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  1. Is Select Dining held on the upper or lower level of the dining room on the M-Class ships? Thanks!
  2. I wouldn’t count on Celebrity to work things out in your favor. I’ve been sailing with them for over 20 years and if it’s one thing I’ve learned it’s I’ve had to be proactive with my reservations if they’ve gone in and messed things up. Which they have several times over the years. on this sailing our triple concierge cabin went to a guarantee status about two weeks ago. I then noticed yesterday morning by doing a mock booking the cabin we were reserved in originally for over a year was back in the general inventory and we had no cabin at all. I called Celebrity and ended up canceling our third passenger in the cabin as he no longer was interested in going after Celebrity has messed things up with us so many times. I was then able to grab that same cabin as now it is just a double cabin and not a triple after the Revolution. If I had not noticed it the cabin would’ve been grabbed by somebody else. Celebrity has continually messed up my reservation and I wouldn’t be surprised if this cabin will go back to a guarantee status. Anything is possible with them.
  3. CruiseMickey: I booked with a travel agent. I contacted him and he said he is looking into it. He happens to be on a cruise right now himself so I'm not sure when he will find out anything. I'm glad you could get confirmation from your travel planner. There are advantages to booking direct that's for sure.
  4. I’m on the first sailing after the Revolution ( May 26-June 4) and my sailing still shows guarantee.
  5. DeninAntigua: I appreciate the phone number but in the typical Celebrity fashion they have no idea what I'm talking about when I mentioned the "affected list". Agent said there is no "affected cabin" list and they have no idea at this point which cabins will be reconfigured. I'm glad you got good news that your cabin is unaffected.
  6. DebinAntigua: I'd like to call back and see if a different Rep has the "affected cabin" list. What number did you call? Thanks!
  7. I just spoke to a Celebrity Rep regarding my triple C1 cabin on the May 26,2020 cruise (First cruise after the revolution). My reservation now says Concierge Guarantee instead of the assigned C1 cabin that i had originally booked. She says that they have no idea when the Constellation sailings from May 2020-April 2021 will be "unblocked" and therefore she can not tell me whether or not my triple cabin will remain a triple cabin after the revolution. I did a mock booking for a May 2021 and the deck plan for the Constellation removed many of the triple/quad cabins and made them doubles only. Unfortunately, my aft C1 looks like it will only be a double. That is, of course, if that deck plan is correct. I will have to try and be patient and see what happens.
  8. Cachouonacruise: Hi! You and I were having an exchange back in February regarding the millennium reconfiguration on your C1 which would no longer accommodate 3 in a cabin. I believe we are now facing this issue on our may 2020 cruise as we are currently booked in a C1 aft triple and i believe the capacity of that c1 cabin is about to change to double capacity only.Can you please email me privately and share the outcome of what celebrity ultimately did to resolve your situation? Thank you, julie tromvest@aol.com
  9. I am currently looking for fares on Flights By Celebrity and Choice Air for a cruise in May from DFW to BCN and then VCE to DFW. I was told by the representative from Celebrity Choice Air that Flights By Celebrity is the new site to use for booking airline flights and that Choice Air is not a functioning site and can only be used to view fares and can not be used for booking. Has anyone booked through Choice Air online? Thanks!!
  10. We are considering taking a Canada/New England cruise in the next year or so. I noticed that the cruises in 2019 leave out of Cape Liberty vs. Boston in 2020. Why did Celebrity decide to not leave out of New York City? We are also looking at either of the cruises that leave at the end of September or beginning of October. Typically, what would be the better time of year to see the leaves change color? End of September or the beginning to middle of October?
  11. Wine-O After this cruise I’m needing to find a new TA. Do you mind emailing me the name of your TA that gives you the 10%? tromvest@aol.com Thanks so much! Julie
  12. We sent our request in for the shareholders obc last Thursday. How long is it taking to hear back from rccl? thanks!
  13. I hope you ended up with a cabin you wanted after they moved you from your now non existing triple. We are in a triple on the Constellation in 2020 and it appears that our C1 triple will no longer accommodate 3 after refurbishment. Can I ask what happened in your situation and how it was resolved?
  14. Thank so very much for your very detailed explanation. This is all very helpful for us and what we may expect for our May 2020 cruise on the Constellation. If i was offered the same option, I would have chosen the C1 guarantee as well. Like you, we chose the C1 for the large balcony with aft views and the extra CC points. The option to pay more for two rooms with one being across the hall doesn't sound like a fair option at all. The FV cabins are really nice (we've stayed in these years ago with our two sons) and loved the extra room with separate sitting area and the huge balcony. I wonder if you were to ask them if you could have one of the FV cabins and still earn your 5 points per day as if you were in a Concierge class room. The answer will probably be no but it can't hurt to ask. Celebrity is displacing you and your family from what you originally booked and they should be bending over backwards to make you happy. I looked at all the C1's and I don't see the ones you mentioned and are concerned you may be moved to that are toward the aft but not actually aft. I see the four C1's on deck 6 and two of those (6135, 6136) are adjoining to suite cabins but I don't see that any of those on the side on deck six will accommodate three. You may have a more updated deck plan than what I see?? And of course, what hopefully happens is that your C1 guarantee turns into a suite which would be the best of all!! Thank you again for all of your help and enjoy your cruise. Julie
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