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  1. HAL have not stated what will happen yet for guests booked in standard Verandah room on Zuiderdam (categories VA-VH). We are all just pontificating based on the small # of Vista & Neptune’s Suites, and lack of standard Verandah rooms, on Volendam. I would think that some fare adjustments may need to be made as a result, but really no one knows right now. For those on Volendam moving to Zuiderdam it will be much less stressful and HAL did publish a list of correlated cabins (post #33 of this thread). I will post it again below. If they hold true to this list category CA on Volendam will be berthed in category VE on Zuiderdam. Of course until a revised confirmation is in hand this is all subject to change. The below list was provided to travel agents by HAL and is subject to change at their discretion. It ONLY applies to those originally booked on Volendam being moved to Zuiderdam. A comparable list for those moving from Zuiderdam to Volendam has NOT been made available by HAL.
  2. Correct - the current promo is set to expire tomorrow at end of day. We were musing that it most likely will be extended. I guessed until the end of year, someone else said the 8th of December. Nothing has been announced by HAL yet as they typically do not announce extensions of offers in advance. In essence we will know when we wake up Sunday whether Have it All and/or the Shore excursion discounts have been extended or not. Anything before then is just prognostication.
  3. @kevingastreich Supposedly all Volendam sailing will follow the exact same itinerary as Zuiderdam was intended to take, EXCEPT for the fall transatlantic sailing, which has been shortened by 2 days and had port changes.
  4. @NIkkiGR if you are booked in a standard verandah (Categories VA-VH) on Zuiderdam most likely you will be accommodated in a full oceanview without verandah. There are no standard verandah (balcony) rooms on Volendam. The minimum room with verandah on Volendam is a "Vista Suite" which will be used to accommodate those who booked Signature Suites on Zuiderdam (which is still a downgrade in accomodation due to size/layout).
  5. Almost all Volendam inside cabins are the same regardless of letter code - approximately 182sq ft and have a sofa across from the desk with headboard of bed against the end wall. Typical entry with closets on one side and bath on the other. Some rooms are side entry with minimal extra sq footage, but essentially same furnishings. While quite roomy and comfortable, with plenty of storage, there is nothing comparable on Volendam to the Deck 1 square J cabins on Vista/Signature class vessels. Here:s the typical layout:
  6. On page 32 of the CDC document it states that voyages may be no more than 7 days in length from US ports with no timeframe given when that restriction may be lifted or reviewed.
  7. Could it have possibly been on Veendam before they announced her as being sold? That's sort of ringing a bell in me little grey cells. I think she had some 14 night sailings round trip Venice that may have included Israel .....
  8. @bennybear I don’t remember a fall 2021 sailing on Zuiderdam including Israel. I’m wondering if prior to the sailing suspensions maybe it was fall 2020? When I booked my fall 2021 b2b sailings on the Nieuw Statendam I compared pricing and itineraries for all three vessels (Nieuw Statendam, Westerdam and Zuiderdam) in the months of September and October. Had Israel been an option it’s something we would have probably strongly considered and/or most likely booked as it’s a place both myself and my Mother want to visit.
  9. @VMax1700 I like your formatting MUCH better than what I posted. It more clearly displays the disparity in accommodations above oceanview on Volendam vs Zuiderdam The second list I posted was to show what HAL was planning for those booked on Volendam and being moved to Zuiderdam. There is no Zuiderdam to Voldendam cabin equivalency chart as of yet (that I know of). If I find one I will post it. It's a MUCH trickier move! Folks originally booked to Alaska on Volendam are getting better quality of accommodation in most cases - except those booked in most inside rooms, as Zuiderdam's insides generally pale in comparison to Volendam's. For those booked on Zuiderdam in Verandah and higher they are the ones getting the shortest end of this deal.
  10. Your deposit will transfer over to the new booking and they will honor the Early Payment OBC bonus if requested (not automatic). Cruise fare and taxes will not be protected and will be at prevailing rates. If you booked under HIA promo then yes, that is ongoing so will be available on the rebooking. If you have air on the booking and you still want the same flights/pricing/travel dates make sure they detach the air from the current res and then re-attach it to the new res. Otherwise the air will auto cancel and you have to start over.
  11. Switching to Westerdam will be at prevailing rates and promos - it is essentially a new booking with no fare/perk protections.
  12. yes - “Have it all” is the same thing as the “save now cruise later” advertised on HAL website, just different verbiage. The shore excursion offer was layered on top of have it all. December 8th seems reasonable as that would carry them through the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales period.
  13. @VMax1700 @kazu while I have no empirical evidence, my gut tells me the current promo will be extended again possibly to the end of the year.
  14. Standard Verandah would mean all categories from VA-VH on Zuiderdam. There is no equivalent on Volendam. The only rooms with balcony are Vista Suites and higher, which will be used to accommodate those booked into Signature Suites or higher only. I fear HAL have painted themselves, and their customers, into a corner with this one.
  15. The sailings have been completely removed for new bookings until they get everyone moved over to the new sailings with new booking #s. We have been told that it could take up to November 30th for the process to be complete. Unfortunately for those booked into Signature Suites on Zuiderdam the equivalent (in HAL’s opinion) is a Vista Suite on Volendam. The ones getting the biggest displacement will be those who booked standard Verandah rooms on Zuiderdam, as there is zero comparable option on Volendam. They will most likely be placed into full ocean view rooms (hopefully with either a fare adjustment or obc compensation or both) or have the option to cancel.
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