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  1. That’s where an honest, well-informed cruise insurance agent can help. Steve from tripinsurancestore.com is highly thought of on the boards and he even has his own sub-board above. If you read through the threads there are some other trip insurance agencies that are consistently recommended. You should consider calling one or more of these agents to get your questions answered and a clear explanation of what you are buying. BTW this topic is fantastic-for me I hadn’t even thought that Medicare wouldn’t cover me out of the country - learning that and getting the Geoblue recommendation has been so helpful. I haven’t had to use it, but am glad to have it in case I do, and another poster who HAS used Geoblue (medical/evac coverage only) speaks very highly of their coverage and claims process.
  2. The concierge didn’t mention it to us at all as an option when he walked us down. Also, for the snorkelers - be aware that at least for me the water was rather chilly, I’d guess mid 70’s or a little higher. I think the snorkeling area is around a rock formation a bit offshore, looks like a 5 -10 minute swim. I love snorkeling but wasn’t in the mood that day and the cold water was a turnoff, plus like the post upthread I’ve primarily snorkeled uncrowded, unspoiled areas so I assumed that there wasn’t decent coral and although there would potentially be fish around the rock formation, with the crowds and noise not sure what there would be....but will wait for someone who has snorkeled there to reply. BTW Harvest Cay the water was so murky I wouldn’t bother trying, at least in the main area. We didn’t explore much because it was chilly and windy with intermittent showers, until we gave up and went back to Bliss, which is when the sun came out 😆
  3. First and foremost, is hubby OK? And a question - I’m assuming the $100k in bills are from FL - why wouldn’t Medicare & secondary pay them? I think a lot of us on Medicare would want to know that. My (naive?) assumption is if we are in the US then Medicare and secondary cover everything legit.
  4. Ours was ready around 1 pm this week
  5. I’m Haven and was just at GSC two days ago. Nothing was said about special area. Having said that, I’m not sure where the villas are but when we got to GSC, we walked straight in from the tenders and found a big,crowded beach. We walked to our left (facing the crowded beach, that left) towards the lighthouse and past it and came to an area with villas at the top of a nicer beach that also seemed public access, with several rows of loungers, and we settled down there. It’s a bit away from everything - bathrooms, bar, food- but just a couple of minutes away, and much less crowded. I know this doesn’t answer your question other than “I don’t think there is a Haven area” but hope it helps.
  6. Thank you sultan for sharing your experience. This had been an excellent education for me, and I’d think for other cruisers reading this thread. I guess I always assumed that medevac coverage was ship to first shore hospital, and it would then be dubious whether the standard trip insurance would cover a flight from the shore hospital to your preferrred home hospital, unless there was something massively wrong or the shore hospital was totally inadequate. My takeaway is that I was wrong and that the primary trip insurance or trip medical plan will most likely cover both, up to policy limits, and the 500k-$1 million evac limits are really unnecessary; a $250k medevac is more than sufficient for most ordinary cruising.
  7. Been in an interesting discussion on the NCL boards about Geoblue Trekker and Medicare coverage of medical bills & emergencies in US waters - e.g. sailing from NYC to Port Canaveral and there’s a medical emergency during that trip. Turns out Medicare would probably cover the medical portion (depending on the individual’s plan of course). However, it’s unclear about medical evacuation coverage, since my understanding Geoblue would only cover outside the US. Anyway, one of the posters who has worked in the cruise industry 40 years or so said that air/boat evacuation from a cruise ship is done by US Coast Guard or equivalent in US, Mexico, and Caribbean and at no charge... So that got me thinking...there is common wisdom that older cruisers need a substantial amount of medical evacuation coverage, over and above medical bill coverage, and costs are thrown around about $50k, $100k, etc, etc...but...this must be a wildly profitable product for insurance companies, along the lines of collision damage waivers & other insurances for rental car industry. Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of someone who has been medically evacuated from a cruise ship, and a ballpark of cost, if any, JUST for the evacuation from the ship to land or a hospital? Steve @iamtrustworthy your insight is especially welcome if you have helped customers with claims for this. My instinct is that these high numbers are legit, but based on what was said I’m wondering where these high medevac costs are incurred. TIA
  8. When I started researching trip insurance for cruising, I naively thought I only needed to worry about losing my fare in case of post final payment medical issues preventing us from cruising. Reading these boards has really opened my eyes! Having said that, probably the most frequently-stated point about trip insurance is that the cost of evacuation from a cruise ship/medical evacuation is staggering. Numbers like $50k, $100k, ++ have been tossed out. I get that I can’t call 911 and request an air ambulance, that it would be done by a medical professional based on their judgment as to the medical necessity. In a scenario where there is a medical emergency and the ship’s doctor believes evacuation is imperative, it still sounds to me like the cost of the helicopter/boat from ship to land is “free” and whatever cost is incurred is ambulance from dock to hospital, and then medical bills thereafter. And of course the cost to get home. We’ve been ultra cautious and have bought the Geoblue international medical coverage (I hadn’t even mentioned the cost of medical care since my question is about evacuation) which does have an evacuation benefit - home if medically necessary; otherwise to closest suitable hospital. We also bought Medijet which pays to fly from local hospital to hospital at home, so we are really double covered. I would never ever suggest anyone NOT buy whatever coverage they need for peace of mind but... it is beginning to sound like medical evacuation coverage (if local hospital is acceptable) may really be a huge moneymaker for insurance companies, potentially without a valid existing risk. Or do I misunderstand this discussion?
  9. Butler and concierge are not DSC and should be tipped separately. I believe all others are DSC.
  10. people talk about how expensive medical evacuations from cruise ships are. If the helicopter ride is free where is the cost incurred? Most medevac coverage I’ve seen seems to be to the closest appropriate hospital, rather than home.
  11. Restaurant servers get paid their minimum wage directly from the restaurant, and tips are theirs to keep or tip out to others. Their tips do NOT go to pay the $2.13/hr or whatever the ridiculously low figure is. As an American, if I give a tip I expect it to go to the person I’ve handed it to, and that person has control over what happens with it - whether it’s pooled (they are aware of pooling), tipping others internally, or ??
  12. Yes, thanks for the reminder about evacuation. I really was strictly thinking medical bills out of the US; wasn’t thinking about cancellation/delay type of things. So the hole in my logic is the evacuation (which for us is covered by our Chase Sapphire Reserve card). I was actually concerned about my upcoming cruise, where we leave Sunday, are in Port Canaveral Tuesday, and GSC Wednesday—so was concerned about the first two or three days in case of some sort of disaster. Hmmm.....interesting question whether our Geoblue would cover medevac then, but I’m hoping never to have to find out!
  13. Thanks, guys! That’s great info. I’m new to Medicare and wasn’t sure about this specific scenario. That says to me that Alaska cruises are also covered with Medicare - no idea about Advantage plans, but the regular Medicare.
  14. I’m also the school that NCL needs to be more transparent about the DSC, AND since I’m paying it, I want to be sure it is going to employees over and above their salaries... Having said that, if the theory that NCL is passing DSC through to wages, the absence of wages on the balance sheet is inconsistent with that theory, because there ARE employees, lots of them, who by no stretch of the imagination are covered by DSC - everything from the ship’s captains through corporate employees and officers. Even if they outsource their call center, they must still have corporate infrastructure to manage their business as well.
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