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  1. When we disembarked Allure in February, with no special leaving time, we were off the ship by 8:15, and made the trip, via UBER, from Port of Miami to FLL in 35 minutes. We were sitting around at the airport at 930. So if you do self disembarkation and get of the ship in the first groups, you should not have an issue.
  2. Leave the gun. Take the cannoli's. .Yes snacks. Find a place about halfway that might be fun for the kids. Or plan a movie theater night. You're on vacation. Making the trip down a relaxing one is an important part of that. Get a decent hotel 1/2 way. I'm not pro gun or anti gun for responsible owners, but unless you think you're going to be in some unsavory territory, I'd leave it at home. I am not a gun owner so I can't give an answer from your perspective. You will likely pack 40% more than you need. If worse comes to worse, use the "bag o laundry" option on the ship. Sure it costs a few bucks but its a good service and it means you don't have to lug 50lb suit cases all over. Plan to relax. Look for the joy and you'll find it !!!
  3. You all have until Feb 15, 2020 to get all the kinks worked out. Make especially sure the Deck 9, starboard Aqua Class rooms are all up to snuff.
  4. Would it deny Americans sailing to Cuba from ANY port or just cruises departing from US ports?
  5. Last two cruises for my gang were Harmony in Feb 18 and Allure in Fab 19. Both trips were wonderful. Can't go wrong with either. Mostly all plusses, but each have a couple minor draw backs, but nothing really negative. All things being equal though we'd sail again on Harmony over Allure.
  6. We were in Nassau again in February. Like the OP, its not a port we enjoy a lot. We got up a little late, strolled the ship for a bit and relaxed. After lunch we got off the ship and took a cab over the Paradise Lake. Its the lake near Atlantis, and all the big super yachts dock there. It was fun to stroll that area for a while and look at the multimillion dollar yachts. Some of the crews were out, and they were quite friendly. Wouldn't say who was on board but had some nice details about their vessel. After about an hour, we headed back to the ship and relaxed in the solarium. All in all, a very relaxing day. As others have noted there are plenty of things to do, if that interests you. For us, Nassau is a great day to be lazy.
  7. They take almost anything now. For our cruise last Feb. wifey and I took a head shot against a yellow wall. They accepted it. Friends we sailed with cut and pasted their faces from a party shot, with all kinds of stuff in the background. They accepted it. As as others have said, they’ll take your pic way the port when you get there. So if you have any trouble just do that.
  8. We did the Mayan Princess resort when we sailed on Allure in February. All in all it was a good day. The resort, however, has plusses and minuses. Getting there was an adventure. In Feb they were rebuilding the road (the only real main road in Roatan) and its was one lane of travel, alternating directions all day. That added about 1/2 hour to the trip. Not a big deal, but be prepared. The resort itself is fine, but not a lot to look at from the entrance. When we arrived it was almost impossible to find loungers on the beach. One large area is exclusively for those staying at the resort. That turned out to be a blessing. We wandered over to the pool area and found six loungers (and 6 in our group) by the pool. The area was quiet, amazing, and only 20-30 paces from the beach. The pool was very relaxing, with several different areas. Where we were was closest to the beach, but still pretty secluded. We had roaming bartender service all day, and drinks were included, and they were tasty. Lunch was just okay. You won't be wowed by the food, but the burgers and dogs were fine. When on the beach, there are locals hawking all sorts of goods. They don't really bother you, but they are there the whole time. We did buy some ice cream from the one vendor. Yummy on a warm day. Now for the best part.....THIS WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH WE HAVE EVER BEEN ON. This includes the beaches in Hawaii. Now the whole environment in Hawaii was better, but the sand and water at the West Bay beach in Roatan is the best we've ever seen. Soft sand, easy entry into the water, the bluest blues in the water. Calm waters too. The water was so clear, we could see forever, and even in just waist deep we had little fishies swimming through our legs. There were also other pay additional water activities available, but we did not partake. All in all, a SUPER RELAXING DAY. For the price, and the non adventure day we were looking for, we thought it was well worth it. This is a stock photo of the pool area. The very loungers we used. Stock photo of the resort. Pool is just behind the white building.
  9. If you go on a cruise and are looking for something to complain about, there is 100% certainty you'll find something. Similarly, if you go an are looking to have a good time, you most likely will.
  10. Used them when we were there. Good tour. Rum punch was STRONG !!
  11. Bad use of terminology on my part I guess. I thought they called them suites. If there’s only one type of Aqua class room, that’s what we have.
  12. Yep. The Go Best thing was insane for us. We usually go RCL in Feb with my gang but Celebrity had a deal with Aqua Class Suite, all 4 perks (premium drink pkg, pre paid tips, free internet, and $300obc)....all for $3400. And supposedly fewer kids.
  13. While incredibly unfortunate for the OP, cancellations for a charter happen all the time and should be expected. If I read it right, this cruise is Super Bowl weekend, so really not a big surprise. Weve been on RCL every year for the last four years and have have superior service, both from on board staff, and land based support. Last cruise on Allure,the Social media team sent wine, a fruit bowl, a cheese plate and chocolate covered cherries to our room for sail away. Totally out of the blue. RCL rocks.
  14. Luckily my Jan 2020 cruise on Celebrity has premium drink package and pre paid tips included. Looking forward to compare and contrast the Lines.
  15. Great review. Thanks. Going to make our July cruise on Symphony even better.
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