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  1. We sail on Symphony of the Seas this Saturday. As usual we come in a day or two early to 1. give us a buffer and 2. Just get an extra day of relaxing in. We we had a 7:40pm nonstop on Southwest from BWI to FLL. Got a text at 11 am that the flight was cancelled. No reason but digging reveals that the equipment was going to be 3 hours late leaving Portland Maine, so in their infinite wisdom they cancelled the BWI stop and went straight to FLL. When I called there were no nonstops with seats available. My two option were Baltimore-New Orleans-FLL or Baltimore-Chicago Midway-FLL. Either way, a lot of hours on a plane. At the last minute the customer service agent says they have 2 seats on a BWI-FLL nonstop leaving at 10:40pm. I booked it. After booking, I get notice the flight has been delayed until 11:25pm. Then another saying it was delayed until 1:00am !! Digging tells me they had crew issues as the equipment is planned to be at BWI by 9:30. Anyway, at 5:30pm I get another notice saying the departure is back on schedule at 10:40 !!! So sitting here peacefully at the airport hoping it all comes together. Moral of of the story....leave plenty of travel time to get to your cruise embarkation point. You never know what’s gonna happen.
  2. Being Pittsburgh born and raised that means "Cookie Table" at a "Special Event". I'll it means the same thing in our neighbor Ohio.
  3. Sailing next week. Not a big deal but curious who the entertainment my be. Always wishing we cross paths with Matt Yee, but sadly his site says not this time.
  4. Marlene at rccl dining is awesome. Any time I've ever had an item like this, she makes sure the ship is noyified and requests are filled. She even makes sure I get orange sherbet each night for dessert.
  5. I'll be doing a trip report after the July Symphony cruise. I'll make a point to review the shows
  6. One of the coolest experiences we've had was a couple years ago on Harmony. We were in the 1st two rows for the ice show. Right before show time, the cast members from several other shows come in and sit near us. Turns out it was the last night for the cast of the ice show. They and the cast mates in the audience had the best time. It was really fun to be a part of.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I just checked my shows and nothing has moved.....yet. We have Hairspray night 1 at 8pm. I still hope we can have that drink on board. I'll be a regular at the Solarium Bar !
  8. We also loved Mama Mia on Allure. We will be on Symphony in a few weeks. The show is Hairspray. From what I've heard, it's the best show of the bunch. Looking forward to it.
  9. Typically very good but as Clarea says its unpredictable. Best prices I've gotten have been two weeks before the cruise. I they're not selling the number of packages they want, they will adjust the price.
  10. We were on Allure in February with most of the April 18 itinerary. It was a very good trip. My first choice from the list you show would be Apr 25 on Allure. I like the stops. 2nd would be April 18 on Allure.
  11. As others have said, you'll find it on sale in the cruise planner. The price moves, so keep an eye. If it pops at a price lower than you bought, cancel and rebuy at the lower rate. I do that all the time. When considering whether its worth it, CONSIDER ALL FLUIDS. a bottle of water runs $3.50-$4.00 Specialty coffees run $6-$8. Fresh squeezed OJ runs a few bucks. For us, ~$52pp/pd is our beak even. We've never paid more than $49. We always get several bottles of water a day. Just to stay hydrated, have one at the bedside in the evening, several in the fridge to grab when going on excursions. It can add up. Also, the drink package works on CoCo Cay and Labadee if that's one of your stops. And consider the peace of mind of not having to think about it and the ability to try new things. Its a personal decision, but getting the package makes sense for us each time.
  12. When we disembarked Allure in February, with no special leaving time, we were off the ship by 8:15, and made the trip, via UBER, from Port of Miami to FLL in 35 minutes. We were sitting around at the airport at 930. So if you do self disembarkation and get of the ship in the first groups, you should not have an issue.
  13. Leave the gun. Take the cannoli's. .Yes snacks. Find a place about halfway that might be fun for the kids. Or plan a movie theater night. You're on vacation. Making the trip down a relaxing one is an important part of that. Get a decent hotel 1/2 way. I'm not pro gun or anti gun for responsible owners, but unless you think you're going to be in some unsavory territory, I'd leave it at home. I am not a gun owner so I can't give an answer from your perspective. You will likely pack 40% more than you need. If worse comes to worse, use the "bag o laundry" option on the ship. Sure it costs a few bucks but its a good service and it means you don't have to lug 50lb suit cases all over. Plan to relax. Look for the joy and you'll find it !!!
  14. You all have until Feb 15, 2020 to get all the kinks worked out. Make especially sure the Deck 9, starboard Aqua Class rooms are all up to snuff.
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