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  1. Thanks for the reply but this had nothing to do with cheers or buying buckets. For a period of about 2 hours you could purchase unopened beer at the Red Frog Pub to take back to your stateroom.
  2. That is something completely different. It only happened during happy hour the day you boarded and you could buy beer by the case to take back to your stateroom.
  3. Back in 2020 while sailing on the Magic, we were able to purchased unopened beer on embarkation day at the Red Frog Pub and take it back to the stateroom. Next summer we will be on the Legend on a British Isles cruise, do anyone know if we can do the same thing on the Legend?
  4. You get what you pay for. Hopefully you never need help with some of these big box stores that offer travel.
  5. Most TA's do not work for companies like this. In fact, the vast majority are independent. The incentives they give are usually because they are part of the promotion they are offering you and is you are asking for more, you are asking for a share of their commission.
  6. I know how TA's get paid and describing it as healthy commission is being generous. There are are also may factors that come into to play with that commission. It could be split between with the host agency they work for, they need to pay their expenses and it is likely their only source of income. The commission rate will also be different by cruise line and also dependent on the agreement they or their host agency has with the line Would you ask for your lawyer, your plumber, your real estate agent, your hair stylist to give you back part of their pay/
  7. Why should a TA give you their commission? Do you work for free?
  8. There isn't much at Market Square anymore unless you are looking for food. I've never been to Churchill's before so I can't pass along much there. If you are just looking for craft beer, try Picaroon's General Store. It's a good little brew pub and it is just around the corner from Churchill's
  9. There are no Ubers in New Brunswick. You can easily walk to the City Market as well as a number of brew pubs from the Marco Polo cruise terminal
  10. I wouldn't wear water shows. I don't remember anyone wearing anything like that. Anytime I've visited I just wear sneakers.
  11. It will be muddy, the rocks and trails will be slippery. Wear something with good support, a good tread and is easy to clean.
  12. About one hour up the highway visit the capital city, Fredericton.
  13. Yes but that is part of the conflicting information. I have read other reports that it is running. I'm not going to a downtown location so I don't need info for them. Have you been there recently or are you just providing information that you've read?
  14. Finding conflicting information about a shuttle from the Miami cruise port to the Miami Airport. Has anyone used an Alamo shuttle lately to get to the airport and pick up a car? If so, how did you arrange the pickup?
  15. No it's not, not if you take the time to actually read your cruise itinerary. It's also insulting to the City,
  16. Second and third weeks on October are typically peak times in southern NB and NS.
  17. Sorry to be picky but it is Saint John. St, John's in in Newfoundland.
  18. You will berth at the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal.
  19. SJ Marine Terminal is the correct choice
  20. Port of Saint John. There are 3 terminals - Marco Polo Cruise Terminal, Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal, and Long Wharf. They are all together in one area.
  21. How long are you in port? Not giving yourself much time to visit each spot.
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