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  1. While do not agree with this person bringing an obviously fake service animal on board ship, I am not going to condemn the Cruise line. Like all business they are between a rock and a hard place when ot comes to these things. it is so easy to get a piece of paper and claim your animal os a service animal. I have sen this go so far as to have serve chickens and I heard of one case of a service ferret. When these papers are presented they are not allowed to ask anymore questions. However the owner is still responsible for that animal and its actions. If bitten by a so called service animal the owner is responsible not the establishment especially if the paper work was presented as a service animal. In my opinion the cruise line should charge the owner cleanup fee and other items ad just price him off the ship.
  2. This happened to us for the March 31st Oasis cruise and Royal would not budge. We did book allure eventually which was a long day with hours spent in hold, however it is done and we are leaving in Sunday. As for the OP, I understand your frustration, I was there and is does suck however I do feel you will not find any difference in this situation with any other cruise line. I can say when we got our letter informing of of cancellation they did offer to reimburse for lost Hotel rooms and flights we just had to show them the proof of them and If I remember right there was a cap as to the amount they would refund. I did not pay much attention to that part as we had not booked hotel or plane tix at that time. I would say if you enjoy Royal stay with Royal this one situation while crappy can happen anywhere you go. Ignore the jerks with nothing of value to say, most are just trying to pad the post numbers.
  3. 4 days and a wake up till Allure again. Can’t wait. Just had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and told wife “next week at this time we will be eating pizza that we shouldn’t be eating and will have had too much to drink”
  4. We have used this service many times. Never unhappy. It is especially good when we have a few extra days after cruise before heading home. We have used for all kinds of clothes except formal wear of course. But who needs that after a cruise lol.
  5. Thank you all for the honest answers. I honestly will not be doing this then. They will just have to get their butts out of bed like me lol.
  6. I am an early riser. Like most day on cruise ships I get up around six go for a run, quick steam room, (when on ship) quick coffee,and breakfast. So if I go and get chairs after that, AND STAY WITH THEM, until my party arrives which could be an hour or so later am I a chair hog. 4 or 5 chairs tops. This is an authentic question as I for one cannot stand the empty group of chairs for hours so I am truly wondering if that fits the description. I would ask for honest answers only if you have something other to say I would ask that you keep it to yourself. I have no issues telling. Thanks all WCR
  7. I have seen obviously drunk slurring people turned away and cut off, I was always curious is they flagged their card for a bit. Anyone know? No time limit we have probably indulged in a shot or two and ordered something again right away. Never had a problem. In my opinion the best part of the drink package is for my wife. She will try all kinds of new drinks and wines, if she doesn’t like them there is no worries. We have even had bartenders try new things they were experimenting with to see if we liked them. One good example of the drink package at least for us.
  8. Thank you for pointing this out, so much for checking and rechecking. Have a great night.
  9. Sorry my math has been corrected and I humbly post this to say it. I did check and recheck but I am human, However I am still going to remove tips this time and every time there after.
  10. It truly must, I bought our for Allure on March 31st for $44.00. I am guessing ship and perhaps how many port days. My advise is wait and keep checking prices.
  11. Ok lets look at this from a mathematical stand point, (my numbers are estimated here) We are sailing on Allure in in 11 days so I will use her numbers. First I purchase a drink package x2 for my wife and I, in which gratuities are included in the price at 18% this is roughly $45.00 each in tips. Now lets figure very low and say roughly 3000 of the 8565 passengers by the package. Now we leave on the automatic tips as well. my wife and I at $14.50 per person per day adds up to $101.50 pp Ok lets add this up The 3000 buying the drink package all pay $45.00 in tips automatically added to the price that adds up to.....$135,000.00 let also figure low and say 5000 of the 8565 people leave the auto tips on at $101.50 pp per week, that equals.... $507,500.00 so just with that many leaving the auto tips on and those buying drink packages that adds up too $642,000.00 in auto tips alone. So Allure which we will sailing on has a crew of 2384 that divided is roughly $2600.00 rounding down per person per week if every one on the crew got an equal share of the so called tip pool. So really where do you think your auto tip goes? Do you really think your average cruise ship employee makes over 10 grand a month in tips alone? I have a sneaky suspicion they do not. The cruise line is keeping your tip money folks. Lets also not forget every drink you buy is auto tipped at 18% at every bar. I am unsure is tips are automatically included in specialty restaurants or in the coffee shops but if so add even more the alleged tip pool. Again my numbers of those who but the drink package or leave on auto tips is just me and what I think then I lowered it. I strongly feel these numbers are much higher. Again in my opinion hand it to them, let them put there money in there pocket in my opinion that is the right thing to do.
  12. Sailing in Allure out of Miami in two weeks, while completing our check-in online it asked what time we would be arriving at the port with 1pm being the earliest to pick. This is the first time I have seen this. Do we have to stick to this time? Has anyone else seen this on their online check-in. We have usually arrived around 11 and been on board before 1130 without issue but I am wondering if new rules have been established
  13. We are bringing our son on Allure with us, who is an active duty U.S. Marine and near 21. While on a NCL ship last year I noticed that I could sign a waiver for kids who are over 18 to purchase beer and wine. Does anyone know if Royal Caribbean has this policy. Thanks in advance WCR
  14. Right now for our upcoming Allure Cruise I have an offer on the Cruise planned for 30% off, it adds up to about $44.00 per day. Does any if they drop prices more once on board or should I buy this now. I have always bought the drink package prior to sailing so I have never asked about it once on board. Thanks and sorry to the OP for jumping on this thread
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