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  1. I did try searching before starting this thread and after scrolling through 50 or so of over 1000 posts, I started this thread. Anyone have a link for “all the features of the new CC?”
  2. Hmm. Where do I find the blue dot? Sounds like it’s just what I’m looking for.
  3. Back in the good ol' days, before CC was "improved," I could set a thread so that I would see the latest posting first. As it is now, I have to click on the latest page, and then scroll down until I see a new posting. Not very efficient, not very efficient at all. Am i missing a setting somewhere?
  4. I'm sure most already know this, but we discovered they have added a low, oval "coffee" table to the Sky Suites, the week after we sailed. Don't know about loungers. We asked our butler for a dining table and she found us a low table a bit bigger than the one on the deck. It worked, sorta, like eating at the camp fire. If anyone is interested, I took rough measurements of our S3, entry, room, bath, and deck. Roomy enough that my wife could turn her scooter around with no problem. (Don't know if that will be the case with the new table.)
  5. Thanks for this. We love to know everything we possibly can before boarding, and the muster station is on our list. My wife is a slow walker, so we like to get there early and be sure of finding a seat. A coffee after muster (C1) seems like it will be in order, if not before!
  6. Just an FYI re rockers, inside tables and deck loungers. I talked to the Celebrity executive office a few days ago (very nice folks who actually work to get accurate answers) and was told the rockers are gone but no news as yet about replacing them with tables. Was also told to ask the butler about getting a lounger for the deck. Maybe if enough of us keep asking for a lounger, the ship will conclude that it's a good idea to place them on all SS decks. Has anyone heard anything about tables? If I hear any more, I will post again. Meanwhile, we are a few weeks away from our 7 April sailing. Getting excited.
  7. vtcruising, when you visited the S3, was the entry to the SS shared with the cabin next door, i.e. a small hallway off the main hall with two doors, one for the IV cabin and one for the SS? I know that the two center S3s have this arrangement with the inside cabins parallel to the hallway, but on the deck plans it isn't clear that that arrangement is used for the two end S3s. If so, I am hoping we can ask for the main hall door to be propped open so we have only one door to deal with to enter our cabin. Picky, picky, I know, but . . . You are a fount of information! How do you manage to know so much about the Edge? Just curious.
  8. We'll be on board the week of 4/7/19. How about you?
  9. vtcruising, thanks for the update. Very happy to hear that Celebrity is listening and apparently in the process of making some changes. We've had our S3 on deck 10 booked since the day reservations opened up. I know some people are anti-S3 because of the MC, but we're hoping that it is NBD and perhaps a bit of an advantage. With our forward-facing window on the deck, we should be able to enjoy a view not available to most. And the deck size certainly looks great. Hey, I even like the orange "box" in the corner: contemporary art? place to carve our initials? photo backdrop? Place to hid behind when bridge staff are looking aft? At any rate, we will definitely be asking for a lounger and, with any luck, might be able to swing a table large enough for breakfast.
  10. vtcruising, I just saw on one of your other threads that Celebrity is going to replace the SS rocker with a rising coffee table and put a lounger or two on the deck. Do you know if/when this is happening? We board on 4/7/19 and would love to see these changes have been made. I know some folks like the rocker, but it appears to take up a lot of real estate. And the deck has space galore for a couple loungers.
  11. Travel94, just wanted to applaud your positive attitude while you deal with a less than perfect situation. In today's world, many are quick to bellyache and paint the world black over much more minor issues. Happy to hear you are making the best out of your issue and still enjoying your cruise. We all hope they can get it resolved quickly!
  12. Thanks for letting me know. Will make the scooter maneuvers a bit more complicated, but not a deal breaker.
  13. I hope you are right. If the connecting door is in the S3 entry hall, then my wife's scooter will only have to pass through one door to enter 10162. We're very fortunate that vtcruising will be able to check it out in three weeks. We're also sharing it on our cabin crawl in April. I think lots of folks want to see the effect of the MC on the balcony.
  14. Thanks very much for your help. I would love to see pictures of 10162 and hear about any observations from the person on your roll call. We board in April, so your timing is great.
  15. Mea culpa. I just looked at the video again and it is of an S3 with a "connecting" inside cabin, not an IV. We are booked in an S3 on the edge of the MC railing (10162), with an IV next door that is shown on the deck plans as connecting through a shared wall. Does anyone know a) if there is a connection through the shared wall, or b) if there is a shared hallway, or c) there is no connection at all. Much appreciate any insights.
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