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  1. After 50 votes both Dawn & Star have yet to find a single fan, while Bliss, Encore and Escape have a combined 42% of the vote ……. Spirit surprisingly has 10% of the vote. That speaks volumes
  2. I haven’t been on many NCL ships, but will say I think both the Jade and Spirit are stunning after they had their refits. Hoping to get on one of the two in the next few years!
  3. First Sixthman charter sailing begins 10/21 from Miami. 5 four & five night charter sailings in total. Last one ends in Miami 11/18. That leaves 3 days to deadhead the ship (crew only no passengers) from Miami to New York in time for the 11/21 sailing.
  4. I'm specifically interested to see if they repeat the end of season 11nt R/T Vancouver sailing in 2023 that's offered in 2022 on the Eclipse. It's a fantastic itinerary! Unfortunately I have to sail w/ Princess before end of 2022 to use up FCC and can't do 2 longer cruises in 1year or I'd reschedule my Princess cruise and do the Eclipse next year. Fingers Crossed on this one!
  5. I was booked on the sun to Alaska for 2023 and the booking remained active for about 3 days after I got the email and it disappeared from the website. I think they are working the cancels/refunds by individual ship & sailing date - not sure there is any specific order to it though
  6. The OP was asking about December 2023 itineraries, which would be part of the Fall 2023 to Spring 2024 deployment that should come out late fall of this year - sometime between late October to early December if past deployment windows hold. Many of us are also waiting for the 2023 Europe and Alaska sailings to be announced somewhere in that same timeframe.
  7. Also be aware that NCL will not disclose the hotel you are staying at in Fairbanks until about 30 days prior to departure and they do use multiple properties in Fairbanks that are nowhere near one another. This makes booking an extra hotel night before the tour a bit of a crapshoot.
  8. It was rumored that Spirit would potentially sail in SE Asia/Japan or Aus/NZ in summer 2023, or even be an additional ship in Europe somewhere, so perhaps Sun will stay somewhere in the Pacific - who knows. Prior to this round of cancellation announcements/redeployments for Bliss, Joy and Sun - Spirit and Star were the only ships in the fleet that had no announced deployments beyond March 2023.
  9. The Spirit is scheduled to Alaska in 2022 and Sun was to fill her role for Summer 2023. Spirit currently has no deployment for Summer 2023. I’m thinking she will be replacing the Sun and the Sun will sail elsewhere.
  10. I think it’s more likely they are changing her itineraries/sailing lengths for Alaska to something other than the 5/9 rotation originally planned. Until new itineraries are announced at the end of the month we won’t know for certain.
  11. With all the exclusions the benefit is virtually worthless on the Edge class. The Royal Crown & Anchor Balcony/Suite discount, which scales up in value based on tier level, is a far superior loyalty benefit that I wish they would offer similar in the Celebrity Captains Club
  12. I didn’t realize they only shipped within the US, sorry
  13. Why not order to your home address well in advance of sailing, then pack the tests and bring them with you in your carry-on bag. If ordered 30ish days prior to sailing the product should have more than ample shelf life to be stored/saved until you actually travel.
  14. While that may be the purported reason, the real reason is to increase revenues. Concurrent with the decrease in the number of included nights they introduced a 2 night package for purchase when previously the smallest package was 3 nights. Oh and they increased the pricing of all the packages as well. With NCL every change is about revenue enhancement.
  15. @Shellbelle28 The Breakway+ vessels ( 2 of either Joy, Bliss, Encore depending on the year) have replaced the Jewel Class ships on the 7 day round trip sailings from Seattle. That is unlikely to change. The Sun in 2023 (and Spirit for 2022) represent additional capacity growth with a mix of mostly 5 & 9 day sailings (in the case of the Sun) with only a handful of 7 day sailings at the very beginning/end of the season. Either A) they are changing the Sun’s sailing patterns for 2023, or B) replacing her with a different ship to increase capacity as the Sun has the lowest double occupancy capacity in the fleet, or C) its both A & B combined.
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