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  1. This is a humanitarian crisis. Based on some of these posts, this crisis is bringing out the worst in some people. Every single human being whether a crew member or cruise passengers is due the full support of every country and community. They must be taken care of ASAP in such a way as to not spread the virus. Death ships not being supported cruising around the world is a sad situation. History will judge us harshly. IMO. I am proud of the fact that our Federal and State governments allowed a couple ships to disembark and protect so many people (rejected by many other countries.). Many people from the US, Canada, and U.K. were on those ships. It had to be managed very carefully with isolation and quarantine measures. Perhaps all Australians should have been put on one ship and transported to Australia for disembarkation. Follow the guidelines and be safe everyone.
  2. The more notice, the less compensation. Seems practical and fair to me, especially given that the cancellation are not caused by Princess.
  3. Why not just call and make the extra payment if it was part of the terms for the low initial deposit?
  4. Good point. We are also very good at building Navy and Coast Guard type ships. Perhaps they can modify that point to exclude cruise ship’s above a certain size. (I am not sure it will make a difference for cruise companies because of the other requirements). I do not think a regular size cruise ship as every been built in the US. Even the NCL ship being used in Hawaii was not really built in the US Based on my understanding.
  5. You are suggesting that everyone in China will ultimately be infected? Perhaps you are just having a nightmare, since the data suggests otherwise.
  6. I would be very surprised, since they have never required proof of immunization for anything as a general cruise requirement.
  7. if I recall correctly, Celebrity announced July 1 for the first Alaska cruises.
  8. We have three booked currently. We would not hesitate to book another one if the itinerary is right for us. let’s hope that have the resources to survive this blow and get some government assistance if necessary.
  9. It has to be worse. I suspect this may be related to the lack of enough Cloth towels, since they want everyone to wash their hands more often. They probably could not keep up with the demand for cloth towels.
  10. Thank you for reporting back in your experience.
  11. Can you still cancel and get a airline credit without a change fee?
  12. Then take advantage of the cancel option if you feel lucky. You can then rebook.
  13. Thank you. The upgrade to Platinum is free if you are Elite status?
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