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  1. Yes, they do. Celebrity has had this policy for some time.
  2. That approach will be more profitable for Celebrity and it will help the bottom line. Celebrity will appreciate your approach.
  3. No, you do not pay the $14 USD per person increase in cruise fare if you buy the Classic Beverage Package at the old price. You only pay more if the Drink Package is part of your perk selection.
  4. I agree 100% with what you say. $300 a day per person is a good deal for a full suite from my experiences and observations but I know that most people would not consider that a bargain. Of course most people do not book full suites.
  5. Seems like a responsible question to me, especially for anyone used to cruising for seven days or less.
  6. I am not sure what you paid for your current category, but I would pay $100 a day more for a full suite in less than a microsecond. Assuming you paid around $100 a day for a balcony. Did you price a full suite when you originally booked? So yes, really.
  7. Thank you. I confirmed today that they are Tauck employees.
  8. Our friends who joined us on the River Cruise have done two Tauck Tours in Italy and also only have good things to say about their land tours. We did a three week Australia/New Zealand tour about 10 years ago and it was also fabulous. Enjoy
  9. That does make sense, which is why I was asking for confirmation. Thanks.
  10. Just to clarify. I am using the Regent one night included hotel, but I am doing my own flight. So the transfer to the Regent hotel is included in this situation? Thanks.
  11. You are most welcome. Enjoy your 2021 redo. We would do another Tauck River cruise, but a different itinerary, since we found a lot of the experience was the varied ports. We have so many places that we have not visited. (Although we have been to a lot of places). In the meantime we have booked the 14 day Tauck land tour for Ireland and Great Britain for June 2020.
  12. HBCcruisers, I just wanted to stop by and thank you, again, for all the great information. My wife, two friends, and I had an amazing time on the September 5 version of your exact cruise. The information that you provided and the answered to my question were much appreciated and helpful. I do not have one bad thing to say about the experience. My expectations were exceeded and I was very surprised about the quality of the dining experience. The soups were amazing as were many other dishes. This was our first River Boat experience and with only 82 passengers it seemed like a large yacht. We all loved cruising along the rivers with the amazing scenery and everything else about the experience. Thanks. Jim P.S. Do you know if the Tauck Air department is run by a subcontractor or Tauck employees?
  13. I agree that you cannot answer the question about worth if you do not know the cost. Obviously you will never participate in the bidding process even if could win with a $10 bid for a suite, since you would not know the cabin number in advance. i would take a Sky Suite or above at any location. I know that some of the SS's are below the pool and buffet area, but at a low enough price it would be worth it IMO. People stay in those cabins on every cruise.
  14. As well as the Michael's club and the Retreat area if there is one. I agree that this modification likely was in response to larger families or even close friends that booked more than one cabin. (It would apply only if the rest of the party is not actually staying in a suite). In theory it might be possible to cheat or abuse the system, I just seriously doubt that it will be abused. I would guess Celebrity would monitor the situation closely. Lack of adjoining cabins and linked reservation would be an easy way to monitor for abuse. Perhaps it is available only if invited to use? I almost always stay in some kind of suite and I am not concerned about overcrowding. I also think that this is a nice new benefit for RS and PH suite guests.
  15. Yes, I also found many more responsible priced Medical only plans for annual and individual trips. When you add trip cancellation to a policy, the price increases significantly and has annual limit on the trip cancellation benefit.
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