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  1. If the same fare code is still being offered and the price for that fare code drops outside of final payment they will honor the lower price. If the fare code is no longer being offered or the lower fare is in a different fare code then no they will not honor it.
  2. Also - all Main Deck Category "C" midship rooms on the Volendam have had the bathroom refresh with the glass walk-in shower (no tub), new sink counters, open glass shelving instead of medicine cabinet, new wall surfacing and flooring, etc. Some, but not all, of the Dolphin Deck Category "D" midship cabins received the bathroom refresh, others still have the original bath fitting with the tub/shower combo (curtained), original solid surface sink/counter units, original tan/pink/blue tiling, mirrored medicine chest and wall mounted vacuum type hairdryers. I have yet to find a list of which specific rooms got the refresh and which did not.
  3. I think a lot depends on one's "cruising personality". For those who want a wider array of evening entertainment and dining options on a vessel with more modern decor then Konigsdam would fit the bill. If one prefers a quieter, more classic cruising ambiance with fewer passengers, larger standard cabins, and more personalized service then Volendam would be perfect. That said I agree that the fewer total # of ships in port on a given day can definitely make for a far superior experience, so for that reason might lean toward the Volendam for this particular trip.
  4. Amsterdam will not be sailing the 14 day round trip cruise to Alaska in 2020, she instead will be on the North American East Coast doing Canada & New England sailings. Maasdam will take over the 14 day sailings, and they will be roundtrip Vancouver next year (as opposed to Seattle the last few years)
  5. May 2021 through April 2022 sailings will start to be released in December of this year (usually Alaska and Europe are first announced) and then trickle out slowly through about Late May/Early June of 2020. I would look for a longer cruise like the 51 day Tales of South Pacific to be released more in mid/late Spring of 2020. Bear in mind HAL does not always do these longer cruises every year - for example there is no 51 day Tales of South Pacific in Fall of 2020, instead the Amsterdam is doing the Grand Africa voyage and Rotterdam will offer (2) 32 day Hawaii, Tahiti and Marquesas sailings in fall 2020/spring 2021 as well as a 32 day Incan Empire sailing in January 2021, all round trip San Diego
  6. While it is VeXing to not have a key explaining these abbreviations I can assure you that VX is their code for "Visa Required". The new website has been and continues to be a shambles ......
  7. I have a feeling this was more motivated by HAL wanting to reduce operating costs than Port of Tampa asking them to leave. I'm sure when the contract became amendable that Port of Tampa wanted to raise fees, HAL did not want to pay the increased fees and thus looked at other options. Short term they decided the best choice for them was to consolidate Caribbean operations at one Florida port - Ft. Lauderdale.
  8. Here's the information on the fees in NZD (New Zealand Dollars) from the NZ Government website: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/about-us/what-we-do/our-strategies-and-projects/eta-new-requirements So a total of NZD$44 to NZD$47 depending on how you apply which if converting to USD is roughly $30-$32
  9. New Zealand will begin requiring US visitors to obtain an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority/visa) on October 1st 2019 just as Australia currently does: https://www.etanewzealand.com/visa-requirements/americans/
  10. My guess is that a larger percentage of HAL cruisers sailing from Tampa either live in the greater Tampa/St Petersburg/ Clearwater area, or within a less than 5hr drive and drive in same day and do not spend additional $ on the items you referenced. There would therefore be far less net economic gain to the Tampa region that would then incentivize the port to want to offer HAL favorable docking rates/terms. Other lines such as NCL/Carnival/Royal will have more younger clients/families coming in from out of state (either by car or air) that use the regions hotels, restaurants, beaches, theme parks, shopping, etc that provide far superior economic gain related to port usage. As as the old adage goes - follow the money....
  11. I would call Ship Services prior to purchasing that. If you are on a "Collectors" cruise (2 shorter voyages back to back sold as 1 cruise) the online system may only be tracking the Premium package for segment 1 of the voyage (most likely a 10 or 11 night sailing). The reason I say this is that $139.99 seems VERY low for 22 days and more in line with 10 or 11 day pricing ......
  12. It could be a supply chain issue and Amsterdam just did not get re-supplied before the first Alaska cruise of the season, or they could be phasing them out and individual ships using up any stores they have until they run out ....
  13. Considering that right now (if you were booking the 6/19 cruise as a new reservation w/ no perks) the fare difference between the lowest priced oceanview still available (category F) and a Category B Vista suite is roughly $800pp I'd say you got an Excellent deal !!!!!!!! Looking at the same cruise next year w/ the Early Booking Bonus offer (Explore4) the difference between an HH and B is even greater at $1450pp !!!! Congrats on an awesome upsell - enjoy your Vista Suite Balcony and the beautiful Volendam to Alaska :)
  14. I just checked my cruise Planner, as I too am on the 7/29 cruise - it indeed shows Canaletto $19, Pinnacle $39 and Rudi's Sel de Mer at $49 - looks like Canaletto and Pinnacle have undergone an unannounced price increase in the last few days.
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