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  1. I will be there early, since I will board with the btb's. I'm Cindy by the way and I hail from Tampa!! My friends will be on that week also, and they are from Melbourne, just like you! They are Debbie and Brian.
  2. Thanks so much!! I see you will be on the allure 9/1, I will too, see you there!
  3. On Oasis, coastal kitchen had the fillet Mignon on the 1st night. On allure last year it was the middle of the week. Does anybody know exactly what day it is on the Allure. I am trying to plan my upcoming 3 weeks on Allure in a Sky Loft Suite. So excited!! Thanks for your help.
  4. I inadvertently did this too, about 10 years ago, only flew from Tampa to ft Lauderdale, southwest used to run 39.00 specials. The problem was the air space. Everyone who had a private plane was also flying in, so we were in a holding pattern, just flying around in circles for about 2 hours, luckily still landed with enough time. Then the traffic was bumper to bumper. I learned my lesson and now check super Bowl schedules.
  5. I 2nd this from experience, they run those carts seems like all the time, starboard side much better.
  6. I don't think I ever booked a cruise so fast! I am also in crown loft on Sept 1 and 8th, (except paid almost double what this one was) so this booking makes it 3 weeks in the loft suite.
  7. Omg, I can't thank you enough, just booked a crown loft suite for 2600 total price for 2,!!!
  8. Just off the mariner with the package, had lunch at jaimies, on embarkation day, had lunch at playmakers on nassau day, it was definitely worth the 76.00. Also ate at izumi twice and chops for dinner.
  9. Just off the Mariner last week for 2 cruises, had the unlimited plan, ate there twice. Hibachi was awesome and anything for dinner we wanted was included. I had Chicken both times and hubby had filet and shrimp. It was great and no extra payment was required, besides extra tip, which I know is included, but I do add extra. We also had lunch at playmaker and Johnny rockets, all included.
  10. Just off the mariner for 2 cruises, went there on the 12th and on the 16th. Didn't find music too loud at the pool, water was nice. They have 250 workers who live on the island and 50 take boat every morning. I was told pool does not drain for cleanup of human stuff, but is closed for a few hours for super chlorination. food is everywhere, no worries. You can not get in to the water park to just watch, you must purchase pass. By the early afternoon just about every chair taken at the lagoon pool, so don't know what will happen when harmony goes there next week. Although there are plenty of available chairs at the beach areas.
  11. I live on the west coast of florida, and you cannot even get to the grocery store and back before you get at least 50 of them plastered to your car. It does seem more extreme this year, than others.
  12. thanks, I will call and ask to be waitlisted and hope it works.
  13. I know I don't need reservations for my time, but I don't have my time, they said it was full and my only option was the late seating at 8:15.
  14. Is a benefit of diamond plus, having your preferred dining time? I just booked harmony for October, wanted anytime, but was told the only time slot left was late. I have not had the late night slot in 20 years, so I am hoping not to do the buffet every nite. Do you think they might change it if I wait to board and ask the maitre d?
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