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  1. The speed limit is imposed and listed when whales are spotted near the shipping lanes. They were in place earlier this summer but were recently lifted because no whales had been spotted for a few days. It's hard to predict so it may be the cruise line is just being proactive. It does make it difficult to plan excursions though.
  2. Been coming to CC for a few years now and I have never looked in this area before. Over the past year I have moved away from the Auto selection on my camera and have moved to full manual mode. As I understand it, these threads are for pictures taken during the given week so here are a few that I took last week.
  3. You are visiting Saint John not Saint John's; two different places in two different provinces. To visit the Hopewell Rocks you would need the entire day. With a rental car you visit the caves in St. Martins as well as the covered bridges that are there. You could also visit Reversing Falls (Rapids) in the city as well. You will not be able to do it all. You will also need to look at the tide tables to determine what your best bet will be..
  4. We have used FTTF a number of times, never tipped the porter $5 per bag and we always have our bags between 1 and 2.
  5. I don't think the tourism operators in the current ports of call would agree with you. For many of these Islands this would be one of if not the main source of income.
  6. I believe the other poster recently joined and is trolling a few threads.
  7. It was but it once again points our the people value things differently.
  8. You can arrive anytime you want and you will board just after the weddings and diamond/platinum groups. Last cruise we were boarding the ship around 11:30.
  9. So what? If company can do what they want. Obviously Carnival has thought this our and feel that this decision works for them.
  10. Or be a Canadian and you can go whenever you want. If they didn't sell their shares, they haven't lost anything.
  11. Cuts to service? There is nothing wrong with what they announced and there is nothing saying that they aren't doing or going to do.
  12. There is a trail that is about 4 Kms I believe, that's about 2.5 miles. Not sure that the walk is like though. You will also more likely hear locals call it Reversing Falls nor Reversing Rapids, even though it is just a big set of rapids. Check the tide tables before you go though.
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