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  1. Thanks for posting this. I just signed up for the OBC. Our cruise was supposed to leave today, and we rebooked in December.
  2. We loved our cruise on the Liberty last summer! We usually do Paradise Beach in Cozumel and have always had a good time there, but this last time we did the Atlantis submarine excursion and really enjoyed it. In Grand Cayman, we went to the Royal Palms Beach Club. https://royalpalmscayman.com/ Hope you have a great time!
  3. We are sailing on the Dream on Monday. Hope nothing crazy happens in the next few days that prevents us from going!
  4. We are scheduled to sail a week from today (3/16) on the Dream out of Galveston. We live in Texas and will be driving to the port. So far, there hasn't been much reported virus activity in Texas or the Caribbean side of Mexico, so it seems like we should be OK. We have a balcony cabin, so I guess a quarantine wouldn't be as bad as it could be otherwise. My husband is taking his work laptop in case we get stuck. I'll be out of luck with my job as I can't work remotely, but we could survive without a couple of weeks of my income. At this point, we are planning to sail. Hope not too much else goes sideways in the next week that forces us to change our minds.
  5. So glad you still got to do your tour of Hollywood! It's surreal to see all of those famous places in person, at least it was for me.
  6. So glad you’ll be able to disembark soon!! Your review has been interesting since the beginning, and I’m sorry for the difficulty at the end. I’ve been glued to the coverage. Hope you are still able to enjoy the rest of your time there.
  7. I'm so sorry for more bad news and that your ordeal continues to cause problems and pain for you. I sure hope the specialist can help you find a solution and relief!!
  8. 🤣🤣🤣 Loving this review and your hilarious commentary!
  9. I went to the thread in the help forum to post that it is still a problem this morning. The last post by a mod declared that the problem was fixed, then commenting was turned off. It is not fixed. I deleted cookies and it is still broken for me in Chrome and on my iPad. I'm posting in Firefox now.
  10. This what it still looks like in Chrome on my Windows 10 desktop. Firefox working OK.
  11. THANKS for this!! I filed a claim today and they gave me $42 OBC for our cruise in a couple of weeks!
  12. Enjoy that peanut brittle! Looking forward to more stories...
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