking or not. I don;t have the original World Cruise info for 2022, so not sure if they modified anything from the initial announcement or not. This will have no bearing on the HAL 2022 World Cruise announcement in my opinion. I suspect HAL is delaying announcement until they determine whether the 2021 World Cruise will be a "go" or "no-go" as that may influence the 2022 itinerary, and they would want to re-accommodate 2021 pax for 2022 before opening it to the public if the 2021 is a "no-go".
  4. I'd call either your travel agent or Princess - sounds like these may have been ticketed in error. It does sometimes happen
  5. If any Fall 2020 cruises operate expect them to be from ports where a majority of passengers can drive to (like Florida/California) and be no more than 7-10 day cruises at first, with additional cruises coming online a few months later. It will not be every ship all at once - maybe 3 or 4 total to start and increasing gradually over time, taking 10-12 months to be back in full force (provided they don;t accelerate ship retirements). I think it will be more itinerary specific than ship specific and we will not see ship swaps from published itineraries, so you may see a ship like Caribbean Princess re-enter service before a newer ship like Sky or Crown since she is scheduled for 7 night Caribbean sailings for example.
  6. The ships originally had 1000 cabins (2000 pax double occupancy) and the Island refit increased her to 1107 cabins (2214 pax double capacity), so about a 10% increase in passengers on any given voyage. As many have said it has impacted all the public spaces and dining areas as they were built based around the original pax #s, and had some public space emilinated to fit the additional cabins. That said, I always felt Island/Coral were quite a bit overbuilt for the number of guests and rarely felt crowded in their original state (which was a good thing). Having sailed Caribbean Princess as well as her older siblings Grand and Golden I agree with many people who have the similar feelings about the Caribbean Princess - too many additional guests (about 500 more than her older siblings), with no additional public space, so she feels overcrowded almost everywhere you go. Emerald, Ruby and Crown, while similar in passenger numbers to Caribbean, marginally fixed the problem by improving passenger flow and enlarging/moving several key venues like the Wheelhouse bar. Still more crowded than the original Grand triplets, but not as bad as Caribbean . There was a "cabin-stuffing" craze that started a few years ago across all the Carnival Corp Brands where they were chopping up perfectly good ships to increase cabins while decreasing public space - HAL Veendam and Rotterdam suffered the same fate as Island Princess as did the HAL Vista Class vessels (though the effect there was less dramatic). It seems to have come from the top and been mandated to the individual brands and then subsided to some degree. I am assuming it was determined that the reduced average fares (due to unfavorable passenger reception of the changes) on the "Frankenships" as I call them, does not justify doing any more of these projects.
  7. Princess World cruise 2022 was posted on the travel agents site today. It will be on the Island Princess and will be 111 days with r/t Ft Lauderdale or Los Angeles options. I do not know when it will be bookable however. Here is some more information on the 2022 World Cruise: https://book.princess.com/pdf/onesource/pc/sales_marketing/Destination/2022_program_launch/world/PC_2022WorldCruiseReferenceFlyer.pdf https://book.princess.com/pdf/onesource/pc/sales_marketing/Destination/2022_program_launch/world/PC_2022WorldCruiseAtAGlance.pdf https://book.princess.com/pdf/onesource/pc/sales_marketing/Destination/2022_program_launch/world/PC_2022WorldCruiseBenefits.pdf The rest of the fall 2021 to Spring 2022 should be released mid/late June through early August of this year. Summer 2022 Europe and Alaska should be released in either December of this year or January of next year, if they hold true to past deployment patterns.
  8. Funny enough, the same exact post VERBATIM was also posted on the Princess FB page today.
  9. Or, gasp, be able to get full cruise sanctuary passes......
  10. Rather than discounts for past guests I'd rather see them do this and have all proceeds go to a relief fund for crew members
  11. It’s listed as an opinion/editorial , that’s the nature of that type of journalistic writing.
  12. Caribbean is usually one of the LAST destinations opened for future bookings and HAL (along with Aus/NZ and Asia). Additionally they are usually one of the last to market with Caribbean amongst their peers (along with Princess). Last year the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Caribbean bookings didn't open until Early/Mid June if memory serves. HAL recently opened the Hawaii and Mexico as well as South America Fall 2021 to Spring 2022 sailings, and a few weeks before that the Panama Canal full transits for the same time period. All of this even in the midst of the covid crisis. Europe and Alaska always the first itineraries open for booking by HAL, often by 5-6 months before other destinations.
  13. Currently none of the HAL ships scheduled to do Panama Canal cruises through Spring of 2022 would use the new locks - they all would use the historic locks. Ships scheduled include Zaandam, Volendam, Rotterdam, Zuiderdam, Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam all of which were built to fit the historic locks Other lines do offer ships that will transit the new locks - The Grand Class Princess ships like Caribbean, Crown and Emerald will do the new locks as well as the Celebrity Edge and the larger NCL ships - Bliss, Joy and Encore. RCCL has no ships scheduled to the canal at any time through early 2022. Not sure on any other lines. As others have said - if a ship can fit into the historic locks then that is what will be scheduled/used. Of course operational issues could change that on the day of transit, but that would be exceedingly rare to have that happen.
  14. I also find it interesting that the announcement of Ashford's departure was announced on the same date that HAL is conducting a trade webinar led by their Director of Field Sales called "Holland America Line: To the Voyage Ahead". This is the first such webinar they have had since the crisis started and cannot be a mere coincidence.
  15. Regardless of the current situation Mr Ashford lacked the necessary skill-sets and experience from the get-go. Some of the initiatives launched under his tenure like the Music Walk Concept (Lincoln Center Stage, BB Kings, Billboard Onboard, Rolling Stone Rock Room) have been pluses for the line in my opinion, while others have not. Here's to hoping that once the current situation has passed that HAL can emerge a stronger brand with a more consistent product and leadership.
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