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  1. Can someone tell me the times that carnival pride in Baltimore starts allowing folks off the ship to customs? I’m not sure if carnival is like royal Caribbean where they have self assist and you walk off with luggage?
  2. LIKE! I was thinking of those exact same scenarios. You almost can't blame someone for being upset when rules aren't enforced. In your scenarios, many people already know the rule too. Not all or maybe not a majority, but many do. Be consistent or change the rule. I don't blame the OP for being upset and frustrated. It's also not fair making the enforcer of the rule the "bad guy". Believe me, I let my frustrations get the best of me and I do end up blaming the one who makes it more difficult for me while everyone else lets it slide. (something for me to think about)
  3. My point is more about the rule that many parents may not know about, a rule that is not strictly enforced. It's unfortunate what happened to this teen. IF he had known the rule, he could have said my parents are off the ship, but I am here with so and so who are adults. Some may say well it's in the cruise contract. I just think it would be helpful for parents to have that information in their stateroom upon arrival so if it's enforced, it's already in the stateroom. There is a rule and RC has the right to enforce it. The thing that gets me is that a lot of times they don't enforce the guidelines/rules. It can be frustrating when a rule isn't enforced and then when it is, "well it IS a rule". Who is the bad guy? The AO employee for enforcing it when it rarely is enforced.
  4. I can understand the frustration. There should be specific documentation left in a family's cabin if they are traveling with teens. Something that lists the rules, curfews. That way it doesn't come as a surprise when after several cruises, your teenager is left on board without adult supervision and made to feel like he did something wrong. MOST parents will follow the rules if they know what they are. This also reminds me of how one staff member enforces policy and others do not. I work in a federal government facility and everyone is supposed to put their belongings through the xray machines. However, many don't and they "show" their bag to a guard. Well, there's one guard who enforces the rule and everyone thinks he is a jerk. "No one else makes me do it".
  5. Yes two days later. We had just received a free voucher to wash the clothes we had and they asked we give them another day. I’m not sure what they would have done if they didn’t find it though. when it was returned there were two pieces of someone else’s clothing there. Our room attendant takes it away and apparently ran into the owner of the blouses so she was happy too.
  6. The room attendant said management is aware. I figure someone else’s got our stuff because we got someone else’s clothes.
  7. I’m on board freedom and we did the wash and fold laundry bag yesterday. Two bags were returned to us today right after dinner but they were not our clothes. My ticket was there with my name, stateroom number, and number of items. They seemed to write down another cabin number on my slip though. Has anyone ever experienced their laundry being lost and not returned? There were new swim suits, new shorts, and a couple of new t shirts included. Some other older stuff but I would sure hate to lose what I just bought. Any experiences? Our cabin attendant said If they were definitely lost, they would reimburse us. I would rather get the articles of clothing back.
  8. Ok good to know. I’m also thinking is the MDR even open on port days for breakfast and lunch?
  9. Awesome! Thanks for your help! I love this as an option. We have 3 straight port days with early starts. Room service breakfast will be welcomed for sure!
  10. oh great! Glad to know we can order from the MDR breakfast menu! I would like to order for a specific time in the morning so I'm glad to know we can order the night before. Thanks for explaining! Oh and I LOVE eggs benedict! Is there a menu available in the stateroom for the MDR breakfast/lunch/dinner) or do we have to ask the room steward or concierge for it? Thanks again!
  11. My thought is you are not going to get the full experience of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I think you will be rushed. If you rent a car, by the time you disembark and get there and parked it could very easily be 2:30-3:00. You would want to leave no later than 8pm to return the car and get back on board on time. That just feels very rushed. If you are okay just seeing some of it, ok. Just keep in mind that this part of Universal is the most popular and lines will be long especially mid afternoon. At least by dinner time, they will die down, but you have to eat too. Just a lot to think about.
  12. I received a letter from our concierge about our upcoming cruise this weekend. One of the perks mentioned is express room service. There seems to be a dedicated extension number for this so I'm assuming service is faster? As a suite guest, I read that we can order from the dining room menu. Does that include the breakfast/lunch menu or is it just the dinner menu? Also, can you call and order the night before for a specific time or do you wait until you want to order and eat? I would love breakfast room service on those early port days. I can't remember if the room cards you place on your doors are for continental breakfast or a full room service breakfast too. Thanks in advance.
  13. slyster

    Helmet Dive

    Oh! The seatrek is the helmet diving. Got it. Well that is the excursion we signed up for. Thank you!
  14. slyster

    Helmet Dive

    What is the seatrek?
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