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  1. Thank you for the information. We found it and enjoyed watching the 1st episode.
  2. Obviously, some people have had to wait. We have 35 days with CC dining without needing to wait even once.
  3. So true, you must have had a deeply discounted fare. I miss the “mileage run” days. It took a long time for the airlines to fix that loophole.
  4. But it has to be the same US port and not Seattle to Seward (or Anchorage) as indicate based on my understanding.
  5. You have to book both one ways at the same time, correct?
  6. Are you sure about this statement? I thought that the ship has to stop at a distant foreign port if transporting passengers from one US city to another. Isn’t that the reason that Closed loop Alaska cruises stop in Canada and one way Alaska Cruise either stop or start in Canada? Or perhaps I missed confused.
  7. You would see a $30 fee charged for the luggage and another $25 for the service.
  8. For my upcoming January 28 Regent cruise I was offered $150 pp credit if I did not take the included pre cruise hotel. Since this is Super Bowl week in Miami, I did not take the offer/credit. A few of my favorite hotels are not available or are significantly more expensive. When will I found out the name of the Regent hotel? Once, I find out can I decline the hotel and still get the credit? Do I have to make my final decision before I know the hotel choice? Thanks
  9. As we all know, Princess’s has a very limited selection of fountain soda. (The only options on a package since cans are not included.) Based in my experiences, the worst in the industry. 2. Will never happen as the fountain soda options are needed as mixers for alcoholic drinks. I would welcome the Free Style option because, again, based on my experiences the Free Style machines offer many more options. Hopefully those that do not want the expanded options, can get their limited option soda the current way. But also I hope they use do not require a special cup.
  10. I have my first cruise booked with Regent in January, so I cannot yet comment on the Regent experience. But I have been on many Celebrity cruises and I can assure you that it was not necessary for your husband (or anyone else) to come to the bar to get his own drink. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I have acquired two drinks hundreds of times on Celebrity. (One for me and one for my DW). What the bartender should have made clear to you is that he needed your husband’s sea pass card if you were using a drink package. On Celebrity they scan your sea pass card for each drink. I am looking forwarded to not needing to have my card scanned as is common on All Inclusive cruises. It was nice when I cruised on the Xpedition in the Galápagos Islands.
  11. Thank you for the link and and the well wishes. Awesome. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for the information and the well wishes. What was the name of the outside restaurant (in your attached photo) where you enjoyed your breakfast on the morning before Embarkation. We are cruising on September 5, so we are hoping that the water levels are still adequate. Do you recall the site name where we can monitor the river levels. i appreciate that you are taking time to,answer my questions.
  13. HBC, I would like to thank you, again for taking the time to provide information on your trip. As I am taking the exact same trip next month, I found it particularly interesting and helpful. Our arrival into Amsterdam is much earlier than you, 7 AM. Did you purchase your Canal Hop on Hop off tickets with Viator in advance. Do you think we could just purchase them when we arrive? Based on what you did on the Tauck tour on day 2, am I correct in assuming that we will not need to be concerned about visiting something on our first day that is repeated on the Tauck tour? We have 10:15 AM ticket for the Anne Frank museum on our Embarkation day. thanks.
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