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  1. Good news is that Sakari and I tested negative for COVID. So, it's just the hubby in his isolated room. He's going stir crazy and gets let out of his jail on Saturday. Meanwhile...my house is constantly spotless like a 5 star hotel (bored outta my skull without him) and he's getting served 3 meals a day on a serving tray and snacks. Mask up like an alien, drop at the door and run for cover. Living the good life but yet not. LOL He's still requesting a bell and I'm still denying that! As I'm writing this, the 70's song "I will survive" is blaring in my head and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank goodness that was the only light we would see this time around. Everyone stay healthy!
  2. That's awesome! I hope you have a wonderful cruise and happy retirement life! 😄
  3. Wow Bruce, where ya been? I hope everything has been good. I have pretty much been off the boards as well. It's been pretty slow over here so...as you can tell, I've just been doing land vacations instead. I hope you have been well and healthy.
  4. Thank you so much and glad you enjoyed the review. Sakari seems to be a little better but she is still loosing weight. We are trying to work through things however, we were just thrown for another loop...Sakari was sent home from school 2 weeks ago to quarantine because she was exposed to a child in her class with COVID. Well, she did have a small cough and dry throat and off and on weakness and tired but said she was ok. We thought she just had a cold. Fast forward to last Thursday and the hubby ended up with the same symptoms but worse. Aching legs, arms and ribs, watering eyes and redness, headache...yep, he tested positive for COVID. Sakari and I are off to get our tests tomorrow. UGH! We were trying to plan something in December but everything is up in the air at the moment. I'm unsure of what this world will be like by then with the COVID and flights and vaccination status and all. We may not be going anywhere unless we drive, which I truly hate! We are truly missing cruising... but won't be able to. Not vaccinated and no plans to do so. Just too many unknowns and being in the medical field...I hear a lot of scary things. 😞
  5. This was a very hard day for me to write. I wrote it with tears in my eyes. It's still a very difficult chapter that lingers with me. I dreaded getting to this day with everything in me. 😞
  6. I have several Olympus Tough Camera's (4 & 6)
  7. You have to click on the picture beside the words.
  8. Thanks for letting me know and if any other links are broken or go to the wrong place please let me know. I have fixed that link (but you won't see it until I'm done with the day I'm working on now and it's published). Did you try some of the other pages to see if it would take you there or the bottom of that page link?
  9. Oh my, yea I'd say she has changed quite a bit. 😄
  10. Oh my gosh I'm so happy you loved it there! I'm glad you went and I can't wait to see your pictures! Oh no! Not the camera issues! I go with more back up than a professional photographer these days because of that time. LOL
  11. No we did not have a reservation. We just showed up. I'm honestly not sure how it is on a cruise ship day. I actually messaged them via fb to ask if we could just show up and if there was a cover charge before we left the house and they told us no. The fans are EVERYWHERE!!! There's no missing them. The whole place is filled with them. I first headed to the left (when facing the water). No, no swimming out...just along the sides by land. I swam a good ways down before turning around (I think there was some buoy's or something to the left) but I seen them everywhere I was. The huge rocks full of coral was to the right, basically right beside the steps leading in. It was so beautiful. I hope you have a great time! Let me know how it went.
  12. I'm not gonna lie, it's been years since we have been to Chankanaab and I don't know how much it has changed or if the entrance getting in and out of the water at Chank has changed at all, but the physical aspect of getting out is easier at Sky Reef. JMO We are definitely enjoying our land vacations. I do miss cruising though. It's been 1 year and 9 months for us since we've had a cruise. I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise. I'm so jealous! 🙂
  13. I definitely wouldn't have any concerns with a taxi. There's a spot right beside it that had taxi's when we went and there wasn't even any cruise ships when we were there. It's also on the main strip so you have taxi's passing by all the time and definitely the staff could call you one. I agree with leg...on a cruise ship day, they are definitely going to be available. You can see in one of my pictures, in my review at the end, a taxi parked outside. I didn't really get a picture from being in the water looking up at the steps, but it was easy enough to get in and out. A few steps up on the dock (just to go over the rocks) and a few down.
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