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  1. We absolutely love it here! We had to go back for a second time. This time around with did the tour that included the mud bath and waterfall. Such a great experience. The snorkeling at Jalousie is just out of this world! I can't recommend it enough!
  2. You could also contact James Javin. We did a tour with them that included the rain forest (and a few other places) and fed us some yummy food. They have a pet monkey that tours with them as well and it was an interesting and fun day. I have a link to my review in my signature line with tons of pictures if anyone is interested.
  3. James Javin sounds like what you need. They go to several places to see the sites, hike in the rainforest, then at the volcano black rocks beach, feed you and then the beach. Those that want to snorkel, they take you there while the others are at the beach, then you meet up with them after snorkeling. I have a complete review in my signature line if you are interested. There's TONS of pictures.
  4. We went with Big Beards and had a great day. I have a complete review (in my signature line) with tons of pictures from that day. The only thing that worried me was getting back to the ship on time...we were REALLY pushing it and everyone was REALLY freaked out that day. We did the all day tour (only because the half day was booked up) and I really wanted to go. If you can do the half day, I'd definitely do that...to keep you sanity! The one good thing about it was they took us right down the pier dock and to the entrance of the ship with their van (that's how close we were cutting it!). Whew! LOL
  5. While we haven't done this before, but been to LFK plenty of times, I do know that they are always posting pictures of couples getting married and vow renewals there. I would contact them directly to see what they say. The owner is very nice and accommodating.
  6. Since there is an 8 year old, that child would only be able to do a "bubble maker" Discover scuba dive. The 11 year old is old enough to do a discover scuba dive. Are the parents willing to do a discover scuba with their children (even though they are certified)? We used Bananarama. We are not certified and do discover scuba dives every time we cruise. We were supposed to dive right in front of their place at West Bay, but the weather was not cooperating and they took us over to Flowers Bay. It was EXCELLENT!! We did the discover (down to 40 feet but I don't think we did that deep) and went to a wall and the reef was amazing! At the time, my youngest daughter and my grandson were both 9 years old and had to do the bubble maker discover scuba...they do not get to go down deep but can see everything and we are all in the same area...we're just deeper. They have an instructor especially for the younger kids. Maybe the 11 year old can go with the 8 year old together (right above the parents) and in the same area. I did a lot of research and contacting many of the discover scuba companies when they were not old enough to dive with us (they are both 11 now and can dive with us). You could also contact Blue Planet or Roatan Divers. I believe they both offered us a bubblemaker program at the time. Mayan Divers only offered a bubblemaker confined to a pool for the little ones and that wasn't what we were looking for. I hope that helps your clients.
  7. That's pretty disheartening to hear that Victor himself replied to you in this manner. As the owner, it's his job to make sure that people feel comfortable and all questions are answered. And to tell you to go use someone else??? Wow. That just confirms that I would never use him again or recommend him even after our negative experience with his staff the one time we used his company. 😞
  8. In this picture (to the right of the pic) you will see the colored umbrellas then the green behind that. The green is the free area. https://photos.smugmug.com/Horizon-2018/GRAND-TURK/i-DH4fcSz/0/f4f68ac0/L/PC170483 copy-L.jpg Here's where we sat the last time we were here (for free) while the people in front of us paid $50 for 2 chairs and an umbrella. https://photos.smugmug.com/Horizon-2018/GRAND-TURK/i-DzBDtLg/0/38dce616/L/PC170490 copy-L.jpg **edit...I'm not sure why the pics aren't automatically coming up within the thread like they normally do*** ??
  9. It's drinks all day long (soda, water, alcohol). You just walk up to the bar and order or go to the soda machine. All is included and even the food. ;)
  10. What types of things do you and the boys like to do? Are you beach people? Snorkeling? Water park? Animals? Site seeing? That helps direct you in the right direction of things to do.
  11. mitsugirly

    De Palm Island

    I replied to your other thread. I have tons of pictures.
  12. Hatteras-where does it say that the water park is closed at DePalm? I personally think DePalm is a great place and have went there a few times. There's just so much to do there!! The price of admission includes your breakfast and lunch and drinks all day! There's the waterpark, there's ziplining, there's the trampoline bouncy thingy, there a few small lovely cove beaches and then there's snorkeling as well. Most places you would be able to take him and stand up and I'm not sure if he's ever tried putting a mask on (or if that's something that would freak him out) but he could stick his head under the water and see all the fish...and boy is there a lot! They also have some games and stuff there as well. There's plenty to keep him busy. A tour to see the animals is always fun. We've went to the Donkey Sanctuary, Ostrich Farm (really fun to feed them as they reach over your shoulder), Philips Animal Garden (tons of animals like a mini zoo and you can feed them) and the butterfly farm. Splash Park is neat and on the beach, but we didn't personally try it since we only went for a little while (on our way back from beach hopping different places along the coast) and to have some lunch. But if he enjoys Playa Mia, he would probably like this too (although I'm not sure it's quite as big). I have a link in my signature line to my website and you can go there and go to the ports: Aruba, then look at my pictures. There's TONS of them of all the places mentioned. That might help you picture it a little more. I'm the queen of photos and reviews around here...so there's a lot. LOL
  13. Boca Catalina is one of my favorite "do it yourself" for snorkeling. We've been there many times and even land vacation here and always end up there several times. It's a very small beach with no amenities (food or chair rental) but there are a few palaypa's and trees in the area. When you go in, to the right and out a ways is the good snorkeling. It's not very deep at all and you can stand up most of the way if needed. It's the area you will see all the tours bringing people there to snorkel. Easy to do it for just a cab ride there instead. If you go to the left, there's usually hundreds of starfish (mostly a sandy area) and if you make it far enough down, there's a wall that people scuba dive to (called Tres Trapi). If you require any amenities (food, bathrooms, drinks) you can easily walk over to Arashi (next beach over and about 10 minutes down the road) and spend some time there. It's easy to catch a bus there as well. I have TONS of pictures from multiple visits there if you are interested. Go to my signature line and click on my website and go to the Aruba part then the beaches and you'll find it there. I'm not sure if you have enough time or not while in port, but the number one place to snorkel is Mangel Halto. (Which is the opposite end of Aruba...going the other direction and a little further). The reef there is AMAZING! There's a guy called Aruba Bob there that can take you out from the shore and he has the motorized seadoo scooters. They pull you along and no worries about getting tired. It is one amazing tour!!! (You can also check out my pics from that as well). Let me know if you have any questions. :)
  14. If you like snorkeling, you HAVE to do the Spencer Ambrose tour in St Lucia to the Pitons on Jalousie beach. The snorkeling is probably one of the best I've ever seen! Look in my signature line and you'll find links to my website and also my reviews. There's TONS of pictures from there (we've been twice, so there are 2). St Kitts, I have yet to find decent snorkeling. I did take a tour last time with James Javin (it went for a hike in the rainforest, seeing the sites, then to the beach and they took us to a spot for snorkeling...it wasn't my definition of anything great but his monkey did snorkel with us and there were TONS of starfish there). Antigua, we did a tour that took us beach hopping. I would say the only place we really found snorkeling between all the beaches we went to was at Long Bay Beach. As for the helmet snorkeling...have you ever tried it? We are avid snorkelers and go quite often and usually every port we are in on a cruise. We absolutely love it. We also do scuba diving as well. I got the chance to do the helmet diving in Aruba (on a land vacation last year) and thought it was going to be cheesy since I'm use to diving and snorkeling...but we absolutely LOVED it! Maybe it was because they had all kinds of neat things in the water to see and they took pictures with you around these things. There was a sunken plane, a bus, a dinner table where you sit down and act like you are eating and drinking with the cups, and there was also a jeep. We got in the jeep and acted like we were driving it and they took pictures. It was such a fun day and not at all what I was expecting. I'm not sure if they are all like this but I'll definitely do it again given the chance. :)
  15. Whenever we travel with my oldest daughter (30 years old), she always seems to take another child family member (belonging to her fiance) with us. A lot of times they are booked in my room, so I have the letter. We've always just had a letter from the parents saying they allow their child to come on the cruise and give all responsibility to us. It's always been a simple letter (not like the above posted) and has worked. Maybe we have just been lucky with the simple letter. But we do always have them notarized. The cruise line will make a copy and that's pretty much it. Have a wonderful cruise.
  16. Since you are having trouble.... Here's the website: http://mitsubishigirl19.wixsite.com/mitsugirlys-cruise Here's the list of reviews: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSKeubbh7LtuoKoGtgRxkdXEQF8H7yu94IXUu0kGYaIK-Cu5x2EIEnkm2K_QCeHtG5QgFDDBrEn1DcK/pub I hope that helps until you get the signature line figured out. 🙂
  17. Pan American which you would have to take a cab over to the osj port area to get to it. Not far
  18. We were just on the Freedom a few months ago. The windows bow out, like a slant from the floor up and then back in, right at the handrail: You can definitely tell if a window is open due to the tinting of the windows. Such a sad situation all around. My heart breaks for this family. 😞
  19. Oh ok, I hadn't thought about doing it that way and was looking for an actual link to a calendar for the year. I see what you are saying now. Thanks leg!
  20. You sound a lot like me...the planner of the family, can't stay still long, always have to be doing something. Yep, that about wraps it up for me. 😄 Thanks for mentioning the butterfly exhibit, I don't think I have heard about it. Is that part of the nature trail area? We did a butterfly exhibit when we were staying in Aruba and I thought I was going to die that day...I guess it will be about the same and I'll prepare myself for it. lol Is it a very long walk back to the ship? (Since you mentioned going back for lunch and coming back to the beach). Do they have any of the open air buses or anything taking people back and forth for a tip? Maybe that's what we'll do that day if we get hungry. We are there from 8-5pm. It should be plenty of time to go back and forth if needed.
  21. Thanks so much for your input. I appreciate it. I'll keep in mind about traveling a little ways down to get more solitude chairs. I'm always so excited that I usually just grab a chair and run for the water. LOL Good to know it was a packed cruise and still a lot of loungers. Hmm, I wonder why the ziplines weren't working (or it sounds like they weren't even up the day you were there). I don't even see it available on the list of excursions on NCL for my cruise. 😕 I guess $4 for a 20 ounce isn't too bad.
  22. Great idea. I contacted them and they said you can purchase at the door. However, they said to make sure to check their calendar for the dates they are closed and for the life of me I can't locate it. I did email them back about it...but maybe I'm just blind. LOL
  23. No one knows if you can pay at the gates instead of buying in advance?
  24. I think if I was to do it again, I would definitely want to go back to Long Bay...it's just so beautiful and it had the snorkeling. But I would go to different beaches than we went to after that so that I could experience other beaches we didn't get to see. They are just so pretty.
  25. We ended up doing the tour with Lawrence of Antigua and he took us to several beaches...my favorite was Long Bay Beach. I did a complete review with tons of pictures of the beaches we went to...check my signature line and either go to my website link and Antigua or to the webpage and find Antigua.
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