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  1. Good afternoon. My first Regent cruise scheduled for 1/28/2020, which happens to be Super Bowl week in Miami. Our booking category includes a pre cruise hotel. If I do not want the hotel option, I can take a $150 a person credit. ($300 total). From my experience I will not find a great hotel for less than $300 especially that week. Which hotels are usually used by Regent? Are they in the Downtown area? Am I dreaming to think it might be the IC or Marriott? Thank you.
  2. Was this is a location different than the Club Class breakfast dining or where they served CC dinner? Thanks
  3. We actually like the food, but I would not consider it high end or high priced.
  4. I think whoever you spoke to at Celebrity was wrong. Or at least I hope so. come on over to our Roll Call and discuss the issue. At least it is $300 a person, so $600 total. Did you book one of those restrictive basic Economy tickets? What airlines? Good Luck.
  5. The Premium Drink Package, a four device unlimited internet package for each person, two bottle of liquor, and laundry are included in a RS and above. The drink package and internet are not needed if you have the “Best” package of perks. The laundry can be somewhat offset by the Elite/Elite Plus laundry bag benefits, but it is not as nice. I agree that the Jacuzzi on the balcony is not of much value and seldom used. Although my wife and I have found the RS balcony to be more than big enough. We value the ocean view from the Bedroom (no view from the CS bedroom is the main reason that we are not likely to ever book a CS) and the 2nd half bath. We also enjoy the Luminae and ordering from the MDR menu. We evaluate the two menus to finalize our specialty dining reservations. When staying in a RS we usually enjoy dinner in Luminae about half the time. We also enjoy breakfast there, but lunch only a few times each cruise. We usually take 14 day or longer cruises and dine in each Speciality Dining location at least once. We enjoy Murano’s two or three times and Tuscan at least twice. Since the RS includes unlimited Specialty dining, we often order just a few courses. We really like the pasta dishes in Tuscan. When in an RS, we have been contacted by the shoreside Conceirge for our request and Specialty dining reservations. IMO the Solstice Class RS is very well designed and is more than enough space.
  6. Did you find the need to spend a lot of time on other outside decks? Or did you spend most of your time on your Aft balcony? I ask because I have a cruise with an Aft balcony late next months. Any tips on how to manage where you spend your view time? Thanks
  7. If you are on eat Reflection or Silhouette, do not forget the included lunches in the Porch any day or the occasionally Lawn Grill Lunch. All included. Also unlimited Gelato.
  8. I am guessing that it is between 1/3 and 1/2 smaller. The conference rooms were also removed. Except for the Elite cocktail hour, I have never found the Sky Lounge to be very crowded. The Reflection Sky Lounge is certainly large enough for the dance classes and trivia groups. I could not care less about the Art Auction. I find the Sky Lounge as a nice place to hide during the day.
  9. We cannot recommend specific TA’s, but I suspect you can find the same or better deal with a different TA. (This has been my experience). The key with my two TA’s is to get a quote. (The OBC does not show on line). Usually 9-10% refundable OBC.
  10. Good point, especially if Princess does not give you a second minibar set up to trade for a coffee package on the back end of your 14 day cruise. I suspect some cruisers would want to trade in their minibar set up for two coffee packages (good for 14 days) and then keep a second minibar set up.
  11. Princess does periodically offer the Sip and Sail with an included The Premium Drink Package.
  12. 2a, seems to imply that you get to keep a one copy of each photo.
  13. True, but IMO it sounds like a poor excuse. As far as I know the TA does not have any responsibility for the actual bidding or acceptance. I did notice that my TA was copied on the initial Move Up bidding offer, but not on the e mail acknowledging that Celebrity received my bid. You bring up a good point as to if the TA has to be involved if and when you win a bid. I did not win on my two opportunities, so I do not know. I am just curious as to why you keep using this TA even though they do not participate. Are you unable to find a TA that offers the same or better deal? I would guess that most people do not even know they are not eligible for the Move Up bidding.
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