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  1. Agreed! Darn good pea soup and they have some pretty fantastic pastries too. They have one pastry that sort of looks like an éclair that was heavenly. Love the Dutch Café
  2. Thanks rkacruiser. That sounds easy-peasy! If it's changed any we will post back!
  3. I guess that would help. Port Everglades on Saturday. Just wondering about security. Thanks
  4. My daughter volunteered to drop us off at our embarkation terminal. What ID do we need to provide at port to drive in? Also I would imagine she will pick us up. Same ID? How much of a hassle would this be? Usually we take a shuttle from the hotel or airport but now she lives down there Lucky us!
  5. Any recent cruisers remember if there are corkscrews in the cabins. We will be on the NA next week and hoping I don't have to pack extra items.
  6. OH no! I just did a paid upgrade that my PCC said was a really good deal. If the 1/28-1/31 deal is better can I ask for that better deal or am I out of luck? I'm okay with what I got but we are always looking for the best deal.
  7. NA. The offer was $25 pp per day. Maybe that's just the regular fee for NA?
  8. I just got an email regarding Club Orange for $25 per person. Sounded reasonable because it included priority boarding, debarking, tender lines, stateroom upgrades etc etc. Check you email box.
  9. LUV Southwest! Only thing I don't like is the awkward boarding routine if you don't pay up for priority boarding. We usually take direct flights from MKE to FLL and oddly they are usually cheaper than flights with stopovers.
  10. We've only sailed on 3 so far. As of now our best of the 3 is the NA and we have another cruise set for Feb on her. We like it because the size of the Verandah cabins are slightly larger than the NS. We have to agree that it would be great if it had a Dutch Cafe on it. NS was nice and enjoyed the pea soup from the Dutch Cafe. Our first HAL cruise was on the MS Amsterdam and we liked the smaller crowds. We sailed prior to a retrofit and it felt like an older ship. So, I guess we've loved all the HAL ships we sailed and looking at doing others depending on ports of call.
  11. During February we will be in Grand Turk for the 1st time. I am thinking about taking a tram tour to see some of the Island. Do they offer tours off the ship or should we use the ship sponsored tour?
  12. Thanks catl331! That's what we did last time....surf package bot on board.
  13. Just wondering if it's less expensive to purchase an internet package before boarding or when we are on the ship? Perhaps no difference?
  14. Thanks! All the ships are starting to blend together. We did love the DC pea soup!
  15. We will be on the NA in February. We've been on the NA before but don't remember if it had a Dutch Cafe. Is there a Dutch Cafe on the NA and is there a charge?
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