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  1. We are going to the Bahamas 3/1 sailing out of Manhattan. No we are from Boston suburbs 🙂
  2. Thank you everyone! She doesn’t nap anymore unfortunately but maybe we’ll go to the park first to get some energy out before heading to the pier! We are only bronze level so we’ll be boarding with the masses. This is definitely the largest ship we’ve been on so it helps to know a bit what to expect!
  3. Hello! My family is traveling out of Manhattan next month on the Bliss. We have a 3.5 year old child and have selected a pier arrival time of 10:30-11:00. Assuming the ship arrives at the pier at the time it should, is this a good plan? We're hoping if we arrive early, we will be able to get on sooner and get our daughter settled and explore a bit. But I obviously want to minimize standing in line and having her get restless. My husband and I haven't cruised in several years and never out of NYC but it's a whole different ballgame when you're traveling with kids! Thank you!
  4. Thanks for all the replies. We ended up booking the 1pm NE regional. It was about $75 more for all of us but worth the flexibility. And we can change to earlier if we happen to make it by the 10am train. I hadn’t realized the large ships take so long to unload passengers but it makes sense.
  5. Budget isn’t a huge concern but that noon train is an Acela in business class so that’s why it’s 5x the price. The super saver early bird fare is sold out on the trains after 10am. We are coming in a day early so I’d have to calculate what 8 days of parking would look like plus gas and tolls. My daughter loves trains so I think the train would be a fun experience for her. I really think we’d feel more comfortable with an 11am but we’ll just line up early and do the self-help disembarkation and hope for the best!
  6. Thank you! I think we have to go with the 10am. We have no problem with carrying off our own luggage - we tend to pack light anyways. Hubby is nervous still about having enough time to get the 10am train but the next one is at noon and that is more than 5x the price. 😞
  7. We are sailing in and out of NYC (Manhattan cruise terminal) in March on the Norwegian Bliss. We're taking the Amtrak to and from Boston into Penn Station. Our cruise "debarks" at 7am in NY. There are several options as far as trains to Boston out of Penn Station including 9am and 10am at their cheapest fare class. Will we have enough time to get to Penn Station for the 9am departure or is that cutting it too close? We will have a busy toddler with us so we want to minimize waiting around if possible. We will have time in NYC before we leave and post-cruise we just want to get back to Boston. Thanks in advance!
  8. Oooh good idea with turning the sofa. I thought maybe it was attached to the wall or the floor. I think we have decided on booking a balcony since it’s essentially the same as a mini suite on the Bliss. It’ll still give us a sofa bed for the little one. So so glad I found this forum...I’m really looking forward to our trip!
  9. We’re actually getting her the shrunks air mattress for Christmas but thought it might be too bulky to bring on a cruise.
  10. Hello! We are a family of 3 with a little girl. We have been on a few cruises in the past but are planning our first one as a family of 3. She will be 3.5 at time of sailing. My question is about the "sofabed" on the Norwegian Bliss mini-suite (category MC). I'm not sure if mini-suites in other ships are the same. At home, she sleeps in a toddler bed with a railing (we have never coslept and she would not be able to handle that). We're hoping the mini-suite would be perfect for us and she could sleep on the sofabed. Is it a pull-out couch, or does it have ability to add a toddler rail (I wonder if there's a foldup travel one I could buy or fit hers in the suitcase, or use a pool noodle under the sheets)? Adding a photo of the setup if that's helpful.
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