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  1. Simply a pina colada with Blue Curacao. Just yummy and sweet. My cruising gang is the parents of former University of Delaware Blue Hen football players. Blue Hes -----> Blue Drinks ------> Tradition
  2. The first drink of every cruise.....a Blue Hawaiian.
  3. Our favorite place to stay pre-cruise in FLL is the Renaissance Cruiseport. There is a very fine restaurant, The Boatyard, right across the parking lot. You can get a decent points or Marriott rate at the hotel. The restaurant is a tad pricey but worth every penny. Another hotel in that area is the Embassy Suites on 17th. Nice place too.
  4. We're wondering if booking a November 28 sailing makes any sense at this point. Or do we wait until they actually start sailing and see how it goes? Very torn. We want to sail again, but are hesitant simply because of the unknowns at this time.
  5. My stop loss triggered today at $34.25. So that yielded a nice short term profit. I will look to buy again in the 20s if it goes there. If we see July cruises getting cancelled, things might get sketchy. #tradenotinvestment
  6. I'll consider myself fortunate. I bought a few weeks ago at $26 and change. It popped to 42 in a few days where I put a stop limit order in for a 15% drop. That stop limit triggered a few days later and my stake sold at ~$34, on its way back down. So i banked a 30%ish gain. When it tanked into the mid 20's again, I bought again. It hit $40 again today, and I again put a stop limit on the shares. If it keeps going up, great. If it tanks, I have locked in another short term gain. My view is that RCL is a trade right now, not an investment. If you view it as an investment you may get hurt bad. If you have a super long time horizon, you should eventually be ok unless they decide to restructure, then all bets are off. If you play it as a short term trade, there is an opportunity to make a few bucks. I like RCL as a company....a lot. I think it's ell managed. Its our go to cruise line, but this is a once in a lifetime event and no one can say with any certainly whats going to happen. I have my opinions, but that and a dollar may get you a cup of coffee.
  7. The Mrs. and I usually book ocean view balconies. Tonight at dinner, we toyed with booking Symphony for September or December and we talked about doing something different room wise. If we book a Boardwalk Balcony room, one of the end couple on deck 10-12, would you get a clear view of the Aqua show from there? Also is there and view of the sea out the sides of the Aqua Theater? Now I realize these are not the Aqua Suites with the cool balconies, but looking at the deck plans, it seems one of the last two regular balcony rooms might have a decent view. TIA Z
  8. Except the UK? In the most recent WHO report (released today) the UK has more Corona virus cases than 85% of European countries. (UK is #7 of 48 countries). Why is the UK excluded ??
  9. We were on Summit Feb 15-22. Aqua class rooms 9084-9086-9088. That's just forward of the Burger Bar above on deck 10. The rooms were generally quiet. You could hear some walking around on occasion but nothing to disrupt anything, particularly sleep. I suspect peak noise from above time would be mid day and we were never in the room during the day anyway. We would book them again in a minute. I have a trip report out there if you want to read it.
  10. To be honest I don’t know. All I know is when we got back to the room after 10pm the fridge was always restocked and ready to go for the next day.
  11. We got this package for our Summit sailing a couple weeks ago. Price was $126 total for the both of us. Also got $50 each, ($100 total) in casino credit. I play cards so I was going to spend $100 there anyway, so the net cost to us was $26. We did have the Premium Package as a perk, but we did find the convenience of the "& more" package to be well worth the $26. We had no issue with our cabin steward restocking the fridge...or getting it restocked. We asked specifically for diet Coke to be stocked and Corona,, not Heineken. They accommodated that no problem. It was restocked every night. There were always 2-- 1 liter bottles of water in the fridge each day, which we used to take on excursions. In addition, there were Kind bars and small cans of Pringle's chips in the fridge. Again, we took those on excursions each day, We aren't wine drinkers, so we gave one bottle to our cabin steward and the others to a table of sweet little old ladies we met in Blu. We grabbed a beer or two, when we were just relaxing on the balcony, but we really didn't use the hard liquor, as we usually got that at a bar or at dinners/shows. So for a net 26 bucks, it was well worth it. I can see on longer cruises, where the net cost would go up because of more days, it may not be worth it, but for our 7 day adventure it was great.
  12. Me with the Captain at the Cruise Critic meet and greet. Yummy cappuccino and cookies from Cafe al Bacio Throwback photo of one of the boys at lobster night in Blu. He started with 3 tails ! The girls favorite officer....Mario. One last shot of mama and Summit.
  13. Sea Day and Saying good bye: I love it when the last day of a cruise is a sea day. A real chance to relax and even recharge a little before you have to slog your luggage to the airport and head back to the cold. For us it was a very lazy day. A couple of the ladies were up early and walked the track. Some of us slept in and missed breakfast all together. The day was relaxed all day. I had a cappuccino and chocolate chip cookie at Cafe al Bacio. Some were at the pool deck sunning them selves. Others recovered from having too good a time the night before. Even with a full ship it never felt crowded anywhere on board. Dinner the last night was at Tuscan Grille. We always eat in a specialty restaurant on our last night as a way to have a last grand gathering of the gang. The food, all of the food, was very very good. We ordered several appetizers for whole table ad all was excellent. Several folks had the filet mignon and they were all pleased. I had the rib eye and it was nicely done. The pasta dishes were quite tasty. All in all, Tuscan Grille was a great choice. Lots of variety for all tastes and everything prepared well. Bags had to be in the hallway by 9pm, which felt a tad early to us. We did it and were easily ready for the final show in the theater. A good show made up of Broadway show tunes. The evening ended with a few words from the Captain himself. I must say that the Senior staff on the ship were very visible on the ship all week. A very pleasant surprise. Leaving the ship on disembarkation day was pretty easy. We had breakfast around 8am. Our time to leave (group 21) was 8:20 and we were actually called early. The only hitch was getting an elevator to the gangway. We did the slick thing and took one up a couple levels, just so we could take it down. As we entered the baggage area, the Captain was there to shake everyone's hand thanking them for sailing with Celebrity. A nice touch. Grabbing a porter is always the best way through the luggage area. That was true again this time. Got our bags right away and then the porters had a separate line thru the Customs check. He hailed our cab and go us on our way in no time. SUMMARY: Our first cruise on Celebrity was a very good one. We really enjoyed Aqua class but all agreed that unless we got another great deal, we would be fine with a simple balcony room. Food was good throughout. Shows were better than expected. The ABCs were wonderful and we will surely do them again. Best of all were the people we met on board. Mark, Jim, "Pittsburgh", the NYC3 boys, and others made a grater cruise even greater. I'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Hope you enjoyed the report.
  14. North Loop directions South Loop directions Salt mounds from a distance The carts Salt ship in port Same ship close up Salt mounds 1 Salt mounds 2 Salt ponds White Pylon. The pylon color was an indicator to incoming ships of where to drop anchor to onboard certain grades of salt. Slave huts Ma and Pa Surf sailers Lonely flamingo Social (and much pinker) flamingos Yellow Slave Huts Pylon at Southern tip of island Lac Bay wind surfers Lunch at Beach Hut Bar & Grille Bar entrance
  15. Briny Bonaire...... Day 6 was a stop in Bonaire. Our gang went in a couple different directions. Some slept in and then got a cab tour of the island. Mama and I , along with one other couple, rented golf carts from Bonaire Cruisers. The cart renters were off the boat at 845. First check in for the carts was a tent right at the port side. Then the cart pick up was just two blocks away. After a brief review of the contract and an island map, we were on our way. You can choose between a North or South route to begin the day. They say that the southern route is 1 1/2 hours and the Northern route is 2 1/2 hours (if you take the full route). We chose to go the southern route first, since that had the flamingos, slave huts, and salt flats. After a brief navigational error we were on our way. In the city, the roads and roundabouts are your typical roadways. Once out of town the roads are narrower and more sparse. The golf carts themselves are classic on the course golf carts, and they go no faster than they do on the 3rd fairway. The tour via golf cart was a very unique perspective. You stop where you want. You're not going so fast that it goes by too fast. It was a lot of fun. There were lots of people scuba diving and snorkeling. If that's your thing, you can go from stop to stop and snorkel in lots of places. The slave hut areas were sad and informative. The salt flats were impressive. The southern tip of the island was barren and very windy. Our lunch stop was tasty and a big wind surfing area. Our total time to tour the southern route was 3 1/2 hours. We also went part way on the northern route, as far as the 1,000 steps. We didn't like the northern route nearly as much as the southern. We headed back to the cart drop off, but did drive by the port entrance first to drop off the girls. The evening was quiet, with an early bed time. (getting old sucks) Next: A wonderful do nothing sea day, packing, and saying goodbye.
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