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  1. I see where you live. Prayers that you avoid infection as well. For all of us here on CC complaining about cancelled cruises, slow refunds, etc, etc - to me at least your post is a very sobering reminder of people who have MUCH bigger worries and problems than cruise issues....
  2. April 30 is also a soft date. US will supposedly peak in next two weeks but estimates for Philadelphia are mid-May. I think he is taking it one month at a time, which is wise. Even after the peak there will still be lots of new infections, it’s just that the rate will decrease. Life will not be back to normal in May, things may start to settle down in June but START is the operative term. For myself, I’m not cruising until covid is long gone and/or I’ve been vaccinated against it.
  3. Where could they even sail out of? Florida? Two week quarantine for folks coming in from NY/NJ. Seattle? No docking in Canada till June/July? Los Angeles? Isn’t CA on lockdown? NY? Lockdown, epicenter of epidemic. ‘Nuff said. San Juan? Not sure what’s going on there but I think Caribbean islands are pretty much closed borders Hawaii? 14 day quarantine on arrivals etc, etc I haven’t even gotten to Europe - Spain, Germany, Italy, France, UK all over the news, would you REALLY want to go there at all and endanger your own health—and no matter what precautions you took for yourself, how about the rest of the folks on the cruise? The chance that this is going to be over by mid April is a big, fat ZERO. Relax and plan your next cruise but sit tight on booking until you see how things play out here.
  4. No chance until there is an effective vaccine. The described scenario is less risky but still high risk. Will there be bathroom police for handwashing? Cough/sneeze police? Etc, etc
  5. I called NCL directly to cancel my DSC, UBP, SDP for my June cruise. I never got any written confirmation but the rep said they were cancelled and I’d get a refund of a little over $1k. I think this may have been around March 9–and surprise, no refund! Has anyone seen theirs? And to be clear, I’m not talking FCC refund for cruise cancellation, I’m ONLY talking about the perk & DSC cancellation to get the cash refund, so if we end up cancellling later we’ll at least have that much cash. TIA
  6. Where is the cruise to? TA? If anywhere in Europe, I think the borders are closed, and will remain closed, through April or even longer.... I have a June cruise and I doubt very much that is happening - Southampton to Norway, just two countries and I can’t imagine either being normal enough to support cruising - or safe enough for us over-60’s either.
  7. Could it also be FEMA or medical staff? I have a really hard time believing cruisers all of a sudden booked up an entire hotel....
  8. Trump has been tweeting about exactly that - reopening things in a week or two, in spite of the fact that the Surgeon General says this upcoming week things are going to get “much worse”! I do NOT understand his logic and find it very frightening! As far as April cruises, FWIW I live in Delaware and we’re on “all but essential businesses closed, schools closed, shelter in place” until May 15, and of course that date could slip as we get closer. NJ, NY, and many other states are doing the same thing; Philadelphia and surrounding counties are as well. I’m sure cruising is not an “essential business”. I wouldn’t go NEAR NYC under any circumstances. Florida is requiring anyone arriving from NY and NJ to self-quarantine for two weeks so no cruising out of Florida as I’m sure other states will be added to the list.
  9. You were on one of the last cruises for quite some time. Treasure your memories, who knows what future cruising will be like....glad you enjoyed!
  10. There is zero possibility of an April 18 cruise sailing. Where is it sailing out of? Italy says their cases haven’t peaked, US is in the early stages of a huge upslope and we are 1-2 weeks behind Italy. IF there are cruises you’d be insane to go on one, but I just don’t see it happening. Sorry! Best advice is take cash refund if you can, or if you want 150% FCC just don’t rush to spend it; prices will def come down. Use it for a last minute cruise once things calm down, if that’s an option for you. Even June is quite optimistic although not impossible - I have a June 14 cruise booked myself; I’ve cancelled all third-party excursions but am hanging tough to see what NCL does.
  11. With all the discussion of ORDER vs recommendation - any responsible adult, ESPECIALLY older adult, MUST voluntarily follow these recommendations. That includes young adults. I could paste links to graphs and charts explaining why, but the simple, short answer is that this virus is spreading out of control. If we don’t voluntarily do as CDC and our governors recommend, then our hospital will be inundated and there won’t be enough medical staff, ICU beds, and God help us ventilators for those who need them. Even if YOU are young and think you won’t get very sick, there is no guarantee you won’t - but even if you don’t, how about your parents, grandparents, friends who have asthma, diabetes, or various other illnesses? I hate to think that people are so self-centered that CDC’s recommendations have to become orders that are enforced by the military, because if we get to that point, we may be at martial law. You can all call me erdoran stormcrow, and I would love all of you to laugh at me in a couple of weeks or months when I am wrong—but in the meanwhile let’s all do ask we are asked instead of thinking it’s optional. it isn’t. The life you save may be one that matters to you or to me. And selfishly—if we all do the right thing, we’ll get through this stupid pandemic perhaps a little slower, but with a fraction of the deaths we would otherwise have. If you think I’m nuts, go read the news out of Italy. We are going to be next unless everyone takes this very seriously. Now back to cruising after this life-saving commercial interruption.... and those of you who got off cruise ships or planes or stood in customs halls for hours, without exception, SELF QUARANTINE! It’s a disgrace how this was handled, but you be the adult in this situation and do the life-saving essential right thing. Please! Your cruise critic fellow cruisers and I thank you - by YOUR actions you may save our lives.
  12. Hubs and I are over 60 and I consider us in the risky population even though thank goodness his cardiologist says his only risk factor is age and nothing else - WHEW! @2+2 I thank you for self-quarantining. If everyone was as responsible as you we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in, and Italy wouldn’t be either.
  13. Someone who is in close contact with a diagnosed case is supposed to self-quarantine. I believe same flight qualifies. There was a study done in China about transmission on a bus and it showed a number of pax were infected, many who were NOT sitting right next to “patient zero”.
  14. We MUST flatten the curve. Italy didn’t and their doctors are now being forced to select who gets hospital/respirator treatment and who doesn’t because of the huge number of patients who need critical care NOW has overwhelmed their system. If we don’t flatten the curve, that WILL happen in the US (source: Dr. Fauci, presidential advisor on infectious disease among other things). Do you want to be at the hospital watching a doctor turn your loved one, or you, away and home to die because there are 10 patients for one ventilator, and five of these patients are younger than you and have young children at home? Sorry for being graphic and fear-inducing but this is what is happening in Italy (numbers made up but scenario isn’t). All of us must accept how things are, socially distance, think of others, and wait it out. I know having a group of 17 and this is the only time ever is heartbreaking, but how much MORE heartbreaking would it be to have the scenario above play out?
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