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  1. It's been several years since I was last in Madeira and when previously there we did a full day private island tour by jeep. I can't remember if there is a port shuttle (free or small fee) from the large ship cruise port to a city center drop off / pick up location. I know the walk is about 20-30 minutes, but we plan on doing a lot of other walking in town, at Monte, the Botanic gardens etc, so if a shuttle was avaible that would be helpful in maximizing time/energy for what really matters :) Any helpful advice appreciated!
  2. I feel like the CDC essentially stopped working with the cruise lines in mid November when it became clear there would be a new Director and possibly significant senior staff change over coming on 1/20/21. I also think the cruise lines have stopped working on meeting the current conditional sailing order while they wait to see what the new CDC team decide they want to do related to the cruise industry. In other words nothing is happening of any consequence for any US based cruise line.
  3. This has long been a pain point. I surely hope that once Mr Antorcha & his team have time to start working on the core business model (instead of living in crisis cancellation mode) and streamlining/revising policies this is one area they seriously look at. I think they should just go to a 1-package offering like sister brand Princess and be done with it. I also hope they make "Have It All" a standard fare offering at a flat per guest/per day rate above the Advantage (no perks) rate like Princess has with Princess Plus / Princess Savers. If the good parts of the Princess business model
  4. @zelker I looked at some old posts I created/replied to and it appears that in 2020 the Fall 2021 to Spring 2022 Hawaii, Tahiti, Mexico and Panama Canal sailings started to come out in little bits at a time late March through late April. so I think we may have 2 or 3 months to go :) If I find out anything before someone else posts them I will create a new topic as they become available.
  5. The next generation of Princess ships will be 175,000 GRT and 4500 +/- LNG powered vessels. Expect them to be somewhat similar in overall hull design and layout to the P&O Iona, Costa Smeralda and Carnival Mardi Gras. Princess is a large ship line, which was signaled with the launch of Grand Princess, and the writing on the wall was cemented when the Royal Class were launched. As Coral/Island and the Grand class derivatives reach the ends of their lives and leave the fleet we can expect they will be replaced by ever larger vessels. Boutique ports or unique destinations
  6. Your travel agent should have received notice of cancelled sailings from Celebrity that they could then forward to you. Ask them as Celebrity would not notify you direct if booked through a TA.
  7. Royal Caribbean Group originally purchased two of the former Renaissance vessels and placed them with Pullmantour. Within a year it was announced that the ships would be transferred to Celebrity. Shortly before entering service with Celebrity, Royal Caribbean Group announced the creation of a new brand - Azamara - to more clearly position the ships as boutique vessels and compete with Oceania. The brand has always struggled to find a foothold and identity within the industry. The poor choice of brand name, constantly changing product, poor marketing message, etc all played into this. It alm
  8. On the Grand Princess the Premium Balcony DOES NOT have a loveseat/sofa. It is the same as a standard balcony cabin, but the balcony is about double the size of a non-premium balcony. Premium balconies are half covered by the balcony above giving them some shelter if it rains. As stated all balcony rooms have a shower only that is quite small with a shower curtain. The mini suite has a full tub/shower (with curtain) and a full length sofa, so more internal square footage. The balcony space on a mini suite is similar in size to the size of that of a premium balcony but is not co
  9. You may need an active booking # and then price out flights with EZ-Air in the Cruise Personalizer to see the discounted pricing. Just pricing on the website before booking may not display the discount which is usually fare code driven for these types of promos and not all bookings will qualify for it
  10. Agreed - the mention of 5 perks also screams NCL’s Fee@Sea promo
  11. I talked with the HAL Grand voyages desk yesterday about a client booked on 2021 VOV for whom I had not yet gotten a rebooking confirmation. I was assured they are “working on it” and we should get more information “sometime in February”. Not much of an answer if you ask me, but with everything going on I’m not surprised this is taking a back seat to other priorities.
  12. Princess issue a plastic lanyard case and lanyard free of charge. Multiple other items can be purchased that are more attractive that will hold the medallion - wrist bands, bracelets, necklaces, shirt clips, etc. Traditional key cards will still be available upon request from guest services if desired.
  13. Enchanted is cabins/suites will be identical to those on Sky Princess. There have been quite a few videos and photos from her posted online, especially on cruise deck plans dot com
  14. It is located on the Princess Cruises Facebook page : https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=video&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwihosCPlZ3uAhXKt1kKHSFPB5U4ChC3AjAGegQICBAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FPrincessCruises%2Fvideos%2F880515386093638%2F&usg=AOvVaw0FHOuTZ8DtTPIZ05v_dhu9 Heres a longer promo-reel video by a YouTube blogger (similar to several other posted by other bloggers): MODS - if posting either of these links violates CruiseCritics posting terms please feel free to delete them and accept my apologies in ad
  15. You seem to have an axe to grind either with me or Princess (Carnival Corp). Either way I wanted to circle back to my earlier post and highlight something else I said that you are choosing to overlook, which is that Princess and Carnival Corp may have wanted the ship to deliver on time, but other factors could cause that to slip and it was too early to determine. That statement was made before the Q4 financial statement came out and they announced the delay of several (as of then) unnamed vessels. The shipyard was closed for several months due to Italian government restricti
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