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  1. I wonder how long the line will be to “talk to guest services about it”...and what guest services will think about being stuck dealing with every single passenger asking the SAME question, that easily could have been managed pre-cruise....
  2. We did Bliss for Alaska first week in September. Weather was spectacular and we didn’t need coats or gloves -EXCEPT FOR GLACIER VIEWING which was FREEZING! Bring your warmest gloves and a hat. I had regular gloves and my hands were freezing. GREAT experience, no matter what ship you take. We did the Tracy Arm excursion so we got much closer to the glacier than if we stayed on Bliss. Someone had posted on the Alaska board that this is a must-do and I certainly agree.
  3. NLH sorry it came across that way, that’s the problem with emails and posts, sometimes the writer’s intent doesn’t come across clearly enough. I was not saying you didn’t think they should be reimbursed. apologies if it came across otherwise.
  4. Nlh, someone upthread asked ncl about these items and was told something like “I don’t know”. I was surprised because that be automatic. Same thing for unused spa days and even WiFi pkg.
  5. How can they justify NOT refunding port fees for missed ports and DSC/UBP grats for the two missed days? That is $ they haven’t earned, and since it is per diem, there is no justification for not refunding, wouldn’t you agree?
  6. The sad thing is, there are a couple of things NCL could and should do out of fairness - they could offer the additional two days accommodations and meals on land, with transfers to location (I’d assume pax choice of London or Southampton) and to airport; they could offer full refund - either of those is SOMETHING, although agreed not the ports you were expecting. Refunding the DSC and UBP/SDP grats, and port charges, are absolute no-brainers. That is an entitlement that can’t be argued with , and I’m certain they will do that. The short notice is outrageous. The no cancellation is outrageous.
  7. Question: since someone up-thread said cancellation/refund isn’t an option, is this the type of thing where you can dispute the charge through your credit card company? I wouldn’t risk cancelling unless I knew in advance I’d get that refund, but it’s an interesting thought.
  8. That would expose the deceptive marketing practice of calling the perks free!
  9. Yeah, love it. First run up the bill and then let them decide after the fact whether they want to pay it.....in what other industry do customers hand vendors a blank check?!
  10. NCL can't advertise the perks as "free" if they charge more than the identical product minus the perks. The differentiating factor is "pick your own stateroom", so they can't offer a special rate of zero perks plus pick your own stateroom for less than the price with perks, otherwise it would be obvious that the perks aren't free.
  11. I hate the free airfare promo (just call me Scrooge) because my hubby is a terrible traveler and I have to be picky about which flights, schedules, seats, fare class, etc so safer all around to buy our own and be in control - but seems like with the free airfare I'm paying for it anyway in my fare. No, I don't want a sailaway, Mr. Particular will ONLY sail Haven, so we don't sail as often as a lot of the folks here... just wish we could decline free airfare and get OBC in its place. They had that last year when Joy had that promo, but it was short-lived and long gone now.
  12. My one time I had a claim I had NCL insurance - and they paid without a problem. About a week after final payment my arthritic hip, that I had been nursing along for several months, entirely gave out and the doctor said there was no way cortisone shots or anything else would tide me over until after my cruise - so I had a hip replacement about 2 weeks before my cruise date, cancelled and got 100% of my cruise cost and my non-refundable hotel deposit back from NCL travel insurance. I could have had airfare refunded, but the airline had just changed my flight time for the third time, so I was able to decline the schedule change and get a full refund. Right now I've been relying on my Chase Sapphire Reserve up to $10k/trip for COVERED reasons (not any reason) cancellation coverage, and $100k evacuation. I'm still working so not on Medicare, and my current health insurance does cover international (I made sure). I've spoken with the Travel Insurance Store a couple of times and they even think I'm good...so that's one option in this discussion. I'm sure there is less expensive travel insurance to be had, but everyone is different and it's ESSENTIAL for whatever insurance you buy you read the terms and conditions very, very carefully and if you are unclear, call them for an explanation. The devil is in the details for these policies. Pennywise is not always pound foolish; sometimes a higher price gives you better coverage, other times it's an illusion. Only YOU know what life situations you need to be covered for.
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