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  1. I had MedallionNet on Coral May 8-15. I had no problems at all with it using an iPad and iPhone. It was down most of one day but no issues at all with speed. We used FaceTime, email, Facebook but no downloading or streaming. It didn’t work out on the balcony but was fine everywhere else.
  2. Sorry for the late reply but I just remembered about this thread. I kept the booking for this excursion but it was cancelled due to wind so we didn’t get to go 😩
  3. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/preliminary-report-into-fatal-alaska-float-plane-crash-reveals-chilling-details-1.4434841
  4. On Coral now. It says in the Patters that early seating is 5:15 and late is 7:30. We have anytime dining. Main show times are 7:15 and 9:15 for tonight, not sure if it was the same every night.
  5. The announcement was made by the captain on board - there is nothing to link to.
  6. Uggh, sorry, I don’t know how I missed your post 🤦‍♀️
  7. Found this post from last year. No idea if they are the same this year?
  8. Yes, I will post menus after we sail. We also have some specialty dining credits, which is why I wanted to see them ahead of time.
  9. Would love to see Alaska menus before embarking on my cruise in 2 weeks if anyone going this week or next could post them. I would be very appreciative 🥰
  10. Thanks for the info. You are probably right, our cruise is less than two weeks so I will plan to bring some from home or pick up a couple in Vancouver just in case they have none for sale.
  11. They are not available to purchase in the gift section of my personalizer. Are they usually available to purchase on board or should we bring them from home? Would like them for coffee/hot chocolate on our Alaskan cruise and to keep my hands warm when partaking in the frozen drinks 😁
  12. Seems to depend on what browser you use. I just went onto the Princess site using my Ipad and the casino credit option was not in my personalizer. Went to my computer and used Google Chrome and again it was not there. Switched over to Internet Explorer and there it was!
  13. Sure, not that it is anyone’s business, but I don’t mind sharing why I wish to purchase casino credits. Three reasons actually. One being that I live in Canada and when I booked my cruise almost two years ago the exchange rate was much less than it is now. Everything I purchase prior to getting on the ship is at that exchange rate. Everything purchased on the ship is charged to my credit card at the current exchange rate, which is much higher now, plus an additional 2.5% conversion fee by the credit card company. The second reason is that is if I were to purchase regular OBC, any remaining credit at the end of the cruise is either refunded to my credit card in Canadian funds or I wait 6 weeks to receive a cheque in the mail which could either be US or CND funds. I don’t wish to wait 6 weeks to have my money refunded nor do I wish to be reimbursed in CND funds. Thirdly, I have purchased everything else in advance, drink packages, souvenirs that I want from the gift shop, specialty dining, so I can’t see needing any additional money but we do like to gamble a bit. Another reason for casino credit versus OBC. So.....that’s why I would like to purchase casino credits before cruising.
  14. Can anyone tell me their recent experience using casino credits which you purchase in the cruise personalizer prior to cruising? Do you still get a voucher that you exchange for cash? If not, is it easy to cash out if you have any $ left in your account? Can you cash out at any time during the cruise and can you take the total remaining balance when you cash out?
  15. Out of 4 different cruise lines Princess is the first one that has my entire last name on the documents. All others had the last 2 or 3 letters missing which was not an issue - it was just how their system worked. My TA didn’t put the hyphen in my name and when I was talking to a Princess rep about an IT issue he told me to call her and have it put in or I wouldn’t be able to board! So best to check 😁
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