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  1. Usually the “private sale” fares will apply to only the dates in bold print not all dates. It’s not always obvious which dates are in bold print due to the font they use either. Also, private sale fares often are restricted to Only certain letter codes/room types, which again the flyers are not always clear on. best bet is to call
  2. HAL typically does not announce in advance when itineraries will be released. When they are available they just show up on the website. That said I expect Ryndam Europe 2021 to be released several weeks before the remaining Europe sailings, along with an announcement about the ship herself and some of her features. As to when this will happen - anyone’s guess is as good as yours.... I had anticipated they would release Ryndam by middle of this month at latest, but who knows
  3. Holland, NCL, Royal and Celebrity also do not give extra cruise credits for upsells to higher grades of cabins - you only get the credits for the original room booked. I believe Princess is the last to adopt this policy.
  4. Holland does something similar for World Cruise and Grand Voyage guests allowing them to put in placeholder deposits onboard for yet to be announced World Cruises and Grand Voyages. Once announced the placeholder guests get their booking confirmations with final fares before any new bookings are accepted. In some cases full World/Grand voyages have initially been sold out with a waiting list and full voyages not available to new bookings until very close to or after final payment deadline.
  5. Usually a US based IP unless you are on a ship that is "based" in Australia and has it's currency in AUD (Sea/Sun) then it would be an Australian one.
  6. The Princess Australian, UK, EU, etc websites will detect your IP address and redirect you to the US site. Other cruise lines like NCL, RCCL, Celebrity, HAL, etc all do the same. Same thing happens if you are outside North America and try to access the US based cruiseline websites - it will automatically redirect you to the site for your country based on IP address. Only way around this is with an IP blocker.
  7. In addition to what others have said about only a limited # of cabins being sold for any specific segment, combination of segments or full World Cruise there is another inventory spanner in the works. Princess only allocates a certain # of rooms for sale through it's North American sales office, a different # for their UK sales office, another batch for the Australian sales office, etc For the World Cruise ex-OZ the North American sales office gets a smaller # of cabins available for booking and once they are gone they are gone. Customers from North America cannot book through the Australian or UK Sales office - period, end of, full stop - and likewise those residing outside of North America cannot book through the North American offices or travel agencies. This is true for all Princess cruises, not just World Voyages/Segments. Due to their corporate structure and IT systems they divvy it up like this and it can be maddening.
  8. They could be released tomorrow or next June or anywhere in between....... you just never know with NCL. Getaway, Epic and Escape will all do transatlantic sailings at the end of their Europe seasons. Dawn may or may not stay in Europe or do the Suez Canal/Africa. Star and Jade Europe 2021 have not yet been released but will most likely both have fall transatlantics as well.
  9. Excited to follow you on yet another great adventure. This time we even get a "bonus" before the Grand World Voyage - you are spoiling us!!!!
  10. I used to be a Royal cheerleader as they build amazing ships, with fantastic entertainment and awesome crew, but all of their fluctuating pricing for drink packages, dining packages, Internet packages, shore excursions, etc has really soured me and I have been taking my business elsewhere. Every time I see a Royal cruise I like all of the unpredictability of ancillary costs on the back end has been the reason I didn't book it. Celebrity is even going down the Royal route with pricing (and their fares have gotten stupid expensive!). NCL, Princess, HAL and even Carnival have a much more level playing field and are getting my cruise $$$
  11. Best place to get Euros is from an ATM at the airport when you arrive in Barcelona. Far better exchange rates and only fee will be from your bank for using the ATM. Exchanging cash US dollars to Euros is always the most expensive route and one I would not recommend. I travelled extensively in Europe for over a decade and used ATMs there just like I do stateside and had ZERO issue.
  12. December 1-9 in Freeport. No major changes planned that I know of, just routine maintenance and required underwater inspections. Some carpets, fabrics, etc will get replaced as part of ongoing upkeep but nothing "new".
  13. I had them on the 7/28-8/12 14 Day Amsterdam sailing this summer - seem to remember them being available only on 1 or 2 of the Gala nights. There have been ongoing shortages in recent years - I believe the main farming for snails is in Indonesia and something has caused this - can't remember if it was a weather event, or some sort of disease that was killing them off, or other environmental factors, but it definitely has been a real issue and is ongoing. I've read numerous reports of some cruise lines using very small Scallops instead. As to preparation (in the MDR) many lines are using a butter flavored oil base rather than real butter due to the ability to prep/store more easily and reduce waste - they can prep a huge batch in bulk and keep frozen/refrigerated until needed then pop under the broiler. Using real butter would not allow that. Everything is about food cost and eliminating waste these days with all the cruise lines
  14. Harmony is bookable out of Port Canaveral through March 28th 2021 - she may stay a week or two into April depending on her Transatlantic Schedule (if they send her to Europe as rumored). Possible that Oasis or Allure (both "Amplified" vessels) could replace her for the summer season and the other one goes to Bayonne again. I think Symphony stays in Miami summer 2021, and no Oasis Class from Ft. Lauderdale in summer 2021. For fall 2021 through spring 2022 I think we see Oasis in Galveston, Harmony in Port Canaveral, Allure in Ft. Lauderdale and Symphony in Miami all doing 7 day sailings. They could put Allure in Miami and not have an Oasis Class in Ft. Lauderdale for fall 2021-spring 2022, but unlikely. No "proof" - these are just my guesses.
  15. No "proof" but my gut instinct tells me Ryndam Europe 2021 will open early November, with remaining Europe 2021 about 2-3 weeks later right before Black Friday/Cyber Week
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