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  1. A lot to be concerned with in the report, but we'll likely cruise, even with the precautions and restrictions, when its shown to be safe. hopefully sooner rather than later. The thing that intrigues me is that thy stressed using company owned private islands. Might we see a Celebrity ship at CoCo Cay ?? I'd gladly give up a Caribbean port for CoCo Cay. Loved that place when we went.
  2. We sailed in Aqua class on Summit in February (post revolution). We loved it. The room was very comfy. The cabin attwndant service seemed a cut above, although that could just be the attendant. I will agree with some of the Blu reviews on one point...I thought the food was only marginally better than the MDR. The service and atmosphere in Blu, however was superior. Christian, the Maitre Di in Blu was the best we have ever had on any cruise. They were very accommodating to any dietary restrictions our group had. I like that they didn’t try to impress you with the quantity of food, but rather quality of service. All in all, we very much liked Aqua. In the end though it is a dollar trade off. If we have to pay too much over a standard veranda room, then we would not upgrade. Make it a reasonable price, and we’re in Aqua every time.
  3. We sailed Summit in late February, a couple of weeks before shutdown. It was our first Celebrity cruise. We really enjoyed the ship. You could tell it was re done and it felt fresh. We were in an Aqua class room. The décor was quite nice. The bedding was insanely good. All of the public spaces were very nice. Tuscan Grille was our only specialty restaurant and everything was awesome there. Blu was very very good, especially the service. I can't compare to pre revolution but we felt the ship was fresh, clean, and comfortable.
  4. "All healed" never really happens after a heart attack but I am doing well. All my key numbers are very good, playing golf 3 times a week (and able to walk 18 if I want), and trying to eat well. Hoping to be out on the seas again in 2Q next year. Thanks for asking.
  5. Our cruise in April '21 on Edge (fingers crossed) will be our first in a suite. We don't believe in tipping....we believe in OVER tipping. What is an appropriate tip for a good butler for a 7 day cruise?? I understand from the thread that their job is very different from the state room attendant, but I have no idea if they should be tipped on par, or more, or less than a cabin attendant. TIA
  6. Re looked at our boarding pass and you are correct.....9086.
  7. I agree with you 100%. It’s what I love about this page. You can get all kinds of viewpoints to help make your own decisions. We lived Aqua but not so much that it overwhelmed a simple balcony cabin. Glad you found your niche. happy sailing !!
  8. Casino rate was $2931 TOTAL for 2 people. S3 Sky Suite. Cabin 8210. 7 nights. Included all 4 perks and all suite amenities The book rate (rate off web site) for the same trip is $4700. And I’m not the biggest casino player. Usually play poker but will play some $5 table games when available.
  9. We sailed Aqua Class on Summit in February. Cabin 8086. We actually liked the overhang for the most part. There were a couple of times a day when the there was some noticeable noise but nothing we can remember when we were calling it a night. Blu was very very good in terms of service. The food was a little better than the MDR but not a lot. The Persian Garden is small, but it doesn't get a lot of use, so it turned out to be a wonderful place to just lay back and relax. If we sailed Summit again, we would go with a straight balcony room. Nothing against Aqua, just not worth the extra $$
  10. Thanks all. I was up all night researching and even found pictures of Cabin 8210, the one I was eyeing. We pulled the trigger and booked it. The Blue Chip casino rate was insane.....S3 suite with all 4 perks for under $3k. Cruise Critic regulars were an amazing help, as usual.
  11. Thanks all. I was up all night researching and even found pictures of Cabin 8210, the one I was eyeing. We pulled the trigger and booked it. The Blue Chip casino rate was insane.....S3 suite with all 4 perks for under $3k. Cruise Critic regulars were an amazing help, as usual.
  12. These S3 cabins seem like a real value way to get into a suite and the Retreat amenities but I wonder if the Magic Carpet going up and down occasionally is an issue. Are they still worth it or should I bump up to an S2 Sky Suite on the port side ? Also, in general, for those with experience, is the Retreat and a Sky Suite worth the additional up chare from an Aqua Class room ? TIA
  13. We sailed Celebrity summit the week before COVID shutdown in March. Hoping to et back sailing next year sometime. I got a casino rate offer in the email today and the rates they are offering are awesome. We are looking at an Edge sailing on April 4, Western route. Some questions about edge though...... Veranda vs Aqua Class? We sailed Aqua on Summit and liked it. Not sure the increase in price is worth it though. Blu was very nice, we didn't use the Persian Garden much. Felt that the A2 locations on Summit, while very nice, were a tad noisy, being right under the overhangs. Best cabin location ? Is there a deck and ship location that is better than another. Port vs Starboard? Fwd vs Aft? etc. Other booking tips or tricks ??? I feel like an expert on RCL ships but am relatively new to Celebrity sailings. Looking for insider info. TIA
  14. I got an e mail today too. I called the Blue Chip line and talked to them. I'm not a big player, so we aren't talking about a comped room. I did get a quote for a Infinite veranda room (deck 8 mid ship), with all 4 perks that was ~$1200 better than the regular on line booked rate. The Aqua Class room was $1500 better. So....if it isn't a comped room, then you can add the perks as a package. The rates are fantastic in our view. I think we're going to book Edge for April 4 sailing tomorrow.
  15. We really enjoyed Summit. Obviously a smaller ship, but classy and everything was nicely done.
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