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  1. Omg talk about overreacting! This is why folks don’t ask some questions here. It’s been posted repeatedly that all crew get a minimum living wage and only if DSC goes above a certain unknown level do they get more. Removing your DSC won’t steal food from staffs mouths.
  2. Ptc the way things sound these days we have gone back to envelopes IN ADDITION to the DSC. DSC was supposed to be instead of envelopes but seems the norm is to tip in addition to DSC.
  3. My last booking was haven and TA gave us a credit towards our fare of about 9%. I found and booked myself then transferred to TA after checking out several agencies for discount offers.
  4. No, the behind the scenes people were no doubt being paid directly by NCL the same amount they are paid now by DSC. So DSC isn't INSTEAD of tips (for DSC staff), it is IN ADDITION TO the little envelopes! In the time I've hung around CC, that's how it seems to be ending up - pay your DSC and then tip extra to the steward, to that excellent waiter...pay your 20% on UBP and hand the bartender a dollar here and a dollar there.....prepay your 20% on SDP and then be sure to fill in that "extra tip" line that's always present....
  5. No offense, but if you are Platinum how do you not know what DSC is? that's a daily charge that covers ALL tips other than butler, concierge, kids club and extra-cost purchases like spa or booze. There is no expectation/requirement for you to tip anyone other than the above butler, etc... You may certainly CHOOSE to tip, but unlike the old days with envelopes showing up the last night and an implicit REQUIREMENT to tip everyone (so much for waitstaff, so much for maitre d', etc) you no longer need to do so. Your steward is tipped through your DSC. Not to discourage you from tipping over and above, but the DSC does cover steward "basic, required" tip.
  6. Anyone use the free air and upgrade to business class? Is it do-able? How did the final cost compare to what you would have paid yourself for a business class ticket? TIA
  7. You can’t book seats. You can make a show reservation but it’s open seating
  8. hubby and I are big haven fans. Some info: 1. You do NOT get your own elevator or get to lock out other floors when you get in an elevator. When you are being escorted somewhere by the concierge you may get to use a crew elevator, but by yourself nothing special about elevators. Having to use the Haven card to get to your floor is sometimes a pain. 2. As others have said, butler/concierge are not part of DSC and you should plan on tipping, even for minimal service - although our last cruise, we barely used the concierge so we gave a tip, but nowhere near what we’d ordinarily give. Sometimes there is a concierge and assistant and you may need to tip both. 3. You are NOT obligated to tip the steward. That’s what the DSC is for. Many on CC claim to always tip the steward. We do, and the last time we actually tipped 50 euros because she was WONDERFUL. But there is no “requirement”, unlike butler/concierge. 4. Don’t expect no kids. That’s random. There are stories about havens overrun with kids, others about zero kids. On our last cruise, 14-day TA, there were zero kids in haven. 5. You may want to tip the Haven bartender a bit extra because they are wonderful. No requirement or expectation, you have tipped 20% with the beverage pkg, and you will get great service regardless. It’s one of the considerations. 6. I think that’s it. In general, other tipping expectations (Haven or not) are tour guides/drivers who should be tipped if they are decent, porters of course, and as others have said, there’s a 20% autograt on spa and booze purchases, and specialty restaurants. Note that the employee does NOT get all of that, many are billed as “beverage and service charge” which means NCL keeps some unknown percentage.
  9. Yeah, I was in a 2 br CY ph on Jade too. The doors on shower & toilet are frosted glass. There is a curtain between the sleeping area and bathroom. Gives some privacy. As for the frosted glass, a “regular” home bathroom has no toilet privacy once you’ve opened the door, and may or may not have clear or frosted glass as shower. The real issue is going to be whether the curtain is sufficient for privacy for you.
  10. I like the poll but it should be expanded perhaps for folks sailing with themselves (solos, couples, parents with children). My answers to 1 & 3 wouldn't change though - I decide during the cruise IF I am going to tip DSC staff, who and how much; I always tip non-DSC staff but again, I decide how much during the cruise based on the service quality - I start with a range in mind, and adjust accordingly. If I were travelling with others, I think there should be advance agreement as to the minimum tip and that should be prepaid even before cruising and put in safe. Although, the one time I shared with another solo, we agreed we would each tip separately. She is an experienced cruiser and I figured she'd tip appropriately, so I did my own thing and tipped as I saw fit.
  11. FWIW, last year we did Alaska, sailing from Seattle - legal weed in both states. I was super curious, couldn’t imagine being somewhere it was legal...and I asked on these boards, naively “since it’s legal in port, isn’t it legal aboard?” The answers were a resounding NO. I was told cruise terminals are federal property, federal laws apply, and once you are in the terminal area it doesn’t matter that it’s legal outside the terminal. Lots of folks had helpful tips about how to buy ashore and partake at sea, but the advice that did get me was “You are telling someone how to smuggle drugs internationally!”. ‘Nuff said. OP, your friends should ask directly. Whether or not NCL “should” ban them over some weed is up to NCL. Right or wrong, they own the ships and get to decide who does and doesn’t get to sail on them.
  12. You don’t have to decide immediately, you will still lose the entire fare :< but you said you have insurance. Wait till the last minute to decide to see how you feel. Also check your insurance, it may cover your airfare too just in case... Personally, I’d go if the dr. OKs it.
  13. We were on 14-day cruise on Jade and they offered it twice, I think 3-4 days in and then towards the end. We saved the handout and used it on about Day 8 and it was honored. I also wrote "gold discount" on the laundry slip and got my 50% laundry discount, so it was $9.95 or so for that bag - can't beat that deal!! I was a bit paranoid that the deal was only good on the day the coupon came so I wrote very clearly on the "inventory list" $19.95 special ONLY! and there was no problem. I would have DIED if they had charged me their list price, it would have easily been $100 or more!
  14. We have a lot of value for the Haven product because of the private bar & restaurant (no upcharge), private pool/courtyard (no chairhogs/crowds), priority disembarkation for ports, etc, etc - basically not having to deal with crowds or stand in lines, and top-notch crew members who are willing to go the extra mile to keep my hubby happy - for example, there was nothing he wanted on Haven restaurant menu, he prefers simple foods like spaghetti & meatballs so Haven restaurant made sure he had what HE likes! How does the RC equivalent product compare on these points?
  15. Yes, the NCL tours are crazy expensive! We used italytours.eu for Livorno for Florence/Pisa, also for a debarkation tour/transfer in Rome, and for Cannes. They are a fraction of the price and we were very satisfied.
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