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  1. Wow that’s an awesome rate! I kept my eye on several different travel sites and joined their member program and never saw a rate anywhere near that for The date I need in May. After about a year of looking I saw a deal for a Canadian credit card that offered about $300 in free travel points for joining and charging a set amount in the first couple months so I applied for it, got it, paid final payment with it and got the Pan Pacific for $200 Pacific Club level. I am pumped 🥳
  2. Our first time on Princess will be in May. We have been on theee other lines and all have sofas in the balcony cabins. Although we don’t spend a ton of time in the cabin, I really couldn’t see having to sit on the bed when we are in there so we went with a minisuite for that reason alone.
  3. We will be on the Coral Princess also on May 8. We are across the river from you, a couple hours away, and totally agree that with this winter Alaska in May will be wonderful :) I have family near Vancouver and it is more often then not our summer-time weather there in May.
  4. If you don’t use all the OBC do you go to Guest Services the last night of the cruise to get the cash or how does that work on Princess?
  5. When do they post that days menus outside the dining room? First cruise I have been on that menus are not posted on TV. We also want to book specialty dining. Anyone have luck booking into a specialty restaurant the day of?
  6. I can vouch for Peaceful Restauant for Chinese and so does Guy Fieri 😃. It was a feature on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, although a different location. I went to the other location on my last trip to Vancouver and after a 45 minute wait to get a table, had some of the best noodle dishes ever!
  7. In Skagway we are doing the Eagle Preserve Rafting and Wildlife Quest through Princess. We float down a river hoping to see wildlife coming to the water to drink/eat.
  8. My cruise planner shows three internet packages Premium, Surf and Social along with the price but no other details. Anyone know how many minutes are included with these plans?
  9. YWCA Hotel - great location, awesome reviews on Tripadvisor and on this board, less than $175/night, clean, comfortable, can that be beat...really?
  10. Hmmm, Chilkoot Tours is showing it on their website for our date in early May - Yukon Rail and Bus Tour. I had checked into your Bennett Lake tour as well but when I went to the WPYR site I noticed the train schedule is not available that far in advance but I never thought about how Chilkoot is offering it for booking already. Guess I need to look into it more.
  11. Anyone know what approximate time the shops and restaurants are open until in early May? Thought I read somewhere they have shortened hours early in the season. Trying to decide on the short or long train/bus excursion but would also like some time to shop and maybe check out the Red Onion Saloon.
  12. Wow I just checked Pacific Rim and for $938.83 CND for one night I guess it should be exceptional!!!! Sorry but I would sleep on a park bench for a night before spending that kind of money for a bed to sleep in for one night! That is a quarter of our cruise fare:eek:
  13. Thanks everyone. I will keep checking all options until cruise time. I've used Hotwire and Better Bidding many times in the past and always with luck got the hotel I was trying for so that is definitely an option if nothing else comes up. I did check with my TA and she can't help with those properties[emoji53]. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Has anyone come across super deals for these properties at any time? I am Canadian and have a few employee perk programs but none of them bring the rates down under $500 per night (May 2019). I have also joined the hotel loyalty programs in order to receive special offers via email, of which I have received a few for properties other than in Vancouver. Would love to stay at one of these the night before the cruise. We have YWCA Hotel booked for a few nights after the cruise and will stay there the night before if I can't get one of these places for a price I can live with (<$350).
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