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  1. Hello. We did the Northern Lights Cruise three or four years ago out of Newcastle. We are booked again in 2024. On the last cruise we did three trips. A full Day Tour to the Artic Circle Area, Reindeer Farms and meeting the local Sami People. A superb tour. Another trip was Dog Sledding. Met all the dogs in their kennels then a 30 Min or about on a sled. Entertaining. Can not remember the other trip. We were booked on a trip on a Train but it was cancelled. In 2024 we hope to go on the Train Trip and will do the Dog Sled again. We saw the Lights twice, both at 2 in the morning. So be prepared for out on the deck thro the night. Take warm clothing. We are on the Balmoral in 2024 which is our favourite Fred Ship. P and O have a wider generation of passengers. Fred more of a Country House atmosphere. Although not stuffy and always have a great time. We are keen Dancers and Fred caters for us. Ballroom and later in the evening modern. Cruised with Fred 10 times and Food, Service and Entertainment always good. Any more questions just ask.
  2. Thanks very much. We have a Princess Cruise booked in May. First time with them. Next Fred Cruise is Northern Lights in 2024. 👍
  3. Deposit refunded today. Rang yesterday to ask where it was, as it was over 4 weeks ago that I asked for it. Funny that or am I been unfair. 😂
  4. 4 weeks, and still no refund of our deposit. ☹️
  5. Just received our options for the cancelled Corinth Canal Cruise in 2024. Upto 15% voucher for booking against a further cruise. We. haven’t taken up the offer and asked for a full refund of our deposit. We have a Northern Lights Cruise booked in 2024 on the Balmoral, which is our favourite Fred Ship. I think that will be the last Fred Cruise as we are looking seriously at Azamara. Still will be looking at Marrella and P and O.
  6. We went with Fred through the Panama Canal around 10 years ago. Guess what ? Yes went through it at night. To be fair it was impressive with all the floodlights but it was 2 in the morning. So move on 5 or 6 years Kiel Canal cruise, yes again, supposedly best part in darkness. Was booked on Corinth Canal cruise in 2024. We joked that we would be going thro in the dark. Well we won’t because it’s been cancelled.
  7. Just had an e mail telling us our Corinth Canal Cruise in 2024 is cancelled. Breamar is been withdrawn and a new owner to be found. The Ship does not match their Business Plan. First Fred ship we cruised on. Have been trying to sail through the Corinth Canal for 4 years with Fred. We have a Northern Lights cruise booked for 2024 with Fred, but I think that’s it now for cruising with Fred. Sad really.
  8. Our Friends spent their Honeymoon in a Suite. They told me they could hear the water in the swimming pool “swilling about”😂
  9. Agree with Pennib. Been on a Carribean cruise around 10 times. Always go mid Jan or mid Feb. Cruised there with P and O, Marrella, Fred Olsen and HAL. Cruised with Celebrity to the Med and Alaska. To be honest it’s difficult to split P and O and Marrella. I think P and O are more up market. As we drink a lot on a cruise, the drinks included on Marrella were a plus. We are Ballroom Dancers and P and O cater for us better than Marrella. We liked the Stricter Dress Code of P and O over Marrella. One thing we didn’t like with Marrella is that they are basically two 7 day cruises back to back so you end up in Barbados again after 7 days. If you like Celebrity I think P and O is your option. Never done a cruise and stay so no comment. I think the answer is with the fact you like Celebrity which is nearer P and O than Marrella. Have a good time whichever you choose.
  10. My wife and daughter just back from Cruise out of Corfu. Yes they put their suitcases outside the cabin before they went to bed. As for liquids over 100, then I’m afraid it’s hard luck. Suggest you decant what you require in the morning into a small container. I agree with you the amount of paperwork and do and don’t and testing is a real pain. To be honest it was much easier booking at a TA and then all your tickets ect turned up about a month before the holiday. Have a good cruise .
  11. My wife and daughter flew to Corfu from LBA on the 9th. With TUI plane. From entering Airport, checking bags in and thro security just over an hour. One week later, their bags were on the carousel just as they came into the hall. Both very happy with the experience. They enjoyed the cruise .
  12. We usually go for a drinks package if available. Marrella are included, Fred Olsen yes, Celebrity was included. Never been available on P and O but at £40 per day each we would still go for it. Our usually intake on cruises is one at lunch, couple round the pool on return from day out. One before dinner. Couple with dinner. 3 thro the night. so 9 drinks at £6.50 easy beats then£40.. Now we don’t drink in our cabin as lots of people do.
  13. My wife and daughter used Chronomics on Thursday. very easy. just as Brummijam explained ..
  14. My Wife and Daughter were 2 1/2 hours late leaving LBA on Friday to reach the Explorer in Corfu. Arrived on the Ship at 12-30 am. My wife is used to it, but it is Daughters first cruise. Left me at home 😂
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