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  1. Since we cancelled ourselves we weren’t entitled to a refund. We did get the FCC but never an email saying it was in my account. Keep after them. It’s hard to think discrimination when the over 75 is a large percentage of their cruises.
  2. If they cancelled, you should get a refund of all you paid. If you want to double check, the best time to call is before 7 AM. The wait is less than 5 minutes.
  3. I did call RC this morning before 7. The agent sent me an email confirming the FCC. Why I never received that email when the money was put into my account is confusing, but if I hadn’t called I’d still be waiting.
  4. I did check all emails and junk but not there. I tried calling this afternoon but wait was too long. I plan to call tomorrow morning when it’s less busy and insist on documentation. Who knows what will happen to cruising going forward and keeping track of what we have is important.
  5. I actually never thought of proof. Without that email I have none. However when I gave my booking number, the amount of FCC I had on the account and my husband had, were correct to the dollar. I have to assume it is there on my account ie I need to trust!
  6. And we received the cc credit several weeks ago. With no set procedure it behoves us to check ourselves. (And often)
  7. Update: I just called RC and after a very brief wait was told the FCC was on my account. So much for the email!
  8. We cancelled our April 12 TA cruise many, many weeks ago. Our CC was credited with the fees and taxes quickly. I have not received an email or letter about the FCC we are scheduled to get. Has anyone in a similar situation received this credit? How were you notified? Is it too soon for me to be concerned?
  9. Then we should get our email shortly. Thank you.
  10. We cancelled our 4/12 repositioning cruise before Royal did. We received the taxes and fees posted to our credit card weeks ago. I believe we should be receiving an email about our FCC. Has anyone received that email? I don’t want to deal with making a phone call. Been there, done that. We got our miles and fees back from our United flight which is still an active flight. Any advice is much appreciated.
  11. When a person needs minor surgery like cataract surgery, a doctor’s note is required. I don’t see how taking a cruise would be more of a risk than going under anesthesia. My complaint is not allowing passengers over 70 to get a refund instead of OBC due to this policy change. And I certainly don’t like transferring the credits to someone else.
  12. I just noticed the taxes, fees, etc. for the cruise I cancelled were posted to my credit card. I assume the rest of the refund will be in OBC. I’d like to see if that money is in my account without having to be on hold for a long time and taking the opportunity of a more important phone call away from someone else. Is there a way to see it online? Has anyone had the fees etc. returned AND learned the OBC too was applied? How did you find out? I don’t want to forget about it, but making a call seems daunting.
  13. We were on Adventure a few times when it was new and then again a few years ago. I loved it then and later. The ice show is terrific and food and service very good. I wouldn’t hesitate.
  14. I am in my 70’s and have been on BP medication for 10 years. All of my friends and family in this age bracket are on these drugs as well. We all cruise often. If this restriction was ever put into play, a huge segment of the cruising population would be lost. I doubt highly if any cruise line would implement this.
  15. I know this is Royal Caribbean, but it is still Cruise Critic and this type of documentation could filter to other cruise lines. And RC does have a large amount of older passengers. May not be the majority but I’ll stand by the large number statement.
  16. I will give you shorter sailings. And I’ll also give you Royal Caribbean because it is very family oriented. But lines such as Oceania probably have an average age above 70. I just envision a prudent doctor being very conflicted as to verifying a patient’s seaworthiness.
  17. Outside of the summer and Christmas break, most of the passengers are above 70. Many are physically challenged with walkers, wheel chairs, oxygen, aides to assist etc. How a doctor can decide if a patient is capable of cruising can vary considerably between doctors. Is a person going to have to shop a new doctor to verify his health is sufficient for a cruise? Additionally, there is a big difference between a cruise let’s say to Antarctica or Galapagos and one to Caribbean or Canada. Will a doctor take the time to take the itinerary as a factor? I can see this “letter requirement” being ver
  18. Additionally, the app still shows the cruise and everything I ordered despite the website having updated the cancellation.
  19. I asked 2 agents I spoke with for a confirmation number and both said there is none. I can totally understand waiting time for phone calls, confirmation emails, etc. but they need to get their information straight. A confirmation number or no confirmation number, that is the question!!
  20. I booked an interior guarantee. I was assigned 8311. I just checked and now they sent me the guest ticket booklet. Not one word about the fact I cancelled this cruise!
  21. I just checked to see if my cancelled transatlantic cruise on Anthem was removed from my upcoming list. Still there and since last night I’ve gotten my cabin assignment. Really, Royal Caribbean! Anyway since waiting on hold again for well over an hour is not an option, , I sent an email. Has anyone gotten a response that way recently?
  22. One hour 40 minutes and when I needed to contact again I did a very bad thing. I pressed the prompt for those traveling today with an emergency. The agent was nice and did say cruise was cancelled. No wait for that which is a very good thing if you really are traveling!
  23. That was actually what I received with a balance of $0 but no refund information and on a form thanking me for sailing with them. “Dear JUDITH,Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean. We're thrilled you've chosen to sail with us. Below you will find your cruise vacation summary and links to travel documents and FAQs“. IMHO not a cancellation notice.
  24. We finally decided to cancel our mid April transatlantic due to our ages and the Coronavirus situation. After an hour and a half of being on hold, I finally reached an agent who cancelled our cruise (or at least I thought he did). I never got the cancellation email, the cruise is still active on my Royal Caribbean account, and I did get an email thanking me for choosing Royal Caribbean along with a new invoice. No where did it say the cruise is cancelled. And of course it’s a Do Not Reply. If any of you have cancelled in recent days, what has been your experience? If no true cancellation docum
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