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  1. I’d like info also. Booked on 13150 in 10 days
  2. My daughter is sailing Meraviglia Aurea experience, 4/04/2019. She just upgraded from easy to premium She has the cruise paid, the charge was additional $70
  3. After 54 cruises on 5 cruise lines my DH and I, along with three others, decided on the MSC Meraviglia, Western Mediterranean, 04/04/2019 booking was fine, initially. I thought. i was told upon booking, the three of our bookings would include the Viaggii Dining experience. it never showed up on my reservation, so I called Luna, my US booking agent from MSC. She told me it would be added without incidence.... well, after at least 5 calls and literally hours on the phone, the viaggio show with dinner is on my booking, as well as those traveling with us. The trouble is, I am now charged as are the 4 others of us. Agents of MSC see to be clueless and keep screwing up. Good grief i have tried to fill out an online form to try to get someone to help, but the form is not letting me complete the necessary info. is this atypical-to me or is MSC totally unaware of good service?
  4. Thank you both for the exact information I was looking for. It h los me a lot and I appreciate your responses
  5. I have been reading various opinions on the late disembarking at various ports on Meraveglia. Can anyone tell me what is the usual time Meraveglia has been disembarking in Barcelona. most flights home are at 12:50 pm and wondering if that is too early. i do understand the port is a relatively short ride to airport all help is appreciated
  6. I guess MSc is following in the footsteps of RCCL, Celebrity and Carnival with cutbacks. Maybe they should build a happy clientele before the cutbacks.
  7. GOIN2C


    Thank you for the clarifications. ‘I appreciate your quick response.
  8. After some deliberation I decided to try MSC Meraglivia for our Spring Mediterranean cruise. I expected differences, but am confused about some if the policies. the status match seems to be inconsistent. I am Diamond Plys in RCCL, I received Gold status on MSC. I’m sure I read where others were matched to Black. i was told, No price matching after booking, no matter how far out. Im confused on how to set an onboard account. In order to contact the sales agent ( I booked directly with MSC), I must email, I cannot call her directly. Maybe I am just so used to sailing on the major lines and am being picky. any impute will help. Positive only, no trolls, thank you
  9. I sent in application for status match. I AM Diamond Plus on RCCL and got Gold on MSC. Sorry, that sure sounds inconsistent to me. I was expecting Black. also no price matching with MSC. 5 months out and if price falls, I was told too bad
  10. There is a wonderful free bus, called FRED, in Halifax. Travels around the town and stops to hop on and off at many of the sites you may want to visit. It Is clean and dependable. The driver also gives info on the sites.
  11. Booked her again, just last nite. I only read negative posts IMHO,most are trivial complaints. As for being crowded...you will have that on summer and holiday cruises. Tons of children, full sailings. I take those situations into consideration when booking? I found Sunshine to be a delight. Food venues were fantastic. I could not get early seating. My husband is diabetic, we did not eat in dining room at all. We never missed it! Dining room is a great option for breakfast and lunch to avoid crowds.
  12. It was not a bill from SunPass, it was a bill from Dollar. SunPass tried to help.
  13. We contacted Sun Pass. The Sun Paas admin called Dollar, verifying to Dollar we paid the toll with our sun pass. We also sent Dollar a copy of our Sun Pass Statement. Dollar ignored the info they received. Sun Pass told us and Dollar that no photo was taken and no bill was sent to Dollar For this toll. The total bill was 17.10 from Dollar with admin fees. (Toll, that we paid the first time, of $2.10 and $15.00 admin fees) Dollar lied, and would not reneg on bill. Sorry, this was no accident in billing. When company found out with verification, they billed our Visa. To me, this smells of a scam. I will never trust Dollar or Thrifty Car Rental again Think twice before you do.
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